Garage Kit - Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) - 1/4 - Bride (Anadigi)Garage Kit - Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) - 1/4 - Bride (Anadigi)Diary

joycegaragekitjoycegaragekit3 months ago
Hello all!

It's my first post about painting GKs here. So I am trying to document my process but I admit after starting painting I just forget to take pictures… lol so please bare me about missing steps.

First of all, here are the WIP pictures of my kit. The sculptor is Anadigi but and is well known as Mersa, he is from HK and is a really nice guy^^.

You can follow his new updates from his twitter: twitter.com/ana...

This kit (Item ITEM #787732) was released a year ago? I got this kit via Yahoo Japan Auctions with proxy service. It's certainly a rare kit to find on the market.

I am mainly using lacquer paints (gaianots/mr hobby) and enamel for face painting.

The really important point of Anadigi's kits is they don’t come with eye decals!!! So it's no other options than to paint eyes.


Basically it's just sanding from #400 up to #800~1000 for seamlines. Nothing special so I didn’t take pictures…


After sanding my desk looks like this… lol


Assemble most parts to check fitness for the kit ^^. This way I will know how to put them together as well. It will help to avoid "surprises" after painting the parts.


Since the dress part is pretty huge…. I used car wash bucket to wash those parts .. Lol

Too big…lol




Skin color: Although they look the same but they are actually 2 different colors. One for shadowing and one for skin color.


And face…. Drafting everything to confirm the positions and looking


And then finish up the rest of stuff.


Quick checking with other parts:



"Missing pictures but mostly I painted with pearl white and some different clear colors."

Painting rest of parts:


Fire effect piece:

Yellow base and then red -> brown -> black




Although they will be coverd by the dress but I can't miss those nice parts ^^


And finally result:


I will try to take more pictures for next few days...

Thanks for watching:)
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Thank you all for these wonderful comments ^^ I know there is something I need to work on/improve but thank you guys so much for the support!
3 months ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
This is amazing!!
3 months ago
Great work! Very lovely.
3 months ago
For your first garage kit this is really good
3 months ago
Wow, this is absolutely GORGEOUS!!
3 months ago
Once again: love. that. dress
3 months ago
You always paint such huge kits! Great work as always :0
3 months ago
wow!!! i really like how you painted her eyes; you made em look really soft and sparkly !! :0

also peep the old boba cup that you use to hold silca gel packs lol
3 months ago
beautiful work!
3 months ago
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