Maakie's Collection #13 Mecha Musume Figumate + Saga of TanyaMaakie's Collection #13 Mecha Musume Figumate + Saga of TanyaReview

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Hello MFC! And welcome to another blog in my collection series! These blogs cover figures from my collection that have been in storage for a long time due to my emigration. I also use this as an opportunity to practice with my new camera and also appreciate the items I have been owning for a longer time!

The figures we are going to look at today:

- Mecha Musume Figumate ENTRY #25240 complete set, consisting of:
x Ms-462 ITEM #9394
x Ms-462 Secret ver. ITEM #278351
x S3AG Tank Girl ITEM #9417
x S3AG Tank Girl Secret ver. ITEM #278349
x Shinden ITEM #9415
x Shinden Secret ver. ITEM #278350
x P-60 ITEM #9418
x Valentine ITEM #9416
- Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff - Nendoroid (#784) (Good Smile Company) ITEM #549364
- Strike Witches 2 - High Grade Figure by SEGA:
x Luciana Mazzei ITEM #143328
x Takei Junko ITEM #152582


Mecha Musume Figumate ENTRY #25240 complete set

I bought the full set of the Mecha Musume Figumate about 5 years ago as part of this big proxy loot BLOG #20246 . I was happy to see the set came in the original store display packaging! This is my first time unboxing them as I have moved to a lot of different places in the last years and never really had the chance to display them before.




The box design is very cute!



There are 8 designs in total, of which 5 are different sculpts and 3 are color variations. The color variations are more rare to appear if you would buy a randomized box.


Here is all of them, ready to get assembled!


Ms-462 ITEM #9394



I decided to not assemble my duplicate of this figure as I earlier came across my other copy of it and covered her here: BLOG #47226 .


Ms-462 Secret ver. ITEM #278351


My repaint of Ms-462 has a bit of trouble with keeping her right arm up. The figure overall is so cute though, I love the glasses!


The colors on her ears are so nice!



S3AG Tank Girl ITEM #9417


I also really love the 'big' ITEM #7237 version of this figure, but the blushes all these Figumates have are so cute!


It's great how all the small details are there!


S3AG Tank Girl Secret ver. ITEM #278349


Just like her bigger trading figure, this one also has a camo version, which is looking better in my opinion!



Shinden ITEM #9415


Chibi Shinden is so cute as well!

With my specific copy of this figure I had to assemble her left arm a bit odd so that she was able to hold her plane.




Shinden Secret ver. ITEM #278350




The amount of flaws on these older trading figures is incredibly low! It's hard to believe they are 13 years old!


P-60 ITEM #9418


I have a similar 'plane holding arm' issue with P-60, but overall the figure looks so good! When displayed normally the arm is not that visible.




Lots of tiny details on the gun!


Valentine ITEM #9416


Last, but certainly not least, mini Valentine!




I'm loving the tiny details as with all of these Figumate! They are a cute addition to your collection if you're a Mecha Musume fan and prefer a cute style over the more realistic other trading figures available.


Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff - Nendoroid (#784) (Good Smile Company) ITEM #549364

Some quick shots of my favorite way to pose my Tanya Nendoroid!




Can't say no to that face, right?


Strike Witches 2 - High Grade Figure by SEGA:

Luciana Mazzei ITEM #143328

Takei Junko ITEM #152582


Although not officially a set of 2, I thought these looked very nice on display together with their almost mirrored pose.


As with most SEGA prize figures, there is quite some assembly to do for them!


So cool!



I would put both of them on 'average' for prize figure standards.




And to finish it!


Here is how I have decided for now to display the Mecha Musume Figumate, they will get rearranged once I have unboxed more Mecha Musume items from my collection.


The start of my Tanya shelf! Although I have been thinking (as my Tanya collection isn't huge), to maybe make this a more general 'army girls'/'girls in uniform' shelf.


Little creep.


Let's take a look at the current state of my figure room!



I have now set up two more detolfs on the side-wall I am building (which is probably going to get 4 in total). As I unpack more, these will get more full!

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next blog will be a figure review!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, you could also check my other ones when interested! As promised, for every new blog I would fix the image hosting of an older blog. As I have been reviewing so much Mecha Musume items, I decided to fix up an older review of mine covering one of the more rare scaled ones:
Mecha Musume - 5shikisen (Toranoana): BLOG #16332
If you also have any you would like me to fix, let me know!

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All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used can be found here: profile/Maakie/... .

Thank you for reading this blog!

And if you like my blogs and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe here on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


See you next time!
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victorviper5 months ago#89992465It's too bad that Konami has (I think) all but gotten out of the figure business. I don't have a lot of prize figures, but I do have some of their Figumates, and I like the slighly-SD designs. They seem a little better made than the typical prize figure, too.

You got me interested to research it and yes, it seems that since 2014 they have not manufactured any figure themselves anymore. They were a pretty big player at least in the trading figure market in the 2000's and although I never purchased them myself, I also regularly saw action figures from them.

Figumate always feel to me like an improved Pinky:st ENTRY #23359 , they have almost the same style, but Figumate their material quality is better and the cuteness is higher.
5 months ago
It's too bad that Konami has (I think) all but gotten out of the figure business. I don't have a lot of prize figures, but I do have some of their Figumates, and I like the slighly-SD designs. They seem a little better made than the typical prize figure, too.
5 months ago
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