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AOS-AOS-5 months ago

Quality is superb, as far as I can tell. Someone who has been through more figures than I have can tell you for certain, but it's definitely no prize-level figure. I feel the price was rather pricey for the weight of plastic we get, but TOM had a 60% cash back on that during the preorder period! I'd be a fool to say "no" to that.



Here are the details (one potentially risque photo, so this is a just-in-case-NSFW warning):
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Sadly although she poses very similarly to the famous Momohime, in my eyes, I have not been able to find more than a handful of angles which she shoots well from. I think this has largely to do with the exact arrangement of her legs and arms, where certain angles make the whole figure look flat and uninteresting due to all the horizontal elements being obscured. But this also means that there are angles where the entire pose excels immensely, such as the front-view as advertised in the product photo (It sold me on it immediately).

Side profile crop which I still can't decide on which I like most:
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I don't have a picture of the box, but it's like any typical figure box with printed cardboard and a single plastic window. However it also has a front flap that shields the window from scratches, and stays closed with a hook and loop patch. This is handy if you're a stacker and need rigid boxes on the bottom.

On a final note, though I don't know Yae's actual height, she seems rather tall for a 1/8 scale. Honestly feels like a 1/7, when placed beside Shiki.

Any one feel this way?
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homii965 months ago#87486589absolutely gorgeous, i hope we get some genshin ones soon ;;

It's so hot right now someone would be a fool to pass on it. Heck, we even have Good Smile dabbling in Arknights. I would be really surprised if they don't pick some of the hotter characters.
5 months ago
absolutely gorgeous, i hope we get some genshin ones soon ;;
5 months ago
Exactly what I thought too when I saw that pose. It's Momohime's pose.
5 months ago
sheabun5 months ago#87461208Ahhh she looks amazing in your photos (人◕ω◕) Im still hesitating if I should get her but she looks really good up close!

I think most people went and bought the Qipao version, because who the heck doesn't want an immortalized picture of that, but this one isn't bad either. I admit I didn't even know who Yae was before I PO'd it, and definitely didn't know this outfit was not her original design... but I guess that goes to show I buy for the product and not the character (with the exception of two items).

If you do decide on her, hopefully the previous owner has her leg supported because I think this skinny leg of hers will warp over time.... even if there isn't much weight on top.

freshringo5 months ago#87420181Ahh, you're making me regret passing on her!
Really lovely photos. She looks especially beautiful from the side.

Which side is the "side" you're referring to? lol
5 months ago
Ahhh she looks amazing in your photos (人◕ω◕) Im still hesitating if I should get her but she looks really good up close!
5 months ago
Gorgeous photos!!
5 months ago
Ahh, you're making me regret passing on her!

Really lovely photos. She looks especially beautiful from the side.
5 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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