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kemandokemando7 years ago
AmiAmi Pre-Owned - ITEM:B / BOX:B - REVIEW! Makise Kurisu GSC

Alright, so I ordered a BUNCH of stuff from the amiami pre-owned section, to ship at the end of September: BLOG #4691 and one of those figures was a Makise Kurisu GSC B/B item. Now, I've noticed a lot of people avoiding B/B items because of some horror stories so I though I'd review the B/B item I received to give another example, there's so few reviews out there, so people need places of reference!

Sorry if the pictures aren't super high quality, I did take them with my iPhone 4 camera.

Information on the figure:

Figure Link: ITEM #78589

Price: 56 Canadian Dollars at time of purchase

Rating: Item: B / Box: B

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Now on to the review, lots of images ahead.

[Descriptions of each image can be found at the TOP of every picture]


As you can see below there are several pictures of the box, It's in fair condition, with minor bends at the corners, and some very minor creases. The main issue is that the top of the box doesn't stay closed, even when opening my loot box the top flap flew open as I was removing the packing paper, but again this is very minor. These reasons are for the B Grade.




Below you can see the rating of the box is printed on a sticker on the lower right hand of the back of the box

So, all in all the box is in rather good condition aside from the top not wanting to stay shut, but that's nothing a piece of tape wouldn't fix. Moving on...


The Blister Packaging was "all right" by this I mean that it was blistered together, but the tape holding it shut was the tape used prior, just re-applied making the connection less than secure. All the sides except one opened without cutting or removing the tape, it simply slid off due to lack of "stick". Again this is a minor compaint as the blisters still hold securely.

With the front cover removed you can see that there is no clear plastic for protection over the front of the figure, as there usually is with sealed figures, but this isn't a big deal considering it's used, I'm surprised there's any plastic at all tbh. The figure is lying on a single plastic sheet that also covers her cell phone on the left, which in turn covers a "metal Oopa".

Cellphone on top of Metal Oopa under plastic... the cellphone seems misplaced from it's original position, this is covered by a piece of tape as well.

The two bases have no plastic and are sitting snug in their spots.

Her face appears unscathed

As well as her body

And her legs as well

Overall her condition in the blister pack is pretty good, including a piece of protective plastic on the back, with tape covering both the cellphone and the metal oopa. Though it seems the cell phone moved from it's original position in the packaging neither it or the oopa were damaged.


Both Bases are in pretty great condition, just a bit dusty, with some minor fingerprints, all of which were removed easily using the bottom of my shirt.

The top of the "stairbase" (see what I did there) Minor dust.

The front of the staircase, also in great condition, except for dust

The right side of the staircase, great condition, minor dust

Base of the stairs, prestine, little to no dust at all.

Left side of stairs, it looks weird because the angle isn't perfect, nothing wrong with this side either.

Back of the stairs, also great with minor dust

Circle Base, it's not visible here but there is dust and some fingerprints on the face.

Another Angle

Overall the bases are in wonderful condition, except for some minor dust and fingerprints that were swiftly removed via the use of my swiffer duster 360, and the base of my shirt.


And FINALLY! The pièce de résistance! The figure itself! Also graded B, it's in great condition.

The face and chest, there's no visible marks, there is minor dust throughout the entire figure, most noticable on the foot which you will see below.

Back of the head, near perfect condition with some minor dust.

Under the jacket, and the bottom, minor dust on the bottom, but under the jacket was a bit more dust than elsewhere. Also quite a bit of dust between the hair and the back. All removed via swiffer duster 360, just be careful to remove any threads that may have been left behind.

Under the hair, a bit of dust under here, not noticable.

Top of the head, pristine condition aside from some dust, as usual.

The base of the foot that the pegs go in, minor wear and tear from removal from base and re-placement but it doesn't affect the figure, she still stands firm on both bases.

