your favorite types of scenes in anime, 'n do they have figures?your favorite types of scenes in anime, 'n do they have figures?Ask MFC

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Beach episodes; no one is getting sunburnt, having sand stuck in their swimwear or stepping on washed-up jellyfish. Or giving into buying a cheaply-made tourist shirt, and making the mistake of eating pizza in a beach town. Where's the realism? (Yes, I am an elite film critic who knows a lot about presentation.)

Popular as can be, beach episodes are a hallmark of high-school romance, comedy and slice-of-life anime. And of ecchi, of course. Usually, they follow the same beats throughout 90% of shows, and can be so-so, but a pattern is struck up. That of boobs bouncing like kangaroos, characters eating the thin, light-blue popsicles I haven't seen anywhere under any circumstances, and girls shouting "pervert!" Jokes aside, jokes aside.

The point is, beyond beach episodes, there are other specific varieties of scenes that may be niche, but are your niche. Those particular ones that carry some consistent quality to them throughout most anime.

So, what are your favorite types of scenes in anime? Do you especially enjoy a scene that has subversive comedy, or maybe action scenes with characters crying, or a cold and distant character blushing and having a nice day. Which niche brand of scene dynamic or archetype do you like a lot, and why? Are they just your cup of tea or do you have an emotional connection, artistic/story telling appreciation?

Do your favorite scene-scenarios ever get figures, or anything kind of similar to them? Do you think figures can capture your choice? A lot in an anime may be left unsaid, being thematic, or may rely on dialogue and animation/many frames, and can only work over the duration of an episode and not a figure. After all, not many specific scenes are made into figure form, much less ones that are really great in the anime but would be un-marketable as figures, i.e. comedy moments or those that are sad-toned.

My answer:
View spoilerHide spoilerI am a huge fan of scenes in anime where two characters reunite after a long time apart or after a rift. A lot of other anime work off of similar ideas of characters who have some kind of past connection unbeknownst to them, or knew each other in the past and forgot. Examples being shows like View spoilerHide spoilerAngel Beats and Darling in the Franxx.. Anohana and many other ghost/spirit anime also work off of the "I haven't seen you in so long, I love you, I'm a ghost now, oooo~" reunions. This preference is probably because I have monophobia to a great extent sometimes, the fear of being alone, so when I see characters overcome a separation I'm happy.

All of my answers below have spoilers.



Shinobu crying is heart-wrenching, not because she's a small, cute vampire, but because the tears are the feelings of an adult who has lived 500 years, as she describes herself. Even then, the tears of Shinobu aren't just because they are hers, because she's lovable or tragic. This is after Shinobu has denied with her entire being that she had any feelings or remorse for her first servant, going so far as to almost kill a certain character for saying otherwise. Refusing to see him without batting an eye. When she did speak to her first servant and called him by his first name, something she doesn't even do with Araragi, it was terrible to see Nobu cry.

Gurren Lagannhttps://giffiles.alphacoders.com/149/149253.gif

Simon and Kamina meeting again, after seven years since Kamina died once, revived himself briefly, giving hope it was to be forever, and then truly died a second time, without Simon registering his dying words at first...seeing them reunite was just so great, to where it became my favorite moment in the series. Less is more, there was no emotional outpour or anything, they just chilled and bonded as two equals for the first time ever for a bit.

Seeing Kamina before the last episode again to get a few words in with adult Simon, saving him, and by extension, every other spiral being, was so good because he appeared out of nowhere as a complete deus ex machine but it seemed totally plausible by the lore of the series. Hell, who cares about lore, or logic, do the impossible.

Mob Psycho 100 ll


This show oozes empathy, with Mob at the helm of it all, but when Reigen starts acting like a ginger Mob gives him a metaphorical kick to where the sun doesn't shine and leaves Reigen with more denial over his status and place in the world than a Kitchen Nightmares owner. Just goes to show you can't always get away with charging or withholding from a teenager exorbitant amounts of money, while specializing in the supernatural without any friends and being voiced by Takahiro Sakurai. Meme Oshino...

Anyways, once again, less is more. Reigen doesn't even register how he feels at first. But then, as he realizes he has no friends, no point in the world, he gets drunk, but not severely so, and has a fairly rough mental break for a moment, before bouncing back in the next few weeks. Determination and hopefulness can be real and yet mask a festering problem. Two sides of the same coin, those two small extremes of some hope and some despair, can heighten a struggle. Being exposed on live TV also wasn't a traditional form of defeat/pain for an anime, but every second of the arc was realistic. What a payoff at the end of Mob and Reigen reuniting.

