Notifications on sales from my wishlist.Notifications on sales from my wishlist.Ask MFC

NewHarvestNewHarvest24 days ago
I can no longer see any related sales to my Wishlist in my notifications. They're all empty now. Is this a setting preference I somehow messed with or is this a known issue? How do I get updated on related sales again?
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I was wondering the same. Plus comments/replies I've received have disappeared too which I didn't mind keeping in my notifications. Hoping this gets fixed.
21 days ago
Same here. Hope it gets fixed soon.
22 days ago
It's probably saving me some money if I'm honest.
22 days ago
Oh thank goodness this wasn't just me. I was worried when all of my wish list sale notifications disappeared and also I'm no longer getting any emails about wish list items for sale.

Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
24 days ago
Thank you for letting me know it's not just me!
24 days ago
It seems to have happened to everyone. Maybe a general reset or something like that?
24 days ago
It's an issue with the site at the moment, everyone is experiencing it. See BLOG #46983
24 days ago
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