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  • congrats!
    8 days ago
    Congrats on the grail! This makes me want to write an article on a grail of mine I was finally able to get, but alas, it will have to wait until the new year.
    10 days ago
    Congrats on your grail!! The card looks like it's in such a great condition. I hope you have a card protector or something to keep it in that pristine condition <3

    Congrats again!!
    10 days ago
    congratulations!! you took an amazing photo of it with the BEWD figure, too!!
    11 days ago
    Congrats on your grail! I only collected cards right at the beginning, so I have the super old one, but the extra shiny colors look really cool on this!
    11 days ago
    Awesome, congratulations!
    11 days ago
    Congrats! ^.^
    12 days ago
    Congrats! DDS is the best BEWD. It's great that you got a good deal on it now, before it gets even more scarce.
    12 days ago
    Cool! That is both a cool looking statue and card.
    12 days ago
    solluxcaptor12 days ago#86908934That's an amazing story!! Unfortunately I didn't know anyone who liked collecting cards growing up, although my collection was Pokemon at that time. I've double sleeved it and I'll be putting it in a protective case!
    Hehe thank you, Winged Kuriboh is one of my favourite non-Kaiba related cards! Good choice.
    SuperJetStar12 days ago#86909006Awesome! I collected Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! as a child in elementary school (I'm an OG collector from both franchises) so I can relate (and know) the joy of getting a super rare card.
    Seeing this version/art of Blue-Eyes is very nostalgic to me for a very special reason.
    When I went to school, everyone started with Pokemon, then switched to Yu-Gi-Oh! as they got older (because the cards looked way cooler and made you feel more grown-up) The switch happened pretty fast so I was the last kid without any Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
    That is until my best friend gave me a pack of cards for my birthday.
    The very first card in that pack? Blue-Eyes White Dragon himself! My very first card was a Blue-Eyes. One of the luckiest moments of my life.
    I didn't realize how lucky I was to get him at the time since I didn't know much about the cards or the series. All I knew is that he looked super cool (still my favorite card) and that it was very valuable so I was very protective of it and swore never to trade it (which I never did).
    Also related but the kids at my school would always claim that all First Edition cards (or any card with the gold square in the corner) were fake (none of them were) and I was the only one who didn't quite trust that claim. "Are these cards really fake? "First Edition" sounds special to me" Is what I thought at the time.
    Those claims paid off though because I was able to get a "fake" Blue-Eyes by trading a much worse "real" card. A First Edition Blue-Eyes for a random 5 Star monster card was the best trade I ever made.
    Later on a kid had 3 Blue-Eyes that everyone was jealous of but I saw that they were clearly fake based on the back of the card (the swirl was different than the official cards and didn't have Konami printed anywhere) Eventually he didn't want them anymore and gave them to me. I then went around boasting how I had "5" Blue-Eyes even though 3 were fake. One kid knew they were fake but no one would believe them much to my benefit.
    Sometime after that, around when GX began, everyone quit collecting them. I was the last one to stop simply because there was no one else left to play/trade with. Never went back to collecting cards, but I did play some of the games years later to relive some of those memories.
    I was never able to get a third legit Blue-Eyes to complete the trio and make Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon but I did get Toon-Eyes Blue Dragon which was the next best thing.
    That's my story/history with Yu-Gi-Oh! and Blue-Eyes. Bit of a long read, but it's a good read.
    Enjoy your prize/grail/trophy! That card is a masterpiece!

    What?! Dang, back in my day everyone I knew was collecting pokemon cards!

    @SuperJetStar Your story is so familiar to mine!!! Ah, those were the days weren't they? I even got the original Charizard with a card that was worth waaaaay less xS
    12 days ago
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