A line I found on the bottom of the coat, this is the only imperfection I could find, and it's not even visible unless you're up close, looks like pencil, might be easily removable, but it could also be a factory defect.

The metal oopa looks to be in pristine condition.

The cellphone is red, and in great condition. No dust here.

This foot showcases a majority of the dust, this is probably the most there is on the figure, it was easily removed with my swiffer duster, nothing was stuck on or anything.

Makise looking prime on her stair base

Her Left

Her Right

Her Back


Overall this was a great purchase, the item had no noticable marks or scuffs, paint transfer or anything. All the accessories were in perfect condition, her bases were in great condition and she's wonderful. Aside from a little bit of dust all about the figure she was in great condition, the dust was removed easily with my swiffer duster 36, and the fingerprints on the base removed using my shirt. For my 56 dollars I got a wonderful figure with a line on her coat and some dust, along with a box that won't close properly... I'm EXTREMELY happy with this B/B item, after some of the horror stories I've read I was really worried, but AmiAmi has provided me with a wonderful figure and I will gladly buy a B/B item from them again! Along with many other pre-owned goods.

I like the convenience of being able to pop pre-owned items into my pre-orders for the month so I don't have to pay right away.

Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful to anyone considering buying a B/B item, or any item from amiami pre-owned, and I hope it has informed you, and given you the knowledge to make an informed purchase from the site, thanks for reading!

I put a bit of work into this review, so an "interesting" is appreciated, I'd also love it if you checked out my youtube channel here: www.youtube.com... and my facebook figure group as well linked at the top of the page! Thanks for reading!
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kngu7 years ago#1354479Great review! Just wondering but does AmiAmi always put rank sticker labels on their pre-owned goods? Would removing the B/B sticker label tear the box?

They do put a ranking label on the box, generally on the back where all the other labeling is, and I'm sure it's a regular sticker, so yes it will most likely tear the box if not removed with care (warm water or something, though idk. lol)
7 years ago
Great review! Just wondering but does AmiAmi always put rank sticker labels on their pre-owned goods? Would removing the B/B sticker label tear the box?
7 years ago
Nice review! I bought B/B items from them too and so far no major defect.
7 years ago
Nice and informative review. I just received a GEM Katsura figure that was also body B/box B from amiami. Mine had minor scuffs on the front of of the box and some wear on the corners and edges. And the figure was packed like yours, with just one plastic sheet protector under it. But hey, I agree that's not anything too major for a really good discount, bought mine for about 45% off.
7 years ago
Great review. Recently I've bought a few things from Ami Ami's pre-owned section that were listed as B as well, and I've got no complaints.
7 years ago
kemando7 years ago#1171235More recently im seeing more S's than usual

I'm speculating here but I think those Item:S / Box:B items on AmiAmi pre-owned are from their own regular stock that has their box damaged in their warehouse (maybe due to the last week's typhoon that hit Japan) because they pop up at around the same time and also there are definitely more than 1 of the same items available.
7 years ago
kilani7 years ago#1171232Yeah I got a few A recently that were sealed (like Nendoroid petits) makes me wonder if AmiAmi even checks inside sometimes lol

More recently im seeing more S's than usual
7 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
Yeah I got a few A recently that were sealed (like Nendoroid petits) makes me wonder if AmiAmi even checks inside sometimes lol
7 years ago
kilani7 years ago#1171222Ah haha good, I thought maybe my "obviously" came off the wrong way.

I find if I hold out I get it eventually.. but I don't think I will wait for really rare ones or prize figures.

specially since prizes show up for like 900 yen, lol that's a steal. like 12 bucks or so. I actually got a bunch more awesome figures, I just opened my Kurumu A/B and she was sealed, and the box didn't have a mark. lol
7 years ago
kilani Sayaka Rank
Ah haha good, I thought maybe my "obviously" came off the wrong way.

I find if I hold out I get it eventually.. but I don't think I will wait for really rare ones or prize figures.
7 years ago