Comments 3 Months of Loot: Jul-Sep (Delayed + Clear Files GALORE)

  • solluxcaptor4 months ago#84596478snipThank you!

    Unfortunately I can't be of any help as I used suruga-ya.com rather than the Japanese site, so I didn't require one. Truth be told, I've never used a proxy! I think if I go down that rabbit hole, it'll just lead to me spending significantly more than I do already... lmao
    4 months ago
    setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
    Awesome loot, I love all the clear files. Which proxy did you use to place the clear files order? Just curious cause I'm looking for somewhere I can do big orders with Suru that doesn't charge per item!
    4 months ago
    Solarstormflare4 months ago#84588829snip IKR, I'm always stoked to stumble across random Noragami merch after all this time. Especially when it's a good price.

    Eri-channn4 months ago#84590047snip Haha, glad I'm not the only one! And thank you!

    sailor_rnoon4 months ago#84590373snip Thanks! ♥
    4 months ago
    sailor_rnoon can't stop buying from mandarake
    Wow! Great post!!
    4 months ago
    Hey, you'd think after 105 nendoroids you would remember thinks like rotating hands and leg joints for a better pose but nope! Still escapes the mind!! Lol great haul though!
    4 months ago
    Yahallo4 months ago#84577684snipYahallo! For the record, I'm totally #TeamYui as well.

    Thanks! I'm all about my loots being clear and aesthetically pleasing for the reader, so I put a lot of thought and effort (probably too much effort) into the layout and photos.

    I keep my clear files in file holders like this. They each hold 20 clear files. It keeps them well-protected and you end up with a nice little 'book' you can flip through.

    You can find them here on AmiAmi or here on Hobby Search. Other hobby shops probably carry them too, but these are the two I use most. AmiAmi usually carries stock, whereas Hobby Search back orders them.
    4 months ago
    AgentDrafire4 months ago#84553564snipThank you! (* ^ ω ^)

    Yeah, it's a shame - but these things happen. Though, my luck seems disproportionately bad compared to other people! I ordered a poster online recently and it turned up damaged. Then the replacement turned up damaged too. Like, I don't know what I did in my last life, but I must have been a thoroughly terrible person... lmao

    marimodeku4 months ago#84577044snipThanks!

    Haha, Junjou Romantica is my guilty pleasure.
    It's garbage - full of overused tropes and I freakin' love it. ♥
    4 months ago
    Benkoko4 months ago#84553280snipI could totally see Hibiki going on sale, or popping up on Mandarake for a good price. Yesterday I saw a Nendo from my April order on Manda for just ¥2500 unopened... bargain.

    Thank you for your kind words! (* ^ ω ^)
    4 months ago
    Flops4 months ago#84551742snipI know, right? My head says "You just got rid of all your Funkos, surely you're not going to stoop to that level again?" but my heart says "HIIISOKAAAA" ♥

    But yes, he looks remarkably good compared to some of the Funkos I used to own. Almost no paint defects save for one or two slight overlaps between the pink and blue around his middle.

    Bootleg sellers at cons tho, ugh. I legit get pissed every time I see those stalls and their crappy Chinese junk. I feel terrible for those who unwittingly buy those figures thinking they're genuine. I get you though - I had a bootleg Portrait of Pirates Sanji about 11 years ago and it took me a long, long time to finally throw it out. I was weirdly attached... lmao
    4 months ago
    Omg noragami clear files yessssssssss
    4 months ago
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