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Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere7 days ago
Ever had this happen to you?
It has to me atm. While I already order less/almost nothing prepainted anymore I did notice a shift in interest.

I started gaming more and I rarely watch anime now as the newest anime often don't interest me anymore. So I haven't lost complete interest (especially Louise I still cherish! And will still buy her merch) but I don't feel like getting more of something I'm less into. Prices going up and no Sal doesn't help either.

So since I started picking up games, I noticed I've been ordering more game stuff lately.
And even some funko pops, as I do like animal funkos and the game I'm into, guild wars 2 only has some funkos. But nice bonus, in game mini code :D pleasant surprise!
As well as collecting the witcher stuff now including the nendoroid serie here on mfc :) they're cute!

(will make a loot blog about that soon for those interested)

I dunno why but I felt like sharing and maybe some other people have the same experience ^^ whether it's gaming, cartoon or whatever you shifted to!
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
mmint6 days ago#84954146Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I feel you with the shift of interest while still seldom collecting. I actually been collecting for a decade but made a new MFC account recently for a fresh start after a 2-3 year hiatus. I'm mainly focusing on older/used figures/merch from series I still like.
My shift started because of games too but over time work, living space, and saving money have became my priority. I still enjoy checking out anime and figures, though newer content have not caught my interest enough.
A possible witcher loot blog (or just a general loot post)? I'm here for it 8D

I made the blog which has my recent geralt in it too :) if you're interested do check it out.

Np at all sometimes I just am like oh why not share these thoughts haha
Wow a huge step but a good one right? :)
Likewise actually and I always saved up for big goals and kept money aside for experiences, like cinema or diving and whatever I feel like. Never felt like spending all just on figures. I had one phase where I did do that and that only showed me never again do I want that

Yeah I still look around too for Louise merch mainly but I try to keep it at just that plus game stuff and occasionally I check Disney stuff but I don't want that to be my new collection. So just some shirts were cool :)
I also want more space as in the future I want kids and I don't want the 2 detolfs in there
2 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
TyjosAzari7 days ago#84935056My interest in collecting shifts around a lot, I keep jumping from different series to collect and it makes it hard to slow down at times but because my focus lately is on saving up money that's helped to refine my current interest in collecting to focus more on getting what's more important to me as a collector and collect what I enjoy the most.
This means I try to cut back on getting tons of new items for the collection every month and work on being satisfied more with things and while my interest continues to dwindle in collecting scaled figures and shift more towards collecting Mecha/Models and stay there there are times I can't resist getting one or two scaled figures since I want a new one for the collection or get an old favorite character of mine that I like.
I know how this feels to loose almost complete interest since that's what got me so close to actually quitting the hobby but Nostalgia came on strong and since I'm tired of thinking about quitting feels as if I'm happier as a collector doing things this way collecting within the budget and picking up items that really stand out in the collection.

Well if anything louise comes by i probably cant pass either. But its all about setting a limit somewhere so it doesnt get overwhelming and no fun anymore. So if thats mecha buying for you but occasionally a fig if you got the space for it thats good.
I do the same tho not mecha for me, ive never been into mecha at all :) but i get the appeal of building a mecha, i have that with nanoblock sets i got haha :)
Taking a closer look to see what you really love and keeping those is good. It made me let go of a lot of figures i thought i really loved ^^ slowly step by step it gets less :) but some have more value than others * emotional * so take longer.
It was a lot easier to let go of original characters and just keep artbooks of those. Like tony taka stuff :) i decided i will stick to 5 tony figs and rest can go.
I also started to look beyond my figs and realise theres more stuff thats fun to do or save up for as well as more experiences in life rather than material stuff :)

What could work for you perhaps is make a list of the series you want and set a maximum of what you want to own of that series. Then decide which figs those will be, if new ones come then sell an old one to make up for that. But thats up to you :) that way you dont have to pass on stuff or give up on something :) i cant quit cold turkey either eventho i considered it many times
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Talal6 days ago#84945836Yes it happened to me and I cancelled all my orders to the point my account got banned for ever. But one day I saw a nice figure and I bough . Actually it happened to me twice . However I became so picky . For example I should know the character and I should like it . The figure should be in good pose ..etc

Yeah tbh im not even sure if biginjap banned me or not, they didnt message me. I kindly asked for surface mail but apparantly its only for those with no other options and for me an upgrade without notice was apparantly ok. I didnt f8nd that ok and told them i cannot pay up for that and they just answered like but sal has been suspended quite long now. So? But whatever less temptations for both of us right? :)

Same here im very picky now :) price has to be justified and need to know the characteand it should match her personality and quality perfect etc :) i might buy but i probably stick to eu shops for now. Better service i notice..l
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Blahh7 days ago#84936277Interest in collecting dips for me pretty often. I've at this point narrowed down my selection of figures I want to buy to:
-Do I know this character? Do I like them?
-Do I have an idea for a photo I can take of this figure?
Along with just not visiting preowned sections of online stores anymore to buy a figure that I don't necessarily like "because it's a good deal" has slowed down my collecting process.
Hell, even now I'm having second thoughts on some of my POs. Price hikes and honestly, not many figures of characters that I genuinely love, makes me rethink collecting figures. (That and limited space)

That are good rules to go by. Ive always done the same except for my beginner year where i just went like oh pretty i buy, but pretty much all of those are sold ^^
I even threw away boxes then X-X but i had limited space and didnt know about value :) but i sold most without a loss so was lucky. At least i never bought bootleg.

