Random buys and gifts diary & loot! January 2020 - October 2020Random buys and gifts diary & loot! January 2020 - October 2020Loot

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Welcome to another combined loot of mine, where I put a lot of random smaller buys, gifts and happenings to make one blog! For my previous one see: BLOG #46119 , this one will continue where the last one stopped. I will talk about things I acquired and did from January 2020 to October 2020.

I have to be honest that I struggled for a while on how to set up this blog as I normally combine a (sometimes off topic) diary and loots in these. In short, my 2020 was as following:

January: Saying goodbyes in my home country, doing a lot of days out with friends and family and moving to my new country.
February: Job hunting, lots of time spent on emigration paperwork and interviews, looking for a permanent place to stay (was in a temporary apartment at first with everything I owned in storage) and exploring the new area where I lived.
March: Starting my new job, signing the paperwork for the new place...aaaaaaaand then the pandemic got serious and everything went upside down of what I had planned to do. Language and integration classes cancelled, trips cancelled, having to set up my workspace at home etc.

Q2: Pandemic and lock down struggles, doing the move to the new place, unboxing at the new place, more emigration paperwork.

Q3: Finally getting used to the new place, an end is coming in sight for the paperwork, finally being able to have a bank account, PayPal etc. again so I can continue with this hobby, and being better at planning my finances/hobby budget as now all the extra expenses Q1 and Q2 brought come to an end.

Q4: Buying party! With me being financially more stable again and every day out and trip planned for 2020 cancelled since March, I spent a lot of my money on buying all kinds of things which I will also share here!

In short, Q1 was doing a lot of days out and exploring, in Q2 and Q3 almost nothing happened and then starting Q4 I got busy with the hobby again. This is why the blog will also be split up with the first half covering the days out and the second half covering loots and buys. As I feel like people might be a bit uncomfortable or sad at this moment with seeing the days out from early 2020, I have decided to put it all in spoiler. People only interested in loots can keep all the spoilers closed and just scroll down!

Let's get to it!

My days out and exploring the new place where I lived in Q1

Corona ramble: View spoilerHide spoilerI want to extra mention that these are older pictures from the 'before' times. I am staying indoors as much as possible at this moment and hope to be able to do fun days out again maybe later in 2021, who knows. Stay safe, all!

My last few weeks in the Netherlands View spoilerHide spoilerBefore emigrating to Finland, I spend my last few weeks in the Netherlands visiting family and friends and having multiple days out. I won't cover all I did, but I have a small selection of some notable events. All with the actual pictures in spoiler because of the off-topicness.

A visit to the Art Hall, with a special exhibition about Thierry Mugler: View spoilerHide spoiler Thierry Mugler is a famous haute couture designer, photographer and costume designer, who has made outfit for many famous celebrities such as David Bowie, Madonna and Lady Gaga.


A lot of his costume work were huge gowns and armors.




His work for music artists is a bit easier to move in.



There was a lot of awesome, futuristic stuff out there.


The main piece of this exhibition was this haute couture piece that reminded me of a combination of a tropical bird with a mermaid.


Another exhibition at the art hall was from Joost Swarte. An artist and designer famous for his comics, architectural drawings and combination of them.


There was also a general collection with a lot of mixed art from different eras.



I had never seen this Rembrandt piece before, the use of colors is amazing.


Artist unknown, but what a beautiful piece as well!

Customs and taxes museum: View spoilerHide spoilerThis might sound like an odd subject for a museum, and it kind of is...but it's very interesting nevertheless! The collection consists of a history about taxation and a display of 'look at this weird stuff our customs inspectors found'.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/tMQ3Kcb/IMG-20200110-WA0001.jpg

Today I also picked out some cute clothes~ Wearing this Resident Evil t-shirt ITEM #630269 and a RE keychain ITEM #115634 I converted to a necklace.


At the entrance there is this stuffed lion which someone tried to sneak into the airport in a suitcase.


Some old wallets on display.



After a wealthy family could not pay their taxes anymore, the government took this bench out of their home as payment. It's stunning! This must have cost a lot to make!



Old coins and an interesting 'shackle'...it was a collar for your dog to prove you paid your dog tax!


There was a display of smuggle clothes.


Lots of animals they tried to sneak into the country were displayed as well.

Shopping day: View spoilerHide spoilerAs taxes are a lot higher in Finland I wanted to make sure to buy some more clothing basics before moving there. And well if you're in a busy shopping mall and out for necessary shopping anyway, why not also check for some fun stuff?


I got myself a new hair color the day before!


Some cute socks I saw and didn't buy...I regret it so much! I actually have a shortage of shoe liner type socks right now...


It was already January, but there was still this big and pretty Christmas display piece!


Absolutely adorable coffee store!


I also went to Primark and was again impressed with how much licensed clothes they had again! I also had no idea One Punch man apparently got popular enough to have their own clothing line outside of Japan.



Not sure if tacky or like...


I already own too much t-shirts, but...ah what the heck, I'll buy it. Damn you Primark and your low prices that makes you buy everything you want!

Some other purchases of the day were:


An 'escape room from home' to give (and play together with) my family where I was staying at that moment.


I also managed to grab multiple new volumes of a comic book series my husband reads.


A type of Dutch licorice that Finnish people think is amazing, so I stocked up on these so I could hand them out in Finland!

I ended up not buying anything there, but I also visited a puzzle store. My husband loves puzzles so I wanted to get some inspiration for future gifts~



This is probably the biggest puzzle I have seen in my life! 24000 pieces!!


