Collecting the Classics! What Classic Series are you collecting?Collecting the Classics! What Classic Series are you collecting?Ask MFC

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari21 days ago
Well this month's plans for collecting has shifted and changed to the point that now for November the focus for collecting has been getting DVDs for the Anime collection and looking at the series that have been picked up today I'm going after some classic series.

What series were picked up today?

Nadia Secret of Blue Water: Picked up the DVD Set release that has the CD Soundtracks with it so expecting that in next week. Been watching it on Youtube and decided to grab the DVD set of that since I want a physical copy of the series in the collection since I don't like having to rely on watching Anime online especially if it's a favorite series of mine.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: Picked up some of the individual volumes for the series pretty cheap today since the box sets cost a ton and will be hunting up the other volumes here and there and it may take me a while to get to watching that because of the other series on my Anime Watchlist that keeps growing every month. I haven't seen EVA in so long I have to correct that, Eva's an old favorite of mine so looking forward to watching it again.


Zoids Chaotic Century: Picked up a Region 0 Season 1 Set that's basically a repacked set of the old Zoids DVDs that were released a long time ago and that will complete that set and I haven't watched Zoids Chaotic Century in a long time too so had to get it on DVD.


Thought about getting Inuyasha on DVD this month too but that will be on the list to get next month, ended up getting the Final Act as a gift on my Birthday this year and been meaning to get the rest of that series on DVD.


Picked up a classic Cartoon series on DVD that I love a lot got the Batman Animated Series Complete collection and the 90's Batman Cartoon series is my favorite Comic series from the 90's and it's one of the best Comic Based Cartoon series plus ended up picking up a Shadowcast Batwing to go with the Shadowcast Batmobile that came in and the next series on the list of Shows to get is Batman Beyond.


-Picked up Batman Beyond on DVD tonight and have now finished up with this month's primary objectives for getting a few more series on DVD.


I love to pick up series that I watched a lot during the Toonami era and the early 2000's so finding some great series makes me pretty happy as a collector.

How many of you are collecting classic series on DVD?

What series are you collecting right now?

What classic Series are you watching right now?
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I want to get the whole monogatari series for sure on blu ray it’s not really a classic but it is a masterpiece
20 days ago
Also got sudden urge to revisit the classics then something odd happened, my obsessions fused into a single product.

The RG model kit line made me think about Gundam and Eva again. Especially Eva unit 2. Most of the Eva kits are similar except the head and the color. That Red color... It ignites passion.

Then on the gundam side, even with my favorite series being Gundam Wing, my favorite design is still the Astray.

Reviewing all the characters from the Gundam franchise, the favorite pick goes to Meijin III from Build Fighters piloting the Red Warrior.

Favorite move is still God Finger from G Gundam.

Then, somehow, i encountered this ITEM #1003457

I know nothing about it, but feels like all my desires materialized
21 days ago
Since I built most of my DVD collection in the early 2000's, I've got a decent chunk of what would be considered classic anime in there.

The newest DVD arrival on that front would be Sailor Moon StarS; that series was in licensing hell for the better part of two decades, and I picked up the final volume recently. I've been waiting for the opportunity to sit down and marathon that.
21 days ago
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Sounds like you picked up some good series, I've been meaning to rewatch some of the old Batman TAS episodes, I really loved that cartoon growing up.
I haven't been looking for too-too many old series lately, or at least I guess the ones I have my eye on might not be considered old or classics or old classics...
But I have been trying to buy up DVD and/or blu rays of shows I don't own yet recently.
I just got Toradora and Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and hope to rewatch those soon. I also pre-ordered Violet Evergarden and the movie which comes out in December so I'm excited to own that too.
I would really like to get the new Fate/Zero blu ray and also the first half of UBW to top off my fav Fate series disc collection.

Oh and one odd one I've been considering...Gundam Seed just recently had a fancy new blu ray release and apparently it includes all the movies, the original series' "old" dub, and a NEW dub for some reason? I kind of want to pick it up because of the movies even though I own the whole series GS + GSD on dvd already...but the idea of a new dub makes me anxious. I also heard that the masters used were incorrect? Which is worrisome to see how Right Stuf will address the issue. It's also very expensive for a series I already own and if I got it, I'd want the same Destiny collection as well...

I suppose for now though I'd rather focus on picking up discs for shows I don't already own!
21 days ago
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