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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari20 days ago
We're under a month and a half away from a new year and today thought "I can wait till next year to get a few more figures." looked at the calender and was surprised that November has moved by quickly and it feels like once it gets to December the urge to pick up anything else for the collection may not be there.

2020 is almost over.

Thank Goodness.

This has been the craziest year in recent memory and feels like it's been several decades worth of things crammed into one year to the point the months have felt like long agonizing years.

As the year's end approaches have taken care of so many objectives for the collection waiting another month or two before picking anything else up sound GREAT.

How many of you find yourselves looking at things and deciding that what you want can wait till next year?

This month has been turning into one of those very rare Loot Months where new things are coming in every week and it's gotten to where due to everything that has come in not doing anything is a wonderful idea since it will be early December when everything that's been picked up this month gets in hand.

At the moment the last major item to deal with for the year is the Merlin Figma ITEM #806012 that I am excited for and looking forward to getting in hand in December or Late December that's the only Pre-Order left for 2020.


Took care of picking up Manga that interested me today and those will be arriving by mid week and can wait till next year to pick up more Manga.


After taking care of paying for ITEM #647463 ITEM #346214 and ITEM #6913 don't feel like looking for anything else at all and those will be in hand next Friday and it's gotten to where the weeks are passing by quicker and it feels like it will be December if I blink so with December rapidly approaching [even though it's 2 weeks away] by the time December 1st rolls around I'll be content to not look for things.


Currently satisfied with how this year has turned out and not worried or concerned with finances and have all the numbers done and budget handled to a point no need to look at it and any of the figures on the Wish List can wait till January or Feburary next year.


Next Year's main focus for the collection is to acquire more Merlin figures for the collection, got most of the ones I want on Pre-Order and it's down to deciding on what else to pick up when January rolls around.

How many of you are content to wait till next year to get anything else for your collection?

With it being so late in the year I have to think a lot of you may be tired of spending money on figures and may decide it's a good idea to get things next year.

2021 is only 47 days away.
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I am actually working on getting what I really want this year, because shipping fees are going up in 2021. So my purchases are still running for now. But definitely no impulse buys made this year, or the next for that matter.

I have a total of 8 preorders, and 2 are due next month and the rest for the coming year.
19 days ago
Been telling myself I am gonna wait till next year for more figures the last 2 months, instead have purchased dozens of figures and other merch.
Pretty much need to keep myself off the internet entirely or else I end up ordering more stuff as all the communities I am in are related to anime.
Fortunately I have physically run out of space in my cabinets, so new figures isn't an option anymore, not even next year, until I can resolve my storage problem.
2020 has been a good year for figures and collectibles for me though, even if shipping problems haven't been great.
19 days ago
Very nice article first of all! I've been doing a lot of selling, freeing up some storage space. With the money I've gotten some incredibly beautiful figures/statues which has a 'snow ball effect' of being OK with selling off more "less beautiful" figures. This has also caused me to be a little bit more picky and only want more 'incredibly beautiful' pieces. So I think there are only about 8 items I want (so far) that are releasing in 2021.
20 days ago
I am also waiting on Figma Merlin, please release already, Raphtalia is running out of time in my Private Warehouse with HLJ and I really want all 3 of my figures shipped together so I don't need to pay more shipping+custom fees and all the bs.
20 days ago
I currently have 6 figures on preorder, 5 of them for next year, 2 of them I ordered on local stores and the rest from Japan. I also have 4 items in customs right now and Im waiting for them to send me the signal to start the custom process (and this time I am prepared to do it myself, so they won't charge me their abussive commissions again)

I also have one item stuck in Japan since July and I think the remaining preorder for this year will also get stuck because I chose SAL shipping for both them (back when the pandemic wasn't a thing)
20 days ago
The only figure I'm still waiting for is ITEM #872686. If it becomes available as fast as my last preorder, it could arrive by the end of this month. I think it will probably happen some time in december though. I don't think I'll get any other figures. I'm planning to get a few things to decorate my room though. I'm going to get a Marvel lamp that I can place on top of my comic shelf and an Evil Dead Necronomicon wall hanger. I'm also planning to add a few weapon replicas from my favorite animes / video games to my collection. I'll probably start with Ryukos scissor blade, but I don't think I'll get it before january.
20 days ago
All of my pre-orders are for next year. Plus there are no figures releasing in December that I want. Right now I'm pretty busy and pretty broke so yeah figures will have to wait for next year. The earliest data that I will be receiving a new figure will probably be February.
20 days ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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