It was too big and heavy to take with me, but I think I want to buy this one as a future gift for him.

Natural History Museum of Rotterdam: View spoilerHide spoiler I went to this museum (and loved it!) as a kid, but never visited anymore since. It is definitely not as big or impressive as the Natural History Museum in many other cities, but it is still a cool visit if you're ever in the area!



Multiple 'fantasy animals' made by putting different existing animals together.




The museum is most famous for their 'animals in the news' part. Animals that have some kind of interesting story, now set up in small scenes and explaining what is so special about them:


The 'domino sparrow', very famous in the Netherlands and I think also in some other European countries, but not as much outside of Europe.

There used to be this big TV event called 'Domino Day' where they would try every year to break the world record of the highest number of toppling domino stones. One year during set-up, a small sparrow flew into the exhibition hall and wreaked havoc. A hunter was called to kill the sparrow and keep the amount of fallen domino pieces as minimal as possible. This spawned a huge controversy as 'is this world record domino attempt more important than this animal it's life?'.


Back then, as this was a very time-constrained happening, the only place where the dead bird could be put in was in a opened package of butter from the fridge of the exhibition center. It was also donated to the museum in the same 'packaging'.


I regret nothing!


Another sad one, but it led to good results, the famous 'McFlurry Hedgehog' passed away after getting his head stuck in a McFlurry packaging. McDonalds later changed their packaging to a wider type.

There are even more wild stories, but I don't want to spoil all of the collection! More recently the museum also added the first animals that died of mouth mask littering. Not a fun subject in all, but the museum displays everything with a lot of humor. Their slogan is also 'a deadly fun museum'!

The museum also has a lot of collections of stuffed animals that used to be privately owned by collectors:








The exit hall of the museum has a huge whale skeleton!

Modern art museum: View spoilerHide spoilerThe local modern art museum was a mix of a lot of different kinds of art.






This was the most famous painting on display, by Mark Rothko. You were only allowed inside the room in small groups, and it was a completely dark room with one bright spot light on the painting.

The last part of the museum was a big exhibition from multiple clothing designers, most were themed after being ecological:




Glowgolf: View spoilerHide spoilerI went to an indoor blacklight minigolf that was fantasy themed. Everything looked super cool!




The golfclub itself also lit up!


Picture of me inside, with my Umbrella Operative Jacket ITEM #687470 and the earlier acquired Dragon Ball shirt.


I have to drop a separate picture to also show my Strike Witches necklace ITEM #871418 better!




This one heavily lit up when a ball went through it, super cool!




Very cool and recommended to people that enjoy Minigolf!

Last meetup with volunteer work friends: View spoilerHide spoilerAs a 'thank you and farewell' I organized a final meetup with my volunteer work friends. It isn't like I will never see them again, but the chances of me seeing them have become a lot lower.

We went for a dinner, then an escape room and finally some drinks. As most pictures show a lot of people their faces (and I'm not sure if they're OK with being put on the internet like this), I'll just share one picture of the cute and cozy bar we ended up in at the end of the day:


Last evening and dinner with the family: View spoilerHide spoiler



We played the 'escape room from home' and as with every family board game night, some shouting got involved, but we had a lot of fun!



For dinner we went to this very unique hamburger place that was build inside an old boat and was bear-themed (it was literally called 'the Bearboat').



I had a very nice burger and super cute cake!

Last day in the Netherlands: View spoilerHide spoilerMy last day in the Netherlands had arrived and it was all...so weird!


I made sure to be dressed up in a nice and comfortable outfit for the flight. I'm wearing my Cafe 5 to 2 ITEM #401742 shirt I hadn't worn before, together with another keychain I converted to a necklace: One from the Halo of the Sun ITEM #234892 from Silent Hill. I'm also happy to report that right now I work an informal job again and can just wear again what I want! I still try to put effort in my outfits even when working from home, but I'm looking forward to hopefully in a while be able to work at the actual office.


The morning before my flight, a part of the items we had moved with priority to Finland had arrived at my husbands' place. First up were our matching Zen-Oh's ITEM #601528 + ITEM #651537 , that now were reunited again. <3


He was also happy to report that our desktop had survived the move, this computer means a lot to us as well.

My last day in the Netherlands was quite hectic as I had a busy day of traveling ahead:
- From my parent's place to the place where I needed to sign some final paperwork for the sale of the house: 3,5 hours
- From the paperwork place to the airport: 3 hours
- Flight to Finland: 3,5 hours (even more if you count all the hours needed upfront with checking in the bags, security control and more)
- From the airport to the apartment: 1,5 hours

I can't remember the last time I was so tired as arriving that evening in Finland! I've been living here now for a bit more than a year and don't regret my decision at all!

Let me close off with the last 3 pictures I made in the Netherlands and probably one of my favorite pictures I made with my new camera:



Temporary apartment and exploring the surrounding area

Settling into the temporary place: View spoilerHide spoilerAs we had to wait for our mortgage to be properly closed off in the Netherlands before being able to finance anything in our new place, we lived for a short while in a temporary apartment. The apartment itself was tiny (sized and set up like a hotel room), but the neighborhood was very nice. We ended up purchasing a bigger apartment a block away from this one. But first, let's talk about some happenings during this time!


The earlier mentioned desktop was now set up with it's new screen!



Set-up of our 'battle stations'!



My desk buddy ITEM #357371 also came along with me! This guy is in pretty rough shape nowadays after so many years of being displayed and taken along.


