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ProbablyANinjaProbablyANinja25 days ago
Hi MFC. Recently I've noticed that when I get an email regarding a notification here on MFC (like for an item on my wish list going up for sale or someone quoting one of my comments), the actual notification doesn't show up on the website when I log in (there's nothing under "Notifications").

Not sure if I'm the only one this is happening to, but I'd like to figure out what's going on here. I haven't changed any of my setting lately, and this is something very recent (like the past day or so). Is this happening to anybody else?

When I view my "read" notifications through my account, I don't see anything from the past 24 hours, despite having emails about new sales, etc. within that time frame.
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emo real life zombie
Same here, been happening for a few days too! :(
17 days ago
Me too! I could still receive those comment and figure update notification a few days ago, but now there aren't any notifications... :(
17 days ago
Is there any way to recover deleted notifications? ;(
21 days ago
no notifications here either ><
23 days ago
Mitch0712 Succubus Scholar
I'm not getting any notifications anymore.
23 days ago
Same thing for me, it also deleted all my old notifications that I hadn't bothered to clear yet as of yesterday.
24 days ago
Ditto, glad it's not just me D:
24 days ago
yakushining your Highness
yep, was wondering what happened. i had some notifications i was saving there too in case i forgot about them :/
24 days ago
same here
24 days ago
Yeah, it just happened to me
24 days ago
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