Trying to add a sofubi to the db, getting a bit lostTrying to add a sofubi to the db, getting a bit lostAsk MFC

PikoTanPikoTan2 months ago
Long long ago, i came to know of a sofubi figure called "Kao Chan", and fell in love with her. Now that i've gotten into this community i want to add her to the db, but i'm getting a bit lost so i need a bit of help. I'll also note that im new to adding entries, i've only done a few of them so far.

First off, i havent seen many sofubi figures on here, and i realized there isn't a catagory to mark them as sofubi when adding them so what are they typically added as? prepainted or trading? does it matter too much or is either fine?

Second, i also need to add her manufacturer, Sun Guts, as they aren't in the db either. I've never added a manufacturer page before, but Sun Guts actual page is basically dead as it relied on flash player which is now no longer working, so most all the pages on their site are broken or empty. Should i still add the link to Sun Guts page even if its functionally useless or should i add a functioning site with info on her like Sofvi.tokyo even if it isn't technically the manufacturers page?

Third, is just anyone allowed to add Manufacturer pages? If so, how should I go about romanizing the name Sun Guts? their website has it in all lower case sunguts, and for the japanese it is either spelt サンガッツ or 三個字, but ive noticed almost all manufacturers in the db are capitalized and have spaces between the words so should i spell it sunguts or Sun Guts?

Fourth, Kao Chan has quite a few varients of her, but overall the only difference between them all is colour, so would it be appropriate for me to create a page for each variant even if the differences is solely colour? Or should I list the colour variants in the "extra information" section?

Fifth, Should Kao Chan have a character page? if i end up creating a page for each variation would that mean she should get a character page or would it be better to just list her as an original character? I know if i only make one entry for her that listing her as an original character is best.

Sorry if this isn't the place to post this, im still new to the site but im eager to add entries and expand the site. Any help at all is appriciated thanks!
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I was actually looking to add some sofubi the other day but realised there weren't really any on mfc, thank you for adding kao-chan (*ˊᵕˋ*)੭
2 months ago
I don't have anything useful to add, I just wanted to thank you for adding Kao-chan to the database. She's beautiful.
2 months ago
Thanks for the help everyone! I added the four varients i'm aware of, aswell as the artists page and manufacturers. Heres the link to Sunguts new page on here so you guys can see the glorious Kao Chan ( 'v' )

ENTRY #216305

if you guys have anything to add please do, i left them as drafts since i couldnt for the life of me find the prices for any of them
2 months ago
I'm not familiar with the specific item, but...

1: Prepainted is generally scales or other static figures that come fully painted and for the most part fully assembled (unlike Kits). Trading would generally be for for smaller based items that can be won through Gashapon or Blind Boxes. Sofubi would likely be used for the materials field of the page and wouldn't be a proper category.

2: I'd still go with the original link personally as it's still the proper one for the manufacturer, even if it's dead

3: Yes, if necessary. I've added Classification pages in the past myself. There should be ways to have Nicknames/AKA so you can put them all if you want, though for the primary one, Go with how the company themselves does it, if they do it all lowercase, then "sunguts".

4: Separate pages for all of them with them tagged together as Related Items (this is usually done once you submit the page). Judging by this information, I'd assume you likely want the Trading field for #1.

5: What NotaForniteGirl said. If she's an actual character from something, then make the page, if it's a character created just for this item, then "Original Character" as the character, and use the Title field to put her name of Kao Chan.

Lastly, as famouslastwords said, I would advise leaving the page(s) in Draft so that others can add necessary info as needed
2 months ago
you can also post the entry unfinished as a draft -- as long as you've put a reasonable amount of info -- and others can help you fill in the parts you might be confused by! i get it, adding things to the database is a bit of a learning curve
2 months ago
I don't know everything, so I'll answer the ones I know:
2. yes, put the original link, even if its broken or useless, its still the page.
3. I THINK so
4. every color variant should get a new entry, for example you can see ITEM #809415 's variants in the related items section
5. If she originally came from a franchise, yes. if shes an original character, fill the character as ENTRY #9493
thats all I know
2 months ago
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