This was the last picture I made at our temporary apartment before moving to our permanent one. There was a very pretty sunrise that morning.

Food-related: View spoilerHide spoilerAfter I arrived, I started with baking three huge cakes, as we had been living apart for so long, it was time for celebration and we had some catching up to do!


I enjoyed the eggs being 'kot kot' branded, which is the Finnish phrasing for the sound a chicken makes.





Multi-colored cake time!



The second cake is our yearly recreation of our wedding cake (although it turned out a bit messier than it normally would, probably because of the excitement)!



The third one was a Swedish recipe for a 'coconut dream cake', it was pretty nice, but we found the top part too wet and the bottom part too dry. It also didn't blend that well. I would like to try a 'real' one if we would ever visit Sweden!


I always like to try out new drinks and foods so I had a blast in my first supermarket visits here!

The one on the left was...just as weird as the packaging makes it sound! It was not bad. The one on the right was very nutty and I wasn't sure if that was in a positive or negative way.


Learning the first basics of the language was very nice to do through supermarket shopping. Some of the words are so similar to what I am used to, but written/pronounced in a funnier way (nuudeli)!

My biggest 'shock' in the language was that all 'y' are pronounced as 'u'. I read and pronounced things very wrong in my first weeks here!


There was this local great sushi place where I would regularly order their lunch deal from!



I thought this drink packaging was just too adorable (the drink itself is just a generic sugary lemonade).


I didn't buy it, but I was impressed at the sizes in which you can buy toasted bread here. It's very popular to eat soups and similar foods here, so these get dipped or eaten along.


As Christmas gift from his work, my husband had gotten a voucher for a food delivery company that would deliver you a week of food, together with recipes to cook with.


I never had bought a set like this, so it was a lot of fun to follow the recipes and not think about what to eat/buy.


My fridge also looked very colorful for a while!

Although it was fun, I wouldn't buy such a package myself from my own money. A lot of the recipes were very time-intensive and as I wouldn't regularly have time to make something like this in the evening, I found myself cooking for 2-3 days at a time to then stuff my freezer full of packages to eat later during the week.



More cake?! Yes! This was my celebratory cake when I landed a job in February! It was very good and chocolate-ey!




More cake?! Come on, Maakie... Yes, but let me explain! This cake was because of us purchasing our new apartment in Finland late February!

This cake was also chocolate heaven~

Shops-related: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/F7srM8L/IMG-20200311-WA0000.jpg

I was very happy to learn that in Finland Donald Duck (Aku Ankka) is very popular, just like in my home country! It's easy to bond with people over childhood memories~

There is also a big adult following for Donald Duck here, which you can definitely see in a lot of the very cool covers and other artwork they make for these comics!

Also check out those pre-pandemic toilet paper roll stacks, wow!


So far I have noticed 'nerdy hobbies' are a lot more common and accepted over here. My local supermarket has a small selection of Finnish language manga. I was not only astounded with the availability of these, but apparently also the Finnish market being big enough to support translations in their own language!

There is also a big franchise of 'fantasy stores' (that are rather like fantasy/tabletop/comic/anime combination) called Fantasiapelit. I had planned to visit it, but they were closed for renovations when I attempted to check out their store. Shortly after that lockdown happened and I still have not been able to check them out.


I also decided to check out a huge crafts store called 'Hobby Point'. They have multiple floors and the store is so crammed full of merchandise that you only have these tiny paths to walk in. I ended up buying a small rotating device of which I completely forgot what it's called in English, but it's meant to make small holes in material. I am going to use it to make holes for pinning with GK.


I also checked out a GameStop, we never had this franchise in my home country and well, they all closed down later in June 2020. As far as I know no GameStops are in Finland anymore.

Although I didn't think the prices for their games were good deals, they did have a lot of interesting merchandise, mainly t-shirts and plushies. These Detective Pikachu were so cute!


As I also moved a bunch of figures with me I was thinking of selling, I started an early research in how the mail system works. I was surprised to see the existence for these 'parcel lockers' that you can use both for shipping and picking up items.

Unfortunately with the current situation in the world, worldwide package shipping was at first closed for a while and is currently subject to very high price increases until the pandemic calms down. I did already a couple of times pick something up from such a parcel locker and it was a very fast and easy experience!


I was also surprised to see canned paint in the local hardware store in the fridge. I had no clue that would help with the ability to keep these fresh/new/working? I never put mine in any kind of cooling system, am I missing out on something?

Hiking and exploring the area: View spoilerHide spoiler


Even though every Finnish person will tell you their country is flat, our neighborhood had multiple nice hills to walk on and check the view.

Also picture of my look for the day (I loved how my hair color looked here!):


Our first (and only) day out in 2020 View spoilerHide spoiler

As our first, and what ended up to be our only 2020 day out, we went for a nature hike with at the end of the day a visit to an Escape Room.


When we arrived in the morning it was snowing very heavily!


During the day the temperature got warmer and the snow disappeared.


Husband for scale for the tree size. I don't think I ever saw such big trees in my life before!



There were multiple very cool buildings 'hidden' in the forest area.


I also managed to make this pretty cool shot with the wide-angle function my newly acquired phone had.


We had arrived at Trap Factory to do our escape room! We originally booked the magician-themed room (2/5 difficulty), but after hearing we had some escape room experience, the owner convinced us to switch to the mafia-themed room (3/5 difficulty). The mafia-room was very cool and although not easy to beat, we did manage to do it within the time frame, so I think for a next room at this place I would do one on the same difficulty again or maybe one higher. This escape room is also famous for a room that barely any people were able to beat. Sounds like an interesting challenge one day!


