Comments Vtuber figures: who would you want?

  • I'm mostly watching hololive.
    Already preordered Fubuki. Definetly preordering the 3 nendos. For the 2 Aqua scale figures, will depend on prototype..
    I'd love to get scale figs of senchou, rushia and peko! plus nendos of all hololive..
    6 hours ago
    I already got one for my favorite, and even of one of my favorite illustrations
    ITEM #999482
    10 hours ago
    Want to wish big and ask for at least one whole generation all get a figure so it can complete the set
    14 hours ago
    gawr gura by far, she has the cutest design out of all tbh

    16 hours ago
    Kano ITEM #1027558. Period. And she is being made by Anigift so I'm happy enough.
    And maybe Hoshimachi Suisei.
    (Ok if we get into technicalities I know Kano is using a different character design when she streams as a member of Hanayori Joshiryou, but I don't really make a distinction between the two + the two accounts post stuff interchangeably anyway)
    Other than that, not really, at least not enough for me to want a figure of them.
    1 day ago
    I'm still not clear on what a Vtuber is exactly, but I think (NSFW) ENTRY #178823's OC Saya is one (at least according to some Google Translate on Melonbooks... If so, I'd love to see her as a figure (as long as B'Full and their evil sister companies leave her alone!)
    1 day ago
    I'd like my own Vtuber design tbh XD
    1 day ago
    THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
    i'd love korone, mori, and amelia watson :)
    1 day ago
    I would love a Korone, Gura, and Kiara figure! They're probably the ones I watch the most out of all the Hololive group! :)
    1 day ago
    vtubers are very-very cheap entertainment for me when I have nothing else to waste my time on.
    they have to have something extra to drag me in.
    I'd buy oozora subaru in her donald duck outfit. (the gray one)
    nakiri ayame, because I love onis is general.
    shirogane noel for her tits and knight stuff.
    tsunomaki watame, she's adorable. plus horns.
    yukihana lamy for ther insane cutesy.
    shishiro botan for her lazy-cool personality.
    the only english one I can tolerate is ina. her design is neat too.
    but most of all, I want minato aqua's CAT. just the cat without her.
    I'm debating of buying a shirt of that in fact and I don't even care for aqua.
    1 day ago
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