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lyss_lyss_9 days ago
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Hello guys, here we have the hatsune miku 2.0 nendoroid! After years of wanting to buy it but not doing it I finally bought it! My collection didnt feel like a real collection without her haha.
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I was so happy to find this figure on amiami for a reasonable price, shes usually sold so overpriced >.< guess it's because she has so many pieces. Her parts were difficult to pull apart, I almost hurt myself while pulling her twintail off, so yeah it took some time to pose her lol

I really like all of the accessories she comes with, which were based off of project mirai, a rhythm game that was available for the nintendo 3ds based off of the vocaloid nendoroids. I also like the fact they included, not one, but two leeks! The first one was given only one leek, so it was nice to see her given one more. I'm a little disappointed they didnt include a updated hachune face, but the meme was basically dead so I understand why they wouldnt include one.

Now I can FINALLY display her with miku 1.0!

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Now which do I personally prefer? To tell you the truth, i feel a bit drawn to 1.0 because of the nostalgia it brings me. The vocaloid nendoroids were my introduction to vocaloid/anime figures when I was 11. I knew nothing about figure collecting and thought they were toys, so I obviously found them appealing. I wanted them soooo bad but I was too afraid to ask. 11 year old me would be proud of present day me now that I have these "toys" lol
I also really enjoy the classic nendoroid look it has. It gives off more of a original hatsune miku vibe than 2.0, but then again it's an outdated look and it needed an update.

Well I'm hoping that we see an update to the other vocaloid nendoroids someday. Byee.
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Ah yes 2.0, the essential Miku imo.
9 days ago
barbie diva of despair!
Haha I adore all the Mikus surrounding the Junko figure
9 days ago
Ahhh she looks so excited!! Gives you energy just by looking at her
9 days ago
A nendoroid from the time they were cheap and had a lot of accessories.. she's a cute one :)
9 days ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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