I now need a theme too which you refer to as taking a photo to me would be do i have an idea in mind on who she go with? Cause i now cant stand just a solo fig. Or when i do have a solo fig i add nice theme to it like for example if chara has a flower theme, i can just add flowers around it :) or is it an anime elf, she goes with my elf collection etc

And yeah running out of space or the fact that even if i can display them but looking cluttered feel does also influence me. Prices are insane now indeed and only for louise ive been able to cross my line with price but even that was hard..
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere4 days ago#85049757Cold turkey ive thought of but never manage to pull off. I take it step by step.
However next year not sure which month a new law comes for importing and then i wont be able to import cheap from jp anymore and am atuck to eu only. Which helps a lot to cut down :p i am now focussed mainly on merch over figs as well that also helps.
Setting goals and what not.
Yeah lately gaming made me more happy too whereas i barely touch anime now... so funds going to new videocard soon and bought a new chair for my desk and such :)
I also paid off my ordere except for 2 nendos as the shop refuses to provide proper service... so if they ban me so be it i guess.. wont order from jp anymore anyways
I started to actually watch anime again and love it still but I rarely do it since there isn't a lot I like(watching deca dence right now and am interested but I haven't found a newer anime to watch yet so am watching the rest of monogatari) I like the idea of stories in animation it is just very interesting to see how the author of the story thinks but other then that yes video games are much more exciting and enjoyable but I dunno I am torn I like both but I also love animation so its hard but I don't need figures in order to appreciate animation I guess but art is a thing for me and its hard to especially let that go but ah well as things are things are getting worse better put the money elsewhere while I still can (and I am still scared of letting go my $1,400 I saved up for the deposit on my 1/2 scale Shinobu in order to get it over with but I will sadly haha) anyways I am in the same situation and need a chair as well haha and more then enough in my list of needs so I will make next year the time were I smarten up and start saving :D
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
randomcgull7 days ago#84935103If you mean the habit of collecting something no matter what your interest is, i knew that about myself long before getting into collecting figures XD.
I was always collecting something. Even in elementary school and such I'd collect stickers, seashells, shiny rocks or books. The collections weren't large back then and I have had things happen where I thought I'd never get into collecting something but end up collecting it eventually and eating my words.
EX: I never thought I'd collect acrylic stands because they aren't optimal for displaying when you have a lot and figures are way better. I ended up collecting them anyways.
I've shifted my primary interest from anime/manga to books, cough mostly chinese BL aka danmei books.

Never heard of danmei books :o interesting. Chinese can make pretty stuff too :)
As for books ive never collected a lot but after playing the witcher, i had to read the original content and am now at book 6 :) (from 8) before the netflix series came out, i got part 1 from my bf so he got me into that :) i appreciated it as i was debatting if i should, but he decided for me and no regrets xD

Ah yeah same here, i remember my grandma gave me 50 cts to buy some stickers every time i visited her :) digimon stickers to be exact they were always there at the counter and oh what did it gave me joy, i managed to complete the sticker book well except for one sticker i recall :(
Also had a phase where everyone was into diddl and got stickers from that.
And a harry potter phase i had too xD as well as pokemon! I had a lot of toys of pokemon but my mom threw them away after some time... still miss some of em.
And winx, recently got myself a manga of it for nostalgia :p

I got 2 acrylic stands plus one stuck at amiami. Theyre pretty! :) and a tiny one of maribelle below my pc (fire emblem favorite of mine together with lyndis and ninian)
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
gwendal738-26 days ago#84954985Yes! I've actually made the shift a year ago, back to collecting manga. I only have a few figures coming in and I don't really plan on preordering more unless something catches my eye. I've also gotten back into gaming and a lot of my money is being used towards that, hahaha.

Ah manga take up a lot less space and look neat in a special closet for it :)
I recently got the last ones from haruhi suzumiya and it recandles my love for that series, its not very popular anymore nowadays and the figs i would want from the series are dirt cheap

Same here i pay off my last 2 nendos ans then stop looking :) might get more the witcher nendos if they come up but i wont actively search for stuff rlly
Yeah luckily for me guild wars 2 is free only the dlc are one tme purchase of 30 for 2 which isnt expensive rest can be unlocked in game if you got the patience for it :)
Tho i do buy some switch games and nintendo is never cheap ><
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Freezasaurus6 days ago#84987473Yeah, this happened to me recently. There are still a few lines that I want to collect, but for the most part, I'd much rather dump the money into my other hobbies, average figure prices being what they are today.

Yeah the current prices are what made me think, do i rather get a fig or go on a vacation for example or out dining/experiences?
And realised i find more joy in the latter. Or when i realise game or western stuff are just cheaper to get by.. i rather get that than one fig. Indeed other hobbies are now more prio
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
MrTCJ225 days ago#84993017Definitely, I believe it happen to all of us in one way or another. I had gone through a few interest shift but always had kept the figures I loved the most and now recently got back into collecting figures again this year.

Yeah i made a top 80 of keepers and current goal of 100 total owning :) maybe it gets to the 80 eventually :) but goal is not going over 100 again :) so if i do start again,it wont exceed 100.
Its good to shift and keep what you like
4 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
SebastianLover5 days ago#84994190I don't know if it's exactly the same, but I've found my lust for figures has tapered off. I'm not so inclined to keep up with new releases. I think I'm just a little burnt out though as I don't have any other hobbies I'm pouring money into instead

Question is, do you have to have something to pour money into?
Id say no :) you could search for what gives you enjoyment tho but in my opinion, having stuff shouldnt be the main thing to make you happy. Assuming thats why you pour money into it...
or else theres always things like going out dining, reorganising your home and give it a new touch or whatever you like. Plenty to do or spend on without having a hobby

And yeah my love for figs also lessened, i mainly focus on merch now.. and rarely check on new stuff i only search for louise items
4 days ago
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