3 Months of Loot: Oct-Dec (+ ANOTHER GRAIL!!)3 Months of Loot: Oct-Dec (+ ANOTHER GRAIL!!)Loot

dandybabydandybaby1 month ago
Hey everyone!

Time for my final loot of the dumpster fire of a year that was 2020. Thankfully, things ended on a high note, with another grail joining my collection!

Note: You can right click and open the images in a new tab to view at full resolution.

January-March loot here: BLOG #45294
April-June loot here: BLOG #45976
July-September loot here: BLOG #46732

First arrivals this month, a couple of older Nendos: Galko and Tatara.

I was stoked to find a B-ranked Galko (that was in remarkably good condition) for a very reasonable ¥6k. One look at her item page shows me Solaris are asking almost ¥17k for her... haha GTFO.

ITEM #396882
Tatara was an impulse buy when I saw how cheap he was on Mandarake. I wish he'd come with an alternate head with the slicked back hairstyle he sports while dancing. White Tie formal wear and that scruffy broom hair of his looks downright wrong. Yuri Katsuki's hair works really well, except for the stray piece in the front.

ITEM #604389
Not gonna lie tho, one of the reasons why I got him was because of that snazzy tailcoat. Now I can do stupid shit like this:


Next up, Daichi! I'm so thrilled to have him, he was the very last Karasuno one I wanted and I'd been searching for ages. When GSC started re-releasing the Haikyuu Nendos, I was hopeful Daichi would be among them. No such luck, when they published the list, he wasn't part of it.

https://i.ibb.co/F8yNsy3/daichi.jpgSuga is very happy to see his BFF!ITEM #543579
I was going to use this 'action shot' of Daichi for the collage above, until I went to edit it later and was like "OH GOD, HIS ARM!!" I dunno why I never notice these things when taking the photos... lmao.

On to October's Hobby Search order...


If you asked who my anime best girl was, I'd say Misaka. She's the only female character in my collection that I have more than one figure of. I had planned to get her Nendo at some point, but it was non-urgent so I put the idea on hold. When the re-release was announced, I wasn't gonna pass up the opportunity to get a brand spanking new one.

On the subject of best girls, Filo is totes best birb. When her coloured prototype was revealed, I read a lot of comments saying she looked weird, or not as cute as the illustration was. I dunno what those people were taking about, because she's STINKIN' ADORABLE.

Zenitsu is one of those 'love him or hate him' kind of characters. Personally, while he isn't my favourite Demon Slayer character, I do have a lot of appreciation for him. When he's not being a wimp or freaking out over something, he has some seriously badass moments. I really like how his Nendo turned out, even if his hair does look like a mop, heh.

ITEM #144291 / ITEM #931669 / ITEM #872613
That face plate is too damn funny. I've changed it to the neutral one now, but I just had to have the freak-out one while he was flanked by cute girls.

I decided on a whim that I was gonna get the HxH Nendos. Several of the hobby shops had stock of one or two of these boys, but not all three. I so happened to find a shop that had all three listed as in stock, so I ordered them. That was in late August.


Fast-forward to early November, and I was still waiting for my order to be shipped. In the end, I cancelled it. Even with the current global situation, I don't think it should take 10+ weeks to ship three figures that are supposedly 'in stock'. I ended up getting Gon and Kurapika from AmiAmi and Killua from Mandarake. Totally done with that aforementioned shop.

ITEM #789761 / ITEM #789760 / ITEM #789762
I added this Rikka figure to my alerts on Manda forever ago, but never expected to see her to pop up. When I got an email late one night, I pounced! For a prize figure, she looks pretty awesome. Some sloppy paint up close, but that's to be expected. A super cool feature of this figure: the base glows in the dark!

ITEM #198590
I needed another clear file holder, but I had no open AmiAmi orders and it felt pointless to make an order just for that... so I added some clear files to go along with it, heh. This is the extent of my file haul this quarter, rather pitiful compared to last quarter's mega haul! I also got these little AmiAmi-exclusive Hypnosis Mic mini towels. At this point I'm still trying to decide where to put them and how to hang them without damaging them.

ITEM #950274 / ITEM #1043789 / ITEM #1019956 / ITEM #1032867 / ITEM #1032868
ITEM #1039148 / ITEM #720699 / ITEM #720702 / ITEM #720705 / ITEM #720703

Next up, November's Hobby Search order.

