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CinnamonFoxCinnamonFox13 days ago
Hi Everyone!

I started collecting maybe 10-11 years ago, back when I was in high school. PinkySt and Pullips were originally what got me interested in collecting figures. Though I never got a PinkySt. Haha My main collection started with Nendoroids with a few Figma, but not nearly as much. When I started my 4 year school, I didn't have the money to collect so I took a bit of a hiatus. And it wasn't really until maybe 2 years ago I picked my collecting back up again. I still collect Nendoroids, but I'm thinking of really slowing down on them until I have my own house. And honestly I'm still waiting on 3 months of figures to show up from the delays in shipping... I also really prefer other lines Parfom and Cu-poche at this point. The other line I would love to explore is a BJD doll I think COCORIANG Pet Dolls. And because those are a more hefty price, I might just need to focus on getting a few and being content with them. And maybe get a few scale figures too : )

So how has everyone else's changed since you you guys started? Have you noticed a difference at all? How long have you been collecting?
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Started by collecting cute stuff, still collecting cute stuff.

Really though, my collection has diversified more as time has gone on. Used to be just figures, now it's figures, plushies, CDs and a LOT of general goods, like trading cards and straps. I find decorating a corkboard with all my hang-ups and pinnables just as fun as organizing my shelf, lol.
12 days ago
I started collecting figures when I was 13. Started with collecting prize & trading figures and now that I have a source of income, I focus mainly on nendoroids and scales (only occasionally).
12 days ago
the only thing that really changed is that I was able to buy 4 figures each month with ease, now I'm lucky if buying just one doesn't throw me over my budget.
I collect shf/figma/sas and other action figures.
oh one more thing changed. japan has stopped making stuff I'm interested in.
for some reason they realized they have a western audience, and decided to start doing western ips.
the only problem here is that they buy japanese figures because it's not the western stuff.
instead of anime and toku they do marvel, star wars, dc, video games and whatnot.
I'm lucky if I get something interesting every 3 months maybe.
12 days ago
Omg, hi, former Pinky:st person, even if you didn't own any, haha. I was interested in Pullip back then too, but I only ever owned one. So, yeah, I've been collecting for a very long time. From Pinkies, I got into nendos and figma, then started buying scale figures. I used to buy a lot of figures of characters I didn't really know, just because they were cute and cheap. Then I got out of it for a while, sold most of my figures. Kancolle got me a little bit back into it, though that's not really popular any more. More recently, I've been building model kits.
12 days ago
For me, at first it was prize figure then scale figure
Now collecting some trading figures and keychains xD the small things as additions
12 days ago
Well, I remember buying some of my first figures when I was about what 10? Most of the stuff I bought before I got intense about figures was action figures or gacha prizes that I bought at local shops from my favourite cartoons and games at the time, such as Regular Show and Sonic the Hedgehog, without a second doubt in my mind. Just beg my mum and hope she gives it to me lol.

Fast forward to modern time, I do all that I can to ge the best deal on a figure from my special interests, whether it be the latest figure from a game series that I like to the oldest gacha prize of said series. I check at least once a day on this site to see if there's anything that catches my eye and browse the main shops that I use (AmiAmi and Surugaya) to see if they have anything on sale or in stock that's a banger deal or peaks my interest. I create notes tallying the fees, shipping, etc. on an order to keep myself in check.
13 days ago
My collection indeed changed over time.

When I first started getting into figures back in 2004, I was really getting into Saint Seiya (I only really discovered anime and manga at the end of high school), and Myth Cloths were coming at the same time, so "naturally", I started collecting them.

It was great, but it started to go south when the v3 bodies came out along with Siegfried, the first of the God Warriors. They allowed great poses, but were also infamous for being really fragile: several people on the forum I browsed back then complained about holes in the belly, falling arms, that kind of stuff. And the fact is that I experimented those things on two of my v3 Myth Cloths; so I decided to stop buying MCs because of that (also because prices were starting to get really high).

By the time I took that decision, I had already started to collect mainly scale figures, although I had a Figma and two Nendoroids. I extended my decision to all jointed figures, so I got rid of all my MCs, the Figma and the Nendos, either by selling them or giving them.

As of now, I collect only scales or prizes, and think it was the best thing to do, although I still have a regret: one of my goals was to have the complete Asgard MC collection, i.e. the seven God Warriors, Alcor Bud, Polaris Hilda and the Odin Robe. The fact I couldn't have them all will always leave a sour taste iun my mouth...
13 days ago
More like I just keep adding things to collect LMFAO.
13 days ago
I got into collecting dragonball cards, playing with Saint Seiya action figures and building gundam around age 4 to 19.

Around that time im not really into figures but only as a jealous outsider. Peeking into figures in hobby stores but didn't have the courage to buy a figure of a girl. Around age 21, after i had a taste of it, it is downhill from there.

Stage 1, like collecting anything, whatever caught my attention, doesn't matter if it is a 1/7 Alter, Kotobukiya, GSC or prize figures from sega. I had one small cabinet from ikea and all different scales went there. This grows very quickly

Stage2, there are more series released, like One Piece POP, playarts kai, tony taka's shining series (Kotobukiya or the swimsuit series from max factory). Im then following themes, either a series or from a sculptor.

Stage3, dipping into new territories, like smaller figmas and figuarts. Then discovered bigger Dollfie Dream from Volks.

Stage4, more like looking at the cabinets, making similar scales look good together.

Filling the holes as needed while also applying the Stage2 themes.

Then working life stressed me out. More impulse buys and regret later.
13 days ago
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
When I started I was getting anything and everything EXCEPT nendoroids...
Now I'd say my collection bulk consists of nendoroids lol Oh how far one falls into the custom nendo hollows...
I also started collecting dolls when I thought I wouldn't ever get into them again but I've definitely fallen into a rabbit hole for dolls and doll clothes too :')
I've thankfully gotten a lot pickier about my stuff and try to only collect scales and big figures that I REALLY REALLY want and am working on getting rid of old stuff I don't display anymore. I also have plans to only keep what is able to be displayed with a feeeeeew exceptions! I realized I didn't want wall to wall full shelves of stuff or just to collect lots of stuff, I just want a few things that I really really like :)
EDIT: BTW, I also love Parfom and I REALLY HOPE they do not go away! I'm seriously hoping they continue their original doll line at least!!!
13 days ago
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