We got a souvenir photo at the end (the flash makes me look even more pale than I always do haha).


For dinner we went to this hip burger place that had super cool decorations (and the burger and fries were good too!).

Getting new tattoos View spoilerHide spoilerOnly a few days before the first Covid case would happen in Finland and life was still normal, we got ourselves new tattoos from an artist of which we had been on her booking list for a while: Paula Marin www.instagram.c... . Back when we made our booking with her, we hadn't decided yet if we would move to Finland and we booked assuming 'I would just buy a plane ticket to Helsinki during that time'. It's very weird how so many things changed so fast!

Anyway, we've had a tattoo idea for a while and we thought Paula her style was very fitting for the piece. We are huge fans of Resident Evil/Biohazard ENTRY #568 and I had the cute idea a long time ago to get a matching typewriter and ink ribbon (the save items you use together in the game). I never thought I would be the type for 'matching couple tattoos', but after thinking about this idea for such a long time, here we are!

As not everyone might like tattoos, it's in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/MG2GHCr/20200303-170444.jpg

Paula kept this wall of previous stencils and I think it was really cool to see the stencils of works she had done shortly before we came over as we had seen them on her social media.

And within this spoiler, I have an additional spoiler. Here you can find the work in progress pictures. I don't have any 'gross' pictures here (removed the ones with blood, heavy swelling etc.), but still some people can find these a bit uncomfortable, you have been warned: View spoilerHide spoilerFirst up was my husband on day 1, and I got mine on day 2.


Finished linework.


Finished! My husband is an absolute beast and never was in any kind of pain. Meanwhile, I am not that though and I was getting mine on top of some scarring (which hurts even more than getting it on normal skin).


Finished linework. I was very happy that the artist was so chill with doing the tattoo on top of scarring as I had been thinking about changing placement because of it.


Halfway coloring (I needed a lot more breaks because I am a wimp and the scars started popping up more).


And it was finished! I couldn't believe how good the round shape looked considering it was done on top of this skin! At first I had my doubts if I shouldn't have gone for 'better skin' so to have it even more round, but right now I am so happy to have an 'ugly' body part looking so much prettier. I could cry!


Here is the end result (for the people that skipped the first spoiler, I mentioned there how mine was made on top of scarred skin, which is why my ink ribbon has the 'bobbly' look and shiny lines):

Because of the damage my skin got, my scarring looked a lot worse, but after the skin calmed down it looked so pretty:


Here they are a bit further healed, but I've put it in a spoiler as we weren't allowed to shave our legs during this healing phase, so it looks, yeah: View spoilerHide spoiler



They have already finished healing for quite a while, so we should make some newer pictures of their current look someday~

New apartment and 'the new normal'

New apartment: View spoilerHide spoilerJust before the lockdown we purchased our apartment and we moved at the start of lockdown. It was a very weird experience as nobody was prepared for this to happen and every party involved started to stress about different aspects of the sale and move. However, once shit hit the fan we were already paying for both the new apartment and the rental, so we just had to move asap.


The room that was going to become my figure room was absolutely overwhelming in boxes and furniture! All those plastic tubs are filled with nothing but figures and other collectibles.


Quite some sorting later...the figure boxes were all against the wall. The cardboard boxes are filled with crafts and cosplay materials. It was actually a lot more overwhelming in person than on the pictures, as all these rows are higher than my own height!

I plan on doing a blog later in how the setting up of my new figure room went!

'The new normal': View spoilerHide spoilerAs my husband and I had been living apart for a while, we had planned to do a lot of fun dates to explore the area and have fun together again. However, 2020 had other plans. So we started a new tradition: Indoor dates! Which mainly consisted of us buying a huge amount of 'escape rooms from home' and doing them from home. I want to be a bit careful when sharing pictures, because I don't want to spoiler too much for the people that want to try them out themselves.

There are multiple brands that make these kind of games, but the first two we bought were from the brand 'Exit the Game'. Originally a release from a German company, but translated in English available all over Europe. I don't know how easy to find these are outside of Europe.


The first one we did was 'the Haunted Rollercoaster', difficulty 2/5. It was actually a bit too easy for us and felt a bit childish with some minigames in there.




The second one 'the Abandoned Cabin' was a 2,5/5 difficulty and already a lot more fun. However, from this moment on we decided we would only buy 3 and up.

You do recognize similar puzzle types with these boxes, so maybe we should just take more breaks in between buying/playing new ones.

If you like real escape rooms and in general puzzling, I would recommend these sets! You can also do them alone by the way, you have a booklet that leads you.

Husbands' birthday: View spoilerHide spoiler


Guess which card was mine and which one was my husbands'? Haha! Our birthdays are pretty close to eachother.


My Hello Kitty card was so adorable! <3

As a birthday gift for my husband I made a cake and a pie and I gifted...



...a fancy looking bottle of rum!

And now showing off my handmade pie:




And cake:



Normally we would have a birthday date, but this time we did another 'escape room from home'!


Now we had bought one with 3/5 difficulty and it was indeed a lot more interesting this way!




The game booklet looked super cool!



Two random shots (not giving too much spoilers)!

My birthday: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/j5tKnNX/20200530-113918.jpg


We bought two mini cakes for my birthday: A sachertorte (chocolate with apricot) and a vanilla-caramel cake (still defrosting on this picture).