Wait, a child who sees ghosts/spirits giving an adult major insight into their life and self, is this the Sixth Sense? Or, I mean, underpaying an optimistic, talented and kind kid? ...Mr. Krabs and Spongebob? Hey, stop throwing tomatoes.

Of course, if you have to reunite with someone over and over, it gets a bit boring and repetitive, you know?

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media1.tenor.com/images/290a703aae9ad5544355ef37987ad91d/tenor.gif?itemid=10075887.gif



What can I say, dark humor is not my forte.

Thanks for reading and have a good one.

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I like a lot of different types of scenes in anime but to keep it short, one specific scene is View spoilerHide spoilerSimon and Nia's wedding at the end of Gurren Lagann. This is one of my all-time favorite scenes in anime so I really love ITEM #368017 which was modeled after this scene. It’s possibly my favorite figure that I own too.

I also really like cool fight scenes though so I like figures that have badass poses or look like they’re in the middle of a fight, a few examples being ITEM #906741, ITEM #781006 and ITEM #486552
11 days ago
plasticizer very mild
I enjoy scenes that deal with human conditions or scenes preceding oblivion.

A good example of this in figure form is the shattered Antarcticite figure by GSC:ITEM #655901.
13 days ago
My favorite scenes are when characters get development, especially when they change the way they think for the better. Straight forward but love when my fictional characters feel alive. As for a figure that demonstrate the scenes, they aren't any. That's why I buy action figures to re-create those scenes. I'm also an artist and love drawing those moments or making my own fan art :)
13 days ago
yakushining your Highness
Oh this is an interesting question! Thinking about it nothing came to mind right away, but when I looked at my favourite scenes, I realized that they all have something in common. I've come to the conclusion that I like scenes where the antagonist is showing off what they can do and seems like they're so powerful that no one can top what they can do. So characters demonstrating how powerful they are basically. Examples under the cut (HUGE spoilers for Death Note, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super :

View spoilerHide spoilerSomething that comes to mind is when Goku Black is in his Rose form and absolutely pummels everyone on the battlefield.

or when alois was first introduced and gauges out hannah's eye for no valid reason (a dick move, but still an amazing scene)


Or when Tayuya was reincarnated and beat down multiple shinobi at once without even touching them.


Oh and that time when they showed Kabuto after so many episodes without seeing him and he was in a whole other form that would become a huge enemy of the Great Ninja War!


I think that they're such enjoyable scenes.

Also scenes where characters depict how confident/smug they are in their abilities which sort of goes hand in hand with what I said earlier.

One of my favourite scenes ever is when Kabuto is revealed to have injected himself with the cells of Orochimaru in order to make himself better and stronger than he has ever been.

Other scenes that I like are seemingly final confrontation scenes where the viewer is sure there is going to be a battle of sorts, like when Mello seemingly had his back against the wall and was about to be taken into custody.

And of course nothing can beat final confrontation AND power demonstration packed into one scene AKA one of the best scenes of all time... God, I love Death Note.

And then of course there are the death scenes that I don't love for the deaths, just that they're done so well that they make you sick to the stomach.... Light Yagami, yes, that's you. Mikami, Mello, Matt, Misa, Naomi, Kiyomi? You too. All of these deaths were done insanely well even though I wanted to punch the screen afterwards. I genuinely can't even look them up unless I'm rewatching/re reading the series so the scenes won't get stale.

Otherwise, that's my answer! Took a lot longer than I would have thought haha.

13 days ago
I mostly like combat scenes with medieval weapons like swords, bows, spears or magic casters. Thus my figma army (aside from Love Live gals) is usually up in arms in some sort of battle ready/actual combat situation.

I also like just cute girls being cute, that's why my Aquors girls have cheerleading positions for now.

As for scales where I can't change the pose, I definitely want a pose where the character has their weapon (if applicable), original outfit and a badass pose. Either battle-ready or already in combat (as in a motion where they are in mid sword swing or something). Kimono alts, while I don't have any yet just need to bring out the elegance of the outfit, although if the weapon is included like in ITEM #851337 it's a huge plus for me.
Most of the time I'm just happy if a favorite of mine actually get a figure (and it's not garbage) at all though XD
13 days ago
I would have to really sit down and think more about this, because there are a lot of scenes I really like, but the first thing that popped into my head when I read your beach episode example was something I enjoy that is actually closely related to beach episodes.