ITEM #872683 / ITEM #931670
Holy shitballs, were these Mista Nendoroids painted in the dark? I mean, I love him... but quality control really dropped the ball on this one. If I'm thankful for anything, it's that my one is at least somewhat less untidy than the one my brother received.

This is a weird thing to gush over, but assembling Inosuke was an absolute dream. Most sword-wielders try my patience, but they snap into his hands so easy and he doesn't drop them at the slightest bump. Also, when I popped the peg off the end of the stand arm and stuck it in his back... it was the. perfect. fit. View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/PrHQbzJ/feelsgood.jpg

If only all Nendos were that satisfying to put together.

Now that he's joined the crew, my Demon Slayer Nendo collection is finally complete. As much as I like Giyu, I'm not going to go down the rabbit hole of collecting all the Hashira as well; I don't have the space.

I had a fun little idea using Mista and Daichi. Here's what I imagine Mista might look like without his hat:


It suits him pretty well, I'd say! I did try some of my other black-haired Nendos hair styles on him, but none worked quite like that one.

I had a pretty lousy day this year. Thankfully, I got some rad gifts to make up for it.

First up, I got some BL titles on bluray. My brother did good; very, very good. I also got these awesome HxH mugs and Mob Psycho plushies. I can't begin to describe how soft the Dimple plushie is... it's like a squishy cloud.

ITEM #1043271 / ITEM #1043272 / ITEM #1012544 / ITEM #1012543
This is the first time I've splurged and bought an anime calendar. I've always been put off due to the price, I didn't want to pay $40-ish (shipped) for a calendar when I could pick up a basic calendar that does the job for $5. It was surprisingly hard to choose one because there were dozens that I liked. I narrowed it down to JoJo (no surprises there) and Iruma-kun, and ultimately went with the latter because I have less Iruma merch.

ITEM #1068602
Holy moly, this thing is huge. Like, I saw the dimensions... but visualising them versus seeing an A2-sized calendar in person is a different story.

Lastly, my final Hobby Search order of the year - which arrived right at the very end of the month. Had I not upgraded to DHL, I'd probably still be waiting for it.

ITEM #890492 / ITEM #598735
It was kind of a bummer that Johnny got delayed to this month, but I was half expecting that to happen anyway. Dino boy is super cool, nice clean paint work too; but damn he has the loosest joints of any of my JoJo SAS; his neck and hip joints flop about like nobody's business.

I'm happy to have Shirogane, he's such a cutie... those cat ears! I love the black packaging and the Student Council room print on the box insert. However, I'm really quite disappointed in these Toytec Nendoroids. While I don't yet own Kaguya (I missed the pre-order window, but I have her ordered from a local retailer) I did assemble my brother's Kaguya for him, and both her and Shirogane's heads quite literally lift off, almost no effort required! It's like the neck joint peg is too small for the hole. Shirogane has tiny black specks on his face as well. To top it off, the selection of accessories they come with is laughable.

My fave HxH character by far is Hisoka. I was immediately smitten with him when I began watching the series. He possesses so many of the qualities I love in a villain and his delightfully creepy voice in the 2011 dub is the icing on the cake.

Like most late-comers to a series (we've all been there) my despair was real when I discovered Megahouse had released a figure of him way back in 2012, which was now scarce as hens teeth. Most sellers were asking in the region of ¥45k to well over ¥100k. I exhausted all my options trying to find him. I could've paid ¥41k, which the cheapest I could find at the time - but I didn't want to if I could help it. I set up alerts on Mandarake and Buyfriend, and hoped it wouldn't be another case of perpetual waiting (like with Yato) or constant missed opportunities (like with RAH Josuke).

My reluctance to jump at the first one available was rewarded in early December; I managed to snag him for a slightly more reasonable price from a private seller. He is STUNNING and totally worth every cent. The attention to detail is next level. No regrets whatsoever.

ITEM #109881
Ah, he photographs so beautifully... doesn't have a single bad angle. (°◡°♥)

His base unfortunately has some light scratching, and the plastic appears to have crazing when you view it at a certain angle. It's particularly apparent under LED lighting. I don't know if its an age-related defect or whether it's meant to be like that.

I hate the official databook spelling of his name tho... 'Hyskoa'.
I mean, I could understand if the K and O were the other way around, but... UGH.

There were a few more items I was really hoping to include in this loot - in particular, the figures I bought myself for Christmas. Unfortunately, with Xmas delays on top of Covid delays, those packages haven't yet arrived. I held off publishing this loot for an extra 2 weeks just in case, but no... they're still in limbo somewhere.

