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Tsubame Syndrome - Kurashiki Tsubame - 1/7 (Organic)Tsubame Syndrome - Kurashiki Tsubame - 1/7 (Organic)

Arashi1118Arashi11188 years agoReview
I am Arashi1118 and today I am reviewing Kurashiki Tsubame from the manga, Tsubame Syndrome.
This is my first ever review and since I was the one who added Tsubame, I thought I'd write a review about her. Also, at this time, it seems I am also the only one here that has one. The reason I got her is because I happen to stumble upon the manga and saw how cute Tsubame was. I tried to look for Tsubame Syndrome figures but our database doesn't have any. I was able to find her at Amazon and asked the Q and A Club if anyone knows anything about her. One interesting thing about her is that the figure is said to be limited to just 300 pieces. I can't confirm that since there is so little information on the web about the figure. Nonetheless, I added her to my collection; on an impulse buy.

Now... onto the review.

Tsubame has a slightly soft feel on her. Her hair, arms and legs are soft and flexible. Even her neck flexes a bit. The feel of the material used is very different from my other figures and I really like it a lot. The soft feel on her body matches well with the worried look on her face. The sculpting is very well done; not flawless, but still very well done. If your curious what she's wearing, that is her skin-tight battle suit. Tsubame's sexy figure is nicely translated from 2D to 3D; though due to her suit, not much skin is shown. The suit is accurately rendered from the manga but a few parts were skipped. I mean, with this pose, who needs wings and blasters. The detail lines on her thigh-boots, belly and arms are carved and not just painted on. There are very few visible mold lines and everything is very smooth.

The paint used on her is quite unique from my other figures. Her whole suit, hair and ornaments were all painted in pearl colors. The paint is very shiny and shifts shades from very light to very dark depending on the angle of the light. I have the same type of paint on my car and I just love it on Tsubame. After all, she is an alien and so the colors just fit. Her skin tone is pretty good too. They matched the worried expression of her face with slightly flushed highlights on her chest. Would have been nice if she had a bit of blush on her face. Like I said before, the detail lines are all carved and they are carefully painted. Paint overlap is almost zero, showing how carefully painted Tsubame was. My only complaint are her eyes. When looking at them up close, they seem to look like stickers instead of paint. But nonetheless, they're still cute. Other than on her skin, there is no shading or highlights because of the color shifting paint.

Tsubame is an alien agent disgusing as a human. She is slightly clumsy and has love and emotional issues, just like any other girl. But when she dons her battle suit she is almost unstoppable. Her pose with her suit perfectly highlights and accentuates one of her moe points. I don't need to point them out, right? They are the only part of her, other than her face, that's colored flesh. The pose is clean, simple, a bit sexy but not echii. I would have prefered a slightly more seductive pose since Tsubame is originally a 'nee-san' type character. I love the expression on her face, though. It just exudes 'Please be gentle.' She is very stable and well balanced despite being on a kneeling pose. Tsubame kneels on a very simple base. It is black, very smooth and about 15mm high. I would have preferred a slightly themed base or even just one with a spaceship's floor design. She also seems to stick to the base. It might be because of the paint they used.

She came in a simple window box that has front and top windows. The print on the box is a honeycomb pattern with Tsubame Syndrome and Kurashiki Tsubame written in the front and sides. The rear shows a few highlight shots of Tsubame from the manga. There is also a quote that says, 'Sometimes I stare. Sometimes it's me." Which doesn't seem to make sense to me. The box is pretty spacious inside; Tsubame is 6 1/2 inches tall, after all. I can't say if the box is good enough to display with Tsubame since the one I got was a bit crushed along with the USPS box it came in. Luckily, Tsubame was unharmed inside.

If you have read Tsubame Syndrome and enjoyed it, like I did, and love collecting figures, this one is a good addition. It's cute, well sculpted and beautifully painted. She is the only figure from the series; which is quite sad. I would love to see her in more casual clothing and in a different pose. Tsubame Syndrome also has a lot of moe characters, not just Tsubame, that would make great figures as well. With very little information on the figure, I can't really verify if it truly is a limited run figure. Nonetheless, the purchase was worth it.
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