You know, there's a school club and they work hard together to reach some goal (maybe a school festival, or a championship, etc). They decide to improve their skills they need to take a trip together during the summer, and rent a little cottage or something. While they're there they eat curry, tell each other scary stories, and strengthen their bonds! Often the characters overcome a struggle, or realize something important during those episodes.

I really enjoy those episodes because they take the characters and put them into a different setting. It's kinda fun seeing them interact when they're not just at school or at the club? And as they're forced to spend so much time together, exciting things are bound to happen.

Other scenes I absolutely love (which are more like tropes I suppose) are the protagonist and antagonist having to work together to reach a common goal, or when a character who seemed uncaring or evil actually ends up sacrificing themselves? ???? ?? iconic! Something like that, haha. I guess figure wise it would be possible to make cool figures of the protagonist and antagonist standing side by side (or back to back) fighting together.
13 days ago
Depends on the the genre of anime entirely.

I'm a sucker for romcoms, but those usually follow a certain pattern and once you've watched a few you can more or tell how the rest are going to play out. I guess my favourite scene in those types of animes is when the main characters finally confess their feelings for one another and they start going out steady.

In shounen animes it's either the final confrontation or moments like in the last episode of the first season of Mob Psycho 100, where Reigen stopped Mob from going all out when everyone else was telling him to do it. Or in part 3 of JJBA when Avdol pushed Polnaref out of the way to save him from Hol Horse and again later from Vanilla Ice.

I have dozens of favourite moments from the Monogatari series and it would take paragraphs to list them all and they're all unique in their own way, so I can't really say I can categorize them under certain tags.

I don't think figures can do justice to moments like these, because they're static and lack the atmosphere of the scene they are meant to represent.
13 days ago
This is why I love ITEM #718099 , this figure is modeled directly after the scene where he View spoilerHide spoilerfights Lust and it's one of my favourite scenes in the anime.
13 days ago
As a collector of mainly R-18 figures, I'm looking more towards actual Hentai content and not just Ecchi scenes. I do not consider that my "favorite type of scene in anime", though - just with regards to figure collecting.

Also, while there are lots of R-18 castoff figures, most of them are quite "tame" and basic, e.g. some basic nudity, a girl flashing her boobs or embarrassedly lifting her skirt up (e.g. ITEM #549875). Sadly, there are not that many truly Hentai-esque figures around, featuring more explicit, playful poses or more complex scenes (e.g. ITEM #537285 or ITEM #293234). Those are the ones I'd like to collect more of.

Scenes I enjoy in regular anime - that's hard to tell, there's soo many and it often depends on the mood. I like the (often embarrassing) comedy in ecchi anime (e.g. guy stumbling and falling on a girl in an awkward position), but that also gets old quickly. I also enjoy the more dramatic action moments as well as the emotional drama, if the characters are written well and I care about them. Usually hard to put that into a figure design, though.
13 days ago
A type of scene that always sticks out in my mind is the confrontation scene, typically when one character of the main cast is distancing themselves from the rest and one of the other characters picks up on it and tries to get to the root of why.

My favorite example of this is in BanG Dream Season 1 Episode 7, View spoilerHide spoilerwhen Kasumi goes to Saaya's house to confront her on why she quit her old band and why she's hesitant to join Poppin' Party despite having ample experience. It's shown earlier in the episode that Saaya quit the band she was in previously due to her feeling that she was relying too heavily on the kindness and patience of the other band members following an incident where she had to leave before one of their performances because her mom had to be sent to the hospital. She refused to open up to them because she was used to being relied upon, but not used to relying upon others, and was worried that relying upon others would push them away. Kasumi doesn't know this, and pushes Saaya to try out being in a band again, insisting that she wouldn't be a burden. Kasumi asks if she hates bands, and Saaya snaps -- shouting that having everyone walk on eggshells around her and putting everyone on different pages by ditching practices and shows wasn't fun for her or for anyone, and it wouldn't be any different with Poppin' Party. She doesn't want to make anyone else suffer for her sake, and in order to achieve that she refuses to abandon her post at home or reach out and make any close friends. It's heartbreaking to see someone as kind and patient as Saaya break like that, especially over something she's been suffering over for so long. I'd like to see a figure of Kasumi holding her hands and asking her to join, or a figure of her running to the cultural festival the following day with the letter Kasumi left for her in tow once she got the push she needed from her mom in order to realize that isolating herself isn't the way to cope with what she went through in the past, and that reaching out to Kasumi and being in a band again could potentially be a good thing.
Bout of 'singing the praises of Yamabuki Saaya' over.
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