That's all for the 2020 edition! Next loot late March / early-mid April.

~ dandy ( ・ω・)ノ
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StupidDinosaur1 month ago#90219821snipHaha, that's so rad! I must say, you have excellent taste in anime. Plus your HxH poster and the Ouran piece are next level! I've thought of trying out digital myself, but there's something oddly satisfying about scritching away with markers and pencils. (˘⌣˘)
1 month ago
Ahhh I love your haul!! It’s actually so funny bc I totally did the same thing with magazine cover Hisoka lol. I’m a digital artist, and I drew Hisoka for that vogue challenge that floated around a while ago!

1 month ago
dandybaby1 month ago#90176751Yeah and the QC issues lately are putting me off. Plus, I suffer from teeny weeny room syndrome. I calculated that between the 8 Nendos I have, the 3 on pre-order and the two I definitely want (Jonathan / Polnareff) I'll have space for approx 11 more JoJo Nendos beyond that... and that's it. I have to be brutal.
I'd love more RAHs (especially Gyro and SO Jotaro) but it's not looking likely. Not just the lack of space, but Jotaro costs approximately two legs, one arm and a kidney. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Let's just hope the QC issues get resolved this year. Especially since Caesar, Joseph, and PolPol are expected to come out in 2021 and I will rage if they have QC problems like the last few nendos (not my baby bois!)

Oof. I'm reaching that point as well. Decisions decisions.

Gyro thankfully is affordable but SO Jotaro... I also wanted to get him but when I found out he only goes for ABOVE 1,000 USD I knew that that was never gonna happen....TT Absolutely ridiculous pricing..
1 month ago
AcePlatinum1 month ago#90166948snipYeah and the QC issues lately are putting me off. Plus, I suffer from teeny weeny room syndrome. I calculated that between the 8 Nendos I have, the 3 on pre-order and the two I definitely want (Jonathan / Polnareff) I'll have space for approx 11 more JoJo Nendos beyond that... and that's it. I have to be brutal.

I'd love more RAHs (especially Gyro and SO Jotaro) but it's not looking likely. Not just the lack of space, but Jotaro costs approximately two legs, one arm and a kidney. (ಥ﹏ಥ)
1 month ago
dandybaby1 month ago#90166973Ugh, I know. He now comes in at 2nd most expensive figure in my collection.
Ouch yeah would rather spend it on another figure sorry hisokaaaaa
1 month ago
SebastianLover1 month ago#90155005snipHe does, he really does! Dapper, yet threatening... lmao

Aw thanks, that's so nice of you to say. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

OMG yes, when I received mine I thought it was a bootleg too! I had to Google photos of the box to make sure. Until that point, I had no idea his name was spelled differently in the databook. It's like Chrollo being 'Quwrof' - it sounds like a dog barking or something. Togashi is such a troll... haha.
1 month ago
Rikoei1 month ago#90154782snip Ugh, I know. He now comes in at 2nd most expensive figure in my collection.
1 month ago
dandybaby1 month ago#90166403Thanks!
Yeah, it probably would. I'm still undecided whether I'll get the Pt.1 Dio Nendo when he goes up for pre-order. Gonna see how he turns out first.
Oh my god yes, I really hope Toytec don't butcher the Fruits Basket Nendos. I'd love some decent Furuba figures and I wasn't particularly impressed with the recent Koto releases.
I got Josuke, you can find the tale of tragedy and triumph in my Jan-Mar loot!

I will definitely get Dio no matter what but I can understand being a bit reserved for his nendo since lately it seems GSC has been skimping out on important key accessory pieces (Abbachio, Prosciutto for example).

Same feeling! Let's hope they dont butcher this IP OTL

Oh heck yah! Awesome! I know how hard and expensive he is to find so congrats on that! :D will you get any other RAHs?
1 month ago
Yahallo1 month ago#90154680snipThank youuuu!

I found Rikka's base doesn't really glow on its own, it has to be exposed to a strong light source first. I placed a torch on top of it for a couple of minutes in order to get it to glow like that.

Haha yes, I knew which clear file you'd like best! (°◡°♡)
1 month ago
Demigod_Dan1 month ago#90130988snipTell me about it. I don't even consider Solaris any more. Their prices have always been on the high side, but nowadays I'm like "$250 for a Nendoroid? You're having a laugh!" (↼_↼)

And thanks! I love Galko too ♡
1 month ago
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