Similar to my husbands' birthday we did an escape room from home. Another 3/5 difficulty titled "The Polar Station". Even though it had the same difficulty level as the previous one we did, we were stuck a lot more in this one, haha! Also please don't judge my crafts table full of mess and damages.



Some spoilerless example pictures.

Some actual spoilers of the parts which we thought were fun: View spoilerHide spoiler




For dinner we had Georgian food as delivery, we never had anything from the Georgian kitchen before. It was very good, but oh so heavy on the stomach!

Some randomized food and drinks to show off/mini-review (both purchased and own baking/cooking) as I was trying out a lot of new things after arriving in a new country: View spoilerHide spoiler





The battery energy drinks I mentioned before when seeing them in the supermarket for the first time, the design of the cans is so cute!

The different flavors of them I have received with mixed results, but overall they are nice!


This one ended up becoming my favorite energy drink here! It is a lot like frozen lemonade.


After being so happy with their red variant I tried their golden variant and it was...not so good. Wouldn't buy this one again.



Two energy drinks with lovely packaging, but not interesting enough flavors to buy again.


I wanted to know how it was to buy canned whiskey & cola and it was very nice, because it remained carbonated!





I also took lockdown as a chance to improve on my baking skills: Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting. It tasted better than it looked!




Another attempt at making cupcakes! Chocolate-coffee-cupcakes with sugared frosting~

Frosting is so much harder than it looks, but lockdown does give a lot of time to work on these things!


Chocolate mudcake ice cream! This was the best ice cream I've had in a while!


A very cute chocolate covered ice cream cone I ate while editing pictures for blogs, the specific one on the screen being for BLOG #47631 ! LOL, guess what is playing on TV.


I recently found out that apparently baby watermelons are a thing?! It's so cute! And tastes exactly like a normal sized watermelon! 0,5L water bottle for scale.


Can I take this moment to brag about my new spice rack set-up? Yes? Thanks!


I also used a big part of that spice rack in this pretty fajita filling I also feel like showing off~ This is my blog and I can do what I want! But man, I do hope the people only interested in figure-related stuff are skipping these spoilers haha.



Some unpacking after the emigration





Not new merchandise, but I finally had time to properly unbox and display my Mio ITEM #37244 bedsheet that I got a while ago BLOG #45970 !



The same was for my Sanya half-pillow ITEM #105989 , acquired in the same loot!

Half-pillows always look a bit off to me at first, because you literally only have one half of a body. You get used to it after a while, though.


We never unboxed and properly displayed our Solaire Amiibo before ITEM #683833 , so here are some pictures!



His decal and the chainmail looks pretty nice and it's a nice piece for the price it goes for.

The first purchases after the emigration

As we were living on a temporary address we couldn't receive any packages. So I had to route two of my orders to friends in Finland their addresses.


The first one was my pre-order for Baccano! light novel 12 ITEM #358991 and oh man was it dramatic to deal with the store for the address change. Rant in spoiler: View spoilerHide spoilerI had originally ordered this item for my address in the Netherlands, not knowing when I made the pre-order early 2019, that I would have moved to a new country in early 2020. I approached the store and explained them the situation, giving them two options and asking if one of them could be done:

1) I could let it ship to my parents (who still live in the Netherlands)

2) Change the shipment to a Finnish address

The only reply the store gave me was:

"Because of tax reasons we can't change the order to a different country so we have cancelled it. Please re-order."

My first thought was "Well, that is a bit rude, they didn't even want to consider to ship it to a different Dutch address.", but as they gave me back my money already I decided to just re-order.

But there was a twist.

I had actually ordered this book with a hefty pre-order discount and of course the book was now full retail price in their store. So I contacted their customer service again mentioning this and asking if they could do a partial refund or give a small voucher or something, as the cancellation of my order was made without my approval or choice. They basically replied with:

"Our prices reflect current market prices and we can't make a change for you."

While the store was behaving like this to me, I meanwhile looked into alternative stores to buy it from, but found it very hard to find the book for any price of retail of below...so I hold on and eventually a customer support rep gave me a tiny discount, which wasn't as much as my pre-order discount, but as I had no cheaper alternatives, I just bought the book again.

I'm going to name and shame them: The store in question was BookDepository. As books always come with high shipping costs, I liked this store as every order has free worldwide shipping. I have been using them for years for pre-orders of many books and manga. However, with this bad interaction and with Brexit meaning that I will have to pay taxes over purchases of this store, I will probably switch to more expensive local stores that provide the Baccano! books as well. Hopefully one that has pickup options once the corona-situation is over, as the shipping costs for a book can easily be just as much as the price of the book itself.
As for the contents of the book: I had to pack it up in a moving box for my permanent apartment and I haven't found it yet during my unboxing here. I'll read this book hopefully soon! I do already have one fun spoiler: View spoilerHide spoilerFiro and Ennis are married now and it's all so cuteeeee! That only took them 50+ years of being roommates, huh? And dang, their 2002 looks are so good! I love their new hairstyles!




I also ordered these nice colored contact lenses from a South Korean store as I wasn't sure yet on how this would work in Finland (some countries give a hard time when buying prescription lenses without paperwork from a doctor).

Baccano! #13


My next Baccano! pre-order arrived ITEM #358992 , the 13th one this time! This time to my new address so no big hassles like the previous one. Unfortunately I still haven't read the 13th one as I still didn't find (or read) my 12th in the unpacking mess my new apartment was.

Resident Evil Tubbz!



The moment I saw these weird items added to the database...I knew I had to get them!

