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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari11 days ago
Well today was starting off as a good day till some ass on Facebook Marketplace messed up the day being an impatient person sending payment for an item through Facebook Marketplace [which we don't use the Facebook Marketplace Payment Feature] and I'm about ready to finish with doing any sort of sales and it's gotten to where my patience is almost all but gone for dealing with folks.

This idiot came up wanting an item and before there was even a shipping quote paid using the facebook market place and since we can't accept that funding source here it's gotten to where that idiot is reporting the sale page and it's buyers like this that assume and are impatient and just rude that make me despise doing online sales.

Plus this reeks of an attempt to scam me so that's another thing that's pissed me off.

My mind's energy for dealing with a lot of things is gone right now and it's days like this that make me want to scream.

Not sure what to do at this point but hopefully Facebook can sort things out but this just makes me very angry.

I don't like using Facebook to sell things but it's worked great for what I'm selling on my Mother's page and now I'm at a point I want to quit doing a lot of things online.

I'm Ready to pack it in folks, getting to where it's stressful to do sales especially if it's not a local sale and that's what our Facebook sale page is for and normally don't do a lot of shipping unless it's return customers.

Selling isn't that fun these days and makes me wonder how many of you have to deal with these types of frustrations when you do sales online.

-This is another one of the main reasons why I don't want to bother with doing a lot of collecting this year or do a lot of cleaning out so once the latest round of new additions get in I think that may be it for a good long while.

-Now that Buyer has gotten rude and insulting and it's getting to where I really don't want anything do with doing anymore sales once this whole thing gets resolved,pretty much done with putting things on Facebook Marketplace.

-Situation with payment resolved, it went to my Sister's Debit Card of all things and got the Money and that Item was shipped today but this is that perfect example of how it's always a risk of dealing with a rude asshole of a buyer on Facebook....you can have perfect customers for years with no problems then this type of ass comes along and makes your blood pressure go up.

-Now dealing with a problem of the UPS Tracking Number, this is making me want to quit bothering with shipping things all together so good thing I'm finished with doing my sales on Facebook Marketplace right now.

-Impatient Buyer saying a problem with the Tracking Number, it hasn't shown up in UPS's System Yet! Gahhh people like this are mentally draining to deal with.

This is another main reason why I'm getting out of being active with collecting since 90% of the time the hobby pays for itself at times with doing some quick and fairly easy sales and coupling those sales with my normal budget for the month allows me to pick up a lot of things during the month's time [It's basically getting extra $$$$ from cleaning out, turning that clutter into cash that could be used for something rare or something one really wants for the collection that's how I've always done this but now my energy for it's drained]

I will end up packing away things I don't really want till I get the energy to sell them.

How many frustrations do you deal with when you do sales?
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I hate selling, it's such a hassle to deal with potential buyers and all sorts of issues.

On the bright side, I do buy less stuff because I don't want to have to sell it.
9 days ago
Hi, I would like a set of two please
10 days ago
tbh, it's better close FB page to save you stressful. I'm sorry for this rude buyer (hello? I mean it may holiday mails is slow and covid so too.) is too impatient.
10 days ago
Kinomoto-chan11 days ago#89749562Omg yes, people asking for a discount basically after you say " hello" ,then they proceed to disappear from the face of the earth, probably after a lot of questions, like :can you send me more pictures?, is this item new?, what was the name of your grandmother? I mean why would you do that? If you don´t have enough money please stop.

Yes, it's driving one crazy. Some people don't have better things to do with their time or don't seem to be average intelligent...
Reducing the prize a little bit is okay. But a lot is a joke.
Some people do not seem to read descriptions carefully...
10 days ago
Better to stick with local sellers as I did that with video games and had no problem doing so
Though sounds very frustrating I hope you don’t have to deal with someone like that again
And I feel the same way I could seriously give zero fucks about plastics figurines now and I guess that’s covid’s fault
10 days ago
My biggest frustrations aside from people being pushy or ghosting me would be people lowballing me. I think my prices are reasonable, I only sell the figures I don’t want and I don’t order with the intention of reselling. I take care of all of them. Since most of my figures do not have boxes, I offer their original prices if the figure has gone up in value. Less if the figure isn’t worth much. But I would get people that would send such crappy offers that I turned off the “or best offer” option from my listing.
10 days ago
I eliminated Local Pickup from my eBay platform a few years ago after encountering a buyer from zipcode 981xx who wanted that option for shipping on an auction sale where I was already at a $20 loss from my loss leader (no buyers, just this individual). Since I reside in zipcode 652xx I knew of no carrier who would ship 2 lbs free.

I've been on eBay as a seller since 2005 and this was the 1st encounter I had experienced where someone did not understand the concept of Local P/U...or was this just a ploy for free shipping? Had I made any money on the sale I would've blown it off, mailed item at my expense, blocked buyer after determination of item sale condition after delivery.

Since he prepaid before I could send invoice I emailed, congratulated him on ability to visit my hometown county, state while enroute to ultimate vacation destination wherever that happened to be. I then proceeded to post my home GPS coordinates, phone number, recommendation calling 12 hours in advance so we could meet at a pre-arranged location to make the proper exchange: your signature on my ebay invoice showing "Received in Excellent Condition, as described" after physical hand over of sale and inspection of goods by him. However, if I don't hear from you in 3 weeks' time I'll consider the sale Null & Void and refund your money in full. Or, I can Paypal invoice to you for cost of shipping. What say you?

Duh, I have to pay for shipping? Sir, Local P/U is my hometown, county, 20-mile radius from downtown Columbia, MO. It's not extended to Seattle, WA, both Coasts, provinces of Canada. Long story shorter: I got my $9 for shipping. Withheld feedback until he left his first. He left positive fb with mentioned reservations. I left positive fb stating thanks for 9$ shipping 981xx from 652xx which is not local p/u. Now on blocked list forever.

FB, MFC: don't use these platforms account too many ghosts. Not crazy about eBay but their platform protects both buyers-sellers, handles sales tax collection chores painlessly, updates labeling software, provides a venue for communication / settlements between buyer-seller in event of problems encountered when something goes awry.

Have the same gripes, great experiences as you all have stated previously. -_^
10 days ago
I stopped selling most things on Facebook for this reason. I had similar experiences with people being so pushy and frankly acting rather scammy.

Fortunately, the only issue I've had selling on MFC is that I've had people ghost on me and not respond to their messages.
10 days ago
Dialga10 days ago#89794764Sorry you have to deal with such a rude seller! This is why I avoid selling things on facebook in general, you either get scammed or the buyer is terrible.
I now sell on reddit or trademe (NZ version of eBay). People are always much more pleasant to do business with there.

The kicker here to me is that this is the last item I had up for sale and figures that after having lots of pleasant and great buyers the last thing I sell ends up being to a very rude buyer.

Kinda happy I don't really need to sell anything else for a while but when things continue to pile up I may eventually have to start selling again so good thing this is helping me to slow with collecting.
10 days ago
Sorry you have to deal with such a rude seller! This is why I avoid selling things on facebook in general, you either get scammed or the buyer is terrible.
I now sell on reddit or trademe (NZ version of eBay). People are always much more pleasant to do business with there.
10 days ago
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