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Which figure company?Which figure company?

iced_wineiced_wine6 years agoAsk MFC
In terms of paint job, sculpt quality, and attention to detail, how do , GSC, Alter, Kotobukiya, Bandai, Griffon Enterprises, Max Factory, Megahouse, Movic, and/or any other major figure company out there, compare against each other?

I have mainly been getting figures from Alter and Kotobukiya, but with the recent release of two Griffon Enterprises figures that I found interesting, I'm curious to know how figure companies stack against each other.

All comments and info appreciated~!
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Skabobbin (1 year ago) #19007857Good Smile has the most gorgeous boxes though. The scale figures always come with an actual illustration on the side and it makes it just as much of a display as the figure itself. 100% FACTS. I collect figures for the boxes as well. Mainly because I don't have room to display them. And it's satisfying to see GSC's boxes to say the least. Of course, their figures are top notch as well. Just gets delayed too often. (Not bad at all in regard to POs)
6 months ago
Any thoughts on Flare? I just got Rei Ayanami (the Bishoujo Shunya Yamashita version)and I absolutely love her! I think the colors, the face and body sculpting look very nice... but I'm not too impressed with the hair. It's not as deteailed as I thought it would be. But then, Rei has very short hair... or is it a "general" flaw on most of Flare figures?
1 year ago
Good Smile has the most gorgeous boxes though. The scale figures always come with an actual illustration on the side and it makes it just as much of a display as the figure itself.
1 year ago
Anyone have opinoin of Seaga?
2 years ago
wheels531 (3 years ago) #2820880Anyone have an opinion on Broccoli?

never had a broccoli figure, not sure about their quality.

you might want to check other blog entries on figure manufacturer comparison, i think i've seen Broccoli mentioned in a few places before.
3 years ago
Anyone have an opinion on Broccoli?
3 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
Ok, here's my thoughts!

Alter has the best quality overall. Great at coloring, sculpting and CQ, every figure I got from them is virtually flawless! They tend to make characters really accurate to their anime counterparts.

GoodSmile Company has softer color palletes and cuter items, maybe it's nendoroid influence lol. Their prices are usually lower than Alter's, but lately it seems they are overcharging a bit? THey use softer coloring, and have great quality. They aren't as precise with detail as Alter or Max Factory in my experience, but it's not that much of a difference. Their work is worth the price.

Max Factory is, product-wise, a mixture of GSC and Alter. It has Alter's quality with GoodSmile's softer coloring. I really really reeeaaallly like their work. Could easily be from my favorite manufacturers. My figures from them are completely flawless!

Bandai... Bandai means gashapons in my book. They have some figures, yeah, but I'm not into mechas so I don't usually buy from them.

Kotobukiya will always have a special place in my heart. Their prices are quite more accesible than GSC's, Alter's or Max Factory's, but they make the CUTEST girls! They deviate with chara design occassionally, but they make SUCH CUTE GIRLS. There are usually some CQ issues with both coloring and sculpting BUT THEY MAKE THE CUTEST GIRRRRLSSSSS. I love them to bits.

Griffon is a company I never bought from, because A: Their figures look like if they'd been shaded with the burn tool in photoshop. B: Their promotional pics look REALLY different from finished products. C: Awkward face sculpts. D: Their bases are UNNECESSARILY HUGE. Their work isn't worth the price imo. I alllmooost fell for their Misaki Mei while she wasn't painted, but I know I don't want her now. I won't risk a terrible fiasco like with Isurugi Mio. That one was an utter disaster, so glad I cancelled her. Oh, and they butchered each of their POP illustration-based figures. Ugly to no end.

Megahouse is quite the bishounen company if you ask me. I only own their Lelouch, the re-edition, and I LOVE HIM. They are quite intricate with details and they stick to the characters. They don't make that many lolis and thus I can't really talk about my experience with them particularly, since I only own one figure;; Their P.O.Ps are quite popular though!

WAVE and their BQ line is quite accessible, and worth it imo. Many of the BEach queens have terrible skin issues, and awkward sculpting, but the ones I own are completely lovely, particularly Astarotte. She's highly detailed for her size! Wouldn't buy anything bigger than 1/10 from them though, since it looks lacking.

Annddddd I can't think of anyone else right now. There's Banpresto, Taito and SEGA, mainly price figures. Quality wise, it would be BANPRESTO - SEGA - Taito, but you never know!
6 years ago
Generally I've found that Alter has the highest quality. I'd rank Megahouse (whose quality seems to be on the rise), GSC, and Max Factory on the next tier. Koto also seems to be on the rise. Their figures from 2-3 years ago are definitely a step below Alter, GSC, and Max Factory, but their newer stuff is pretty close in terms of quality. Also, they tend to do a pretty good job with larger-scale (1/6 and above) scale figures.
6 years ago
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
I haven't gotten an Alter figure yet (though I will this month), so for now I'm going to say Max Factory and GSC are my favorites. MF for their scaled figures, GSC for their Nendoroids.
6 years ago
EKing The Ecchi King
Alter > GSC (ALL Respected Brands) > Kotobukiya > Alpha Max > Wave > Banpresto > Griffon

It's pretty close between GSC and Kotobukiya for me...
6 years ago
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