Leon S. Kennedy ITEM #945301
Claire Redfield ITEM #945303
Jill Valentine ITEM #945306
Chris Redfield ITEM #945305



Of course they are not perfectly painted or the most detailed for some overpriced rubber duckies, but they are a ton of fun!




I like Jill's duck butt.


I had a hard time deciding how to display them! We don't have a bathtub so this is our solution.

Silent Hill sticker set


You might remember this Silent Hill sticker set from an earlier loot blog! I finally used them (on my refrigerator with too many stickers)!


Yes, Mira is high-fiving the mannequin!

Some Finnish purchases!

Because of this whole mess that is 2020 you would almost forget that I moved to a new country (Finland!).


I want to believe that this purchase has officially made me a Finn: A starter kit for using the sauna.

During this time I also re-opened a part of my online sales and would be focusing on shipping smaller items in envelopes as packaging shipping is closed to a bunch of countries and with higher prices to others. I decided to stock up on cute stamp releases for the occasions!



Finland regularly gets new Moomin design stamps! I hope this will make the people getting these from me just as excited as I was while buying them!


Speaking about selling items...I spend so much time sorting through tons of smaller items I have, finding them in the database, seeing what their sales prices are nowadays, oof! But I always think these kind of overview pictures look super impressive!

Baccano! keychain set

After a long trip in the mail but probably it just being stuck in a sorting center somewhere, I finally received the fanart keychain set from SodaPeche sodapeche.ecwid... !


I was surprised by their huge size and sparkly shine!

Some close-ups:




This fan artist is now also setting up a Baccano! fanzine which was planned to release late 2020, together with a goodies set. Unfortunately there is still nothing released yet. I'm really looking forward to it and am so happy about people still caring enough about this franchise to make items in 2020/2021!

Garage kit purchases

I thought I had lost my small drill during my move between the Finnish apartments. So I ordered a new one on Amazon.


Guess what I find 2 days after ordering?

Anyhow, here is the replacement I bought on Amazon which arrived about a week later:



The quality is not that great, but it comes with a lot of drill bits! I will use the drill I found again and keep this one as backup.


I also bought metal wire to use for the pinning of upcoming kits I will be making.

Baccano #14


And my pre-order of Baccano #14 ITEM #358993 arrived! While I am still so much behind on reading them, welp. I was always so used to reading on public transport and during traveling, which I have not been doing at all since the pandemic. I have a hard time getting myself to read indoors. Has it been similar for other people in lockdown and/or working from home?


This artwork is great!


I am very curious what kind of trouble my best boy Jacuzzi is getting into!

This is also my last pre-order on Bookdepostitory as due to Brexit, starting 2021 I will have to pay customs on everything I would receive from the UK. This makes it absolutely not worth it to buy from Bookdepository anymore, even with their free worldwide shipping, so I have moved to pre-ordering from Amazon. Which is also an interesting happening as Amazon was never available for me in my home country, but now it has become a regular place for me to shop! My experiences are mixed so far, they are fast and have good customer support, but they really don't care when packging items and I complain regularly about what I receive because so much gets damaged...which is never an issue when buying from Japan or most European stores.

Saga of Tanya the Evil - Light Novel purchase

After I got some good news at work (my timed contract was extended to a permanent contract!) I decided to get myself a gift and bought the missing Saga of Tanya the Evil Light Novels in my collection!



I received volume 2 to 7!
2. Plus Ultra ITEM #533758
3. The Finest Hour ITEM #533759
4. Dabit deus his quoque finem ITEM #533760
5. Abyssus abyssum invocat ITEM #533761
6. Nil admirari ITEM #533762
7. Ut sementem feceris, ita metes ITEM #533763




Unfortunately a lot of them had spine damage or other dents in the fronts or back of the books. I mostly blame the way they were shipped by Amazon with almost no protection material. As I paid more than retail price for each volume I left a complaint and shared the pictures with Amazon, I ended up getting a part of my purchase price back in an Amazon voucher.


All the cover art is so cool!


I am not sure if this fold in volume 3 is a mistake from the press or damage from Amazon packing the item.




This might be my favorite cover art!



And here we have all books together!


Adding volume 1 (Deus lo vult ITEM #533757 ) on top, here is my Saga of Tanya the Evil novel collection! Since making this picture, the English translation of volume 8 (In Omnia Paratus, ITEM #583668 ) was released. I am not sure yet if I'll buy it separately or wait until a bunch of these volumes have been released again to do a bigger purchase in a while.

Ni No Kuni II

Although not a new purchase, I decided to unbox my copy of Ni No Kuni II for the first time (as I decided to play it during a week off I took in autumn).


I was surprised that my normal PS4 edition came with very pretty collectible post cards!

As for the game itself, there were definitely a lot of improvements gameplay-wise compared to the first one, but story-wise I found it very lacking. I would still recommend the game to other JRPG lovers, but don't think it's as great for Ghibli lovers as the first one.

Big loot!


As mentioned earlier, I went on a big shopping spree in Q4 of 2020 and one day had all of this to pick up in one post office trip!

Big loot! - The soft envelopes

Inside the first envelope was a purchase from Zavvi. With Brexit coming in a couple of months, I decided to do a last check of items in their catalogue I still wanted as it was my last chance to buy for them until additional taxes would hit on purchases from their store.


I always liked the Predator franchise, especially the 1st and 3rd movie, but I never bought any of them physically. So I thought it was a good time to buy this complete BR box, which also included the 4th movie I hadn't seen yet at the moment of receiving the box. I also really liked the minimalist design of the cover of this one.


