Anyone having issues with MFC notifications?Anyone having issues with MFC notifications?Ask MFC

lunarlemonslunarlemons18 days ago
Recently I noticed I haven’t been getting any notifications on MFC. Here are my notification settings but I still am not getting any. For example, I went to look at a figure I commented on and saw someone quoted me but I did not get a notification for it.


Is anyone else having this issue?

I also noticed I haven’t gotten anything for figures sale on my wish list either when I was getting them almost daily before.

This is happening to everyone! My bad.

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I'm having the same issue. It's been like this for over a week now. I really hope the mods will fix it.
17 days ago
I'm having the same issues. I'll get emails for a figure I've favorited/put on my wish list, but not a notification on MFC.
17 days ago
someone just commented on my article and i don't have an mfc notif but i did receive an email notif
17 days ago
Yes, I'm having this problem as well. I still get notifications for new PMs but not for quotes anymore. At first quotes by friends were unaffected, but by now all of them are not popping up as marker anymore.
17 days ago
there was a help request a couple of days ago where someone else reported this, i added my name there, does look to have been a problem.
All my old notifications have disappeared, no new ones showing, still getting email notifications though
18 days ago
I thought it was just me but it seems everyone is having the same issue
18 days ago
Yes , I am one of them and I don’t know what to do .
18 days ago
I would recommend turning on all your email notifications in the meantime because those seem to be working fine at the moment.
18 days ago
Adamska18 days ago#86669948Yes, everyone is.
BLOG #46983
BLOG #46992

Yeah just saw that!! Sorry I should of checked first. Glad it’s not just me though.
18 days ago
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