That was Fast! Quickest Delivery Times for you?That was Fast! Quickest Delivery Times for you?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari22 days ago
Well I am shocked right now at how fast FedEx delivered ITEM #740265 and it was shipped out on Monday and here it is in hand Thursday!

Feels like it took it only 3 days to warp here from Japan and got in a lot of nice things today and I find myself looking at how fast it takes for packages to get shipped through the USPS system and lately have been very surprised that even with all that's going on some items warp through the mail system while the usual things like DVDs and Media Mail takes the longest.


Yesterday was a Holiday and ended up with getting a few packages in today and it feels like I always end up with a lot arriving on a day after a Holiday.

The Batmobile was picked up Sunday and shipped right after that and it's now in Hand and would have had it the other day if there wasn't a Holiday, the Vulcan Lander was picked up off Amazon and lately they've been sticking to 2 day delivery pretty well and Shinji was picked up Sunday too and that came in today so was surprised at how fast the figures arrived.

The Stellvia DVDs and Soundtrack took a week at least to get here and the Janeway Statue came in at warp speed a day or two after it was bought.

What's the Quickest Delivery you have ever had?

After 20 years of collecting Anime feels like Kaworu's Prize Figure has to be the fastest delivery and I've never used FedEx before, feels like because I live near the Global Hub for FedEx is probably why It arrived this fast.

For years when I ordered stuff from Japan always would use EMS, rarely used DHL and whenever something had Free Shipping it was always SAL and those took a while to get here but pleasantly surprised at how fast things are getting here with the Ongoing Pandemic and disruptions to the Postal System.

Been grabbing a lot of Anime figures from US Sellers and those normally take half a week to get here, was hesitant to order something from Japan with all that's going on but still just shocked at how fast that figure arrived and it is a fairly small sized package so I figure smaller items like that zip through a postal system fast.

It takes about a week for items to get to me from my friend that lives across the country when he ships figures through UPS and it's always DVDs or Books that have taken the longest to get here since Media Mail is the slow.

What Postal Service has been the best for you this year?
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Paid an AmiAmi order on a Friday and had it shipped EMS. It somehow made it to me (in Canada) on Monday. That was a couple years ago and it's still the most impressive delivery speed I've seen so far.
21 days ago
I had a DHL package arrive the next day once. And on average since I've been using DHL I get most of my packages in 2-3 days.
21 days ago
This was very recent, but I got a huge plush shipped through FedEx also (it did cost alot) and it arrived within just 2-3 days. I was super surprised to see the package at the door, thinking that I was going to get it within the week.
21 days ago
I ordered some wall scrolls from AmiAmi, however shipping from Japan to USA had been suspended due to COVID-19. DHL was the cheapest option than SAL and EMS when I was invoiced and is only available option not suspended to ship. Shipped and delivered within three days.
21 days ago
Stereoman22 days ago#86474918I ordered some figures from Amazon JP and DHL delivered everything to Sweden within 3 days. I was baffled!
Same but you pay a hefty fee for it in Canada sadly usually $50 D:
22 days ago
The fastest shipping from Japan I've had is when I ordered WSJ issue 33/34 (final chapter of Haikyuu) It arrived 2 days after the seller shipped it with registered airmail! Was really shocked to have it turn up so quickly since registered airmail usually takes around 1 week for me.
22 days ago
I just ordered the Emilia Nendoroid from GSC US Shop on Tuesday night and it's already out for delivery today (friday). So that's 3 days of shipping. Very impressive because the last few orders I've had from GSC US have always been more than a week of shipping.
22 days ago
Most stuff tends to come in about a week with Air Small Packet, but one surprising instance was when I ordered ITEM #61388 from Solaris Japan, got an email saying it'd take about 3-4 months to arrive thanks to the coof (another tick on the "cause of covid" tally), but it turned up not even two weeks later.
22 days ago
This was a few years ago, but I once had an Amazon Japan package ship one day and show up at my door the next. Don't even have Prime, I was extremely surprised.
22 days ago
I ordered some figures from Amazon JP and DHL delivered everything to Sweden within 3 days. I was baffled!
22 days ago
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