Fun fact: This was the last picture I have made with my Canon IXUS 100IS camera, before it decided to completely stop working. As it was already having issues every now and then, I decided in 2019 to purchase a new camera (shown in BLOG #46071 ). However, the camera completely stopped working after this picture was made. Thank you IXUS, for being my loyal companion for so many years!

From now on loot pictures will either be of lower quality (camera phone) or higher quality (because of using my new camera).



It's a bit hard to catch on camera, but the Predator name on the box is nicely embossed.


The other item I bought from Zavvi was the Butterfly Effect Trilogy BR box. I was originally just looking for a release of the first movie, but as this box was very low priced, I picked it up.

Interestingly enough when I re-watched the movie (after at least 10 years of not seeing it), I was a lot less impressed. I think because so much more media with similar time jumping themes have been made in the last 10-15 years this one simply doesn't stand out anymore.

Big loot! - Cardboard envelopes


Sewing supplies and some new winter gloves. At this moment of writing I had enough free time in weekends again to continue working on my Ymir cosplay (of which you can find some random pictures of the progress here cosplay.com/das... ). I will make a walktrough blog later in a similar style to my to my earlier cosplay diaries.


I ran out of E6000 (my standard glue type for crafts and cosplay) and was surprised that when I looked for buying new ones, that they have now release E6000 plus. The differences being that it is advertised now as odorless and that it is water resistant.

For the odorless part...that was a lie. The odor is less intrusive, but there is still a pretty heavy, although different, odor to the glue.

As for the weather/water resistant part, I never took any crafts made with E6000 with me to places where this could have been relatable, but it's cool to know this would work if I would ever get stuck somewhere in cosplay while it rains.


Although not spending a lot of time on reading now, I decided to pick up The Institute as it was sold at a pretty low price and a lot of people have been recommending me this one.


There was quite some heavy damage on the back of the book, must have been because of warehouse storage conditions? At first I thought the white line at the top might be decoration, but it was all missing paint.


During my work from home time I fell into a very heavy Dorohedoro obsession. People had been recommending me the manga for 15+ years, but the extremely dark look put me off from ever starting it. Oh, how wrong I was. The franchise is so full of lovely characters, very good dark humor and a great mystery story to be uncovered!

After watching the anime the moment the translated version was released on Netflix, I needed more and bought all of the manga. Luckily I could buy most of them in one big purchase from Bookdepository (also my last buy from them before the Brexit), but I still had to scour the internet and get someloose volumes from a local fantasy-store, second hand through Amazon and from a local book store. The collection is complete now and I almost finished reading it. "But Maakie, you said you didn't read outside of public transport/traveling?" Yes, that is true, but 1) with the nudity and gore I would never read this in public and 2) I needed to know how the story further unfolded! I fell in love with this franchise too much! Discovering Dorohedoro in 2020 was really a bright light in lockdown times.


The second hand ones from Amazon, but in as good as new condition.


Loose one from the local fantasy store (Fantasiapelit).

Big loot! - The first big box

And the first huge box on the table...it was all the other Dorohedoro to complete the collection!



As I unboxed this one first I forgot to add the missing volumes to this complete overview picture, oops! Anyway, I hope you will still enjoy this picture and furthermore I heavily recommend this series to everyone that is up for a good mystery story, doesn't mind some gore or nudity and loves dark humor. The character relationships are also all lovely and it was the first time in many years when I felt so warm and fuzzy reading/seeing interactions between characters.

For the people that want to look them up in the database, here are their entries:
01. ITEM #105013
02. ITEM #105014
03. ITEM #105015
04. ITEM #105016
05. ITEM #105017
06. ITEM #105018
07. ITEM #105019
08. ITEM #105020
09. ITEM #105021
10. ITEM #105022
11. ITEM #105023
12. ITEM #105024
13. ITEM #105025
14. ITEM #105026
15. ITEM #105027
16. ITEM #94928
17. ITEM #126532
18. ITEM #168362
19. ITEM #230168
20. ITEM #331066
21. ITEM #466463
22. ITEM #577581
23. ITEM #760474

And now with me heavily into this franchise and trying to convince people to also check out Dorohedoro...I notice how hard it is when the art style makes it look like this is an ultra dark themed gore fest. I'll let this meme speak for me:


Big loot! - The second big box


The second big box, and the last thing I wanted to cover in this loot but was not able to with character limit being hit: was an order from an online Asian supermarket with mini reviews. I will be sure to start with this box on my next Random buys and gifts loot!-blog! Enjoy this preview for now!

My October 2020 and further blog of this type will definitely be very different as there will be not much to have diaries about and instead it will mostly focus on purchases.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, you could also check my other loot blogs when interested! Here are a few of my recent ones:

Random buys and gifts loot! September 2019 - January 2020: BLOG #46119
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Thank you for reading!
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Wario542 months ago#91491043I could’ve sworn I didn’t see the Sonic ducks at a US retailer before, but now I see that Eggman’s up for pre-order at a shop here? Maybe they’re still working on getting more retailers? They’re really not slowing down with the licenses either because I see there’s a Pennywise duck too?? Something else I didn’t know I needed. XD
That trailer looks really good! Considering all they’ve been doing lately, I don’t know why I ever doubted Mappa. XD That’s so sweet that the staff were fans too! I feel like it doesn’t get enough love in Japan, I would buy a little lizard Nendo in a heartbeat. TwT

Was it at BigBadToyStore? That is the official USA retailer. Now that I think about it, it might be cheaper for me to get them from the USA and pay the shipping and customs from there than try to get them from the UK...hrmmm. But still I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for these duckies. They are great fun, but not masterpieces or super rare/exclusive.

