Maakie's Collection #17 Yu-Gi-Oh! + Kantai + Hideyoshi + MechaMaakie's Collection #17 Yu-Gi-Oh! + Kantai + Hideyoshi + MechaReview

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Hello MFC! And welcome to another blog in my collection series! These blogs cover figures from my collection that have been in storage for a long time due to my emigration. I also use this as an opportunity to practice with my new camera and also appreciate the items I have been owning for a longer time!

The figures we are going to look at today:

- Mecha Musume - MiG-60 - Fine Scenery - 1/9 (Toranoana) ITEM #4716
- Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Yami Malik - ARTFX J - 1/7 (Kotobukiya) ITEM #119377
- Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Kinoshita Hideyoshi - Premium Prize - Chinese Dress Costume (Taito) ITEM #85476
- Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Senkan Re-kyuu - 1/8 (Max Factory) ITEM #235705


Mecha Musume - MiG-60 - Fine Scenery - 1/9 (Toranoana) ITEM #4716

I feel like I have been talking about Mecha Musume so much in these blogs...which is true! It's a huge part of my collection! MiG-60 is another one of the older scaled figures made from this franchise.


MiG probably has the worst face from all the Mecha Musume scaleds, but she does have a very interesting pose and some nice details!


Her transparent shirt is very cool, although the execution is a bit clunky.



I like the line work on all the plane parts.


The hair sculpt is pretty impressive for her age, but overall, I would only recommend this figure to very big Mecha Musume fans.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters - Yami Malik - ARTFX J - 1/7 (Kotobukiya) ITEM #119377

One of my most favorite YGO characters: Malik!


The figure Kotobukiya made of him remains to be so impressive, I love his colors!




10/10 face. It's only unfortunate my copy got some scratches on his black shirt, it's painted in a matte surface that can get easily scratched.


The sculpt of the wrinkles and the shading in the cape remains very cool!



Just like his hair sculpt and paint is super cool as well!


A highly recommended figure for YGO fans!


Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Senkan Re-kyuu - 1/8 (Max Factory) ITEM #235705

And now, to what probably is my most favorite Kantai Collection figure!


So cute, so evil, so high quality!







I love love love the design of her legs and feet! It makes the design a lot more uncanny!




This figure looks even better in a bright light and as the sun was shining very bright during the time I was making these pictures, I decided to take her outdoors for a continuation of this photo shoot!



Her black shiny outfit makes her easily attract dust, unfortunately. However, this amount won't be visible much on a display shelf and also don't let that stop you from getting this awesome figure!

I have to say that I think she sells for surprisingly low compared to what I expected her aftermarket would do. I guess the character is less popular than I expected, personally I had pre-ordered her as I feared the aftermarket for such an awesome design.


Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! - Kinoshita Hideyoshi - Premium Prize - Chinese Dress Costume (Taito) ITEM #85476

According to the database the lowest rated and least traffic Hideyoshi prize figure on this website, so let's take a look at him to maybe find out why?


Well, yeah, he has a simple sculpts and already visible defects from a distance, but...still, it's Hideyoshi in a China dress in a low price range!


My specific copy of this figure always had some white paint scratches on his dress and black scratches on his skin. I never attempted to remove them, so maybe I should try soon.

He has a cute, small blush on his cheeks and I especially like how they sculpted his hair on this figure, the front bangs look so good!


The metallic paint for the serving tray is very shiny!


I like the attempt at covering his back view.

NSFW pantyshot in the spoiler: View spoilerHide spoiler


Hideyoshi wears plain, white panties. Too bad that there isn't a small bulge. They also forgot to paint some parts of the panties, making the straps on the side skin colored.

And to finish it!

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next blog will probably be another entry for this blog type!

I hope you enjoyed this blog, you could also check my other ones when interested! As promised, for every new blog I would fix the image hosting of an older blog. This time I have fixed:
Strike Witches - Miyafuji Yoshika figure - 1/8 scaled by Alter: BLOG #41904
If you also have any you would like me to fix, let me know!

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Thank you for reading this blog!

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See you next time!
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victorviper3 months ago#90911684I hadn't paid too much attention to ITEM #235705 before reading this article, but that's an interesting figure - a little bit cute, a little bit sexy, a little bit grotesque, and all evil.

Oooh! She definitely fits right into your collection! She is absolutely great and unless you are lacking display space, no reason to say no with the price she goes for nowadays! :D
3 months ago
I hadn't paid too much attention to ITEM #235705 before reading this article, but that's an interesting figure - a little bit cute, a little bit sexy, a little bit grotesque, and all evil.
3 months ago
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