I don't really have a feeling they are working on more retailers, but yeah the line is huge! I am not sure when they started with these, but I think about 2-3 years ago? And at least 5 releases a month since then LOL. Some others have been tempting me as well (like the LOTR ones as my husband is a huge fan), but I don't want my house to be overrun by ducks. xD 

Yeah Mappa is bascially the #1 nowadays, right? I am very much looking forward how they will do Chainsaw Man and I am doubting if I should try the manga or see how Mappa does the anime first.

Now with me buying lots more Dorohedoro merchandise the franchise seems to be in this spot inbetween mainstream and niche where there is lots of merchandise, but most of it is in super limited quantities and such... But hey, at least there is regularly stuff to buy, which I can't say about some of my other favorite franchises LOL.

It is kind of a hard franchise to recommend because I have quite a bunch of friends that don't like gore or horror-ish themes so then they probably won't like it althouhg the mystery is so good! TT^TT

And yes, same same! Well, with even Chainsaw Man getting a nendo, I have a feeling that if there would be a S2 of Dorohedoro we might get some? S1 gained a lot of new fans for the franchise so I have a feeling that before S1 there were not enough followers to warrant Nendoroids, but maybe now there is?? I would buy them all! Maybe even duplicates if I really like their faces/expressions haha.
2 months ago
Maakie2 months ago#91484446Yeah haha I am still thinking about ordering them right now. :D It's so unfortunate that in Europe the only seller seems to be a UK store, which means customs for most other Europeans. :(
Oh no, it's so good! Mappa gave it a 1000%. Most of the main staff was also a huge fan of the manga! Did you ever watch the trailer?

I've been telling a lot of people to start with the anime. It's a very good start, but the manga does help with reading afterwards because the series is so fast paced! I missed out on a lot of things in the first watch haha.

I could’ve sworn I didn’t see the Sonic ducks at a US retailer before, but now I see that Eggman’s up for pre-order at a shop here? Maybe they’re still working on getting more retailers? They’re really not slowing down with the licenses either because I see there’s a Pennywise duck too?? Something else I didn’t know I needed. XD

That trailer looks really good! Considering all they’ve been doing lately, I don’t know why I ever doubted Mappa. XD That’s so sweet that the staff were fans too! I feel like it doesn’t get enough love in Japan, I would buy a little lizard Nendo in a heartbeat. TwT
2 months ago
Wario542 months ago#91436697Omg that Ada rubber duck. XD That’s so good to hear about the anime! I was putting it off because I was skeptical ever since the anime was first announced, everything about it is just so weird and I couldn’t picture it being good lol. Now I’m excited to get some people who know nothing about the series to watch it blind. XD

Yeah haha I am still thinking about ordering them right now. :D It's so unfortunate that in Europe the only seller seems to be a UK store, which means customs for most other Europeans. :(

Oh no, it's so good! Mappa gave it a 1000%. Most of the main staff was also a huge fan of the manga! Did you ever watch the trailer?

I've been telling a lot of people to start with the anime. It's a very good start, but the manga does help with reading afterwards because the series is so fast paced! I missed out on a lot of things in the first watch haha.
2 months ago
Maakie2 months ago#91432001They are very good, you should get them! And by huge coincidence, they have just announced a new bundle eu.justgeek.com... . My hands are itching to pre-order them although I know that with the prices it's better to wait.
And yeah getting into Dorohedoro (and now for me convincing other people try it), the art style does not help. The anime is great by the way, they managed to keep that fast pace and the soundtrack is amazing. The voice casting is also very good. It was also nice to see this setting in more color! Lots of things are also more psychedelic looking, something Q said she also wanted the manga to have, and is happy that the anime can show it now. :)

Omg that Ada rubber duck. XD That’s so good to hear about the anime! I was putting it off because I was skeptical ever since the anime was first announced, everything about it is just so weird and I couldn’t picture it being good lol. Now I’m excited to get some people who know nothing about the series to watch it blind. XD
2 months ago
YarnYotsugi2 months ago#91419552I really enjoyed reading this article! Also, all that food looks incredible! I'm so jealous! :)

Thank you! I regularly think about dropping all the offtopic talk and then I get comments like this again and I guess I'll continue haha!

Wario542 months ago#91428535Those Resident Evil rubber ducks, omg I need them. XD And good to know I wasn’t the only one put off by the appearance of Dorohedoro lol, I still haven’t watched the anime but I plan to because the manga was so good and I’m curious to see how its craziness was adapted. XD

They are very good, you should get them! And by huge coincidence, they have just announced a new bundle eu.justgeek.com... . My hands are itching to pre-order them although I know that with the prices it's better to wait.

And yeah getting into Dorohedoro (and now for me convincing other people try it), the art style does not help. The anime is great by the way, they managed to keep that fast pace and the soundtrack is amazing. The voice casting is also very good. It was also nice to see this setting in more color! Lots of things are also more psychedelic looking, something Q said she also wanted the manga to have, and is happy that the anime can show it now. :)
2 months ago
Those Resident Evil rubber ducks, omg I need them. XD And good to know I wasn’t the only one put off by the appearance of Dorohedoro lol, I still haven’t watched the anime but I plan to because the manga was so good and I’m curious to see how its craziness was adapted. XD
2 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this article! Also, all that food looks incredible! I'm so jealous! :)
2 months ago
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