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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to part two of my November/December 2020 loot haul!
My final loot of 2020, technically. I mentioned in part one that I had a ton of Nendoroids to show off and I wasn't sure how to go about it. Shoving them all into this article didn't seem like a great idea and purely glossing over them or not showing them off at all were both undesirable options too. So, I've decided sometime between now and February I'll do one or two small, extra articles for just those Nendoroids! I'll go into more details at the end of this haul!

Also, going into 2021, due to various reasons I've decided I'm going to slow down with collecting as my interests shift and my overall focus changes regarding the hobby. Because of COVID, like many others I spent a lot of time online, which inevitably lead to a lot of purchases and new items in my collection! I still kept my spending relatively close to how much I was investing into this hobby beforehand, but shipping costs continue to rise and my overall enjoyment of hunting down items or trying to reach certain goals with my collection hasn't been as fulfilling?

That being said, I don't plan on quitting making loot hauls! I still very much enjoy making articles for you all and I always receive such positive feedback which tells me that they're still enjoyed by many of you as well! Simply put, I will likely be going back to the bi-monthly format I was doing prior to mid-2020. My hauls will also be less focused on BNHA stuff, as for the time being my enthusiasm for merchandise from the series isn't what it used to be.

Moving on!

This haul has a whole assortment of stuff purchased from lots of different sites, including some gifts! One of the Nendoroids was purchased from Good Smile US' online shop and another was a pre-order from Aitai☆Kuj. A few items were purchased from Geek Jack, some from TSUKUMO using DeJapan as my proxy and everything else was purchased on Yahoo! Auctions Japan using FromJapan as my proxy!

If you want to check out part one of this haul, clicking "Previous Loot!" below for a BNHA-centric haul with some Fate figures sprinkled in, or click "Next Loot!" for something entirely different if you're from the future!

Text & Photo Heavy!
View spoilerHide spoilerMy hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

Sorry for such a chunky intro, let's get into it!

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Banpresto EXQ - Chika Takami | Summer Ver.

Starting off with a swimsuit figure, kind of inappropriate attire for this time of year.. but maybe it'll be a catalyst for some warmer weather sooner than later!

I've talked a fair bit about my history and love for Chika in the past when I got her Nendoroid so I won't go into that too much today! This figure was actually a Christmas gift from my parents, which I was delighted to receive since it's my first non-BNHA prize figure! I'd contemplated picking up a few different Love Live! figures in the past but never committed to purchasing any.

The Banpresto EXQ line definitely has a few that I've had my eyes on for a while, specifically
Yohane (ITEM #619103 or ITEM #581581), Chika (ITEM #619095 or ITEM #581551), Riko (ITEM #619098 or ITEM #581556) or You (ITEM #581557 or ITEM #619097).
But despite not being any of those aforementioned, I still like this figure!


Something consistent throughout seemingly all the EXQ prize figures I've seen is their high-quality feel, despite the low price. If you're looking for a cheaper figure that still looks great, they've definitely got their share! They seem to manage this balancing act by keeping the figures relatively minimalist with not too extravagant a pose or very defined details throughout.

Chika for example doesn't have a very interesting pose and overall feels sort of flat given the large, unshaded blocks of color.. but at the same time, those solid colors do a great job drawing your eyes to the areas of interest! Something I also really like about swimsuit figures in general which is super prevalent here on Chika's stomach is how light reflects off of the character's skin and creates pockets of shade in the small curvatures of the sculpt. It adds a layer of definition and doesn't require intricate detailing to achieve.

I really love the eyes on this figure too, they're super mesmerizing, so much so that Chika actually looks a bit creepy at certain angles because of how highly detailed they are compared to the rest of her pretty cheap looking face. In my opinion, her face still looks great overall though! The hair accessories are another thing I love, one of my favorite aspects of her design is the different bows and charms always in her hair. They match the primary color of her swimsuit and I love that the ribbon by her ear matches the ones on her swimsuit skirt!


Here's a look at her back! Not much of interest but it gives you a peek at her actual swimsuit under the skirt which matches the white of her top. She's also got some nice subtle muscle definition down her spine.. and her hair doesn't look too great, kind of a clumpy mess but it's fine!


Almost forgot her box while typing this! I really love it, though Chika on the front looks a bit too beautiful in that lighting. Somewhat deceptive. Otherwise a really minimal and elegant box design.

I have pretty much no complaints about this figure! Her base is extremely basic & a bit bigger than necessary, with the figure overall being pretty barebones and arguably uninteresting.. but for what she is, she's a wonderful, lovely, vibrant, little swimsuit prize figure! They're like a dime a dozen, right? If you like Chika or just the color orange, you'll probably like her!

Otherwise, she may not be anything special to you, but I love her!

Nendoroid - Hatsune Miku & Kagamine Rin
HappyKuji FamilyMart Ver.


My first swimsuit prize figure and now my first Hatsune Miku figure?.. You'd think I just started collecting figures this year.

Decided to lump together both Miku & Rin since I picked them both up at the same time and they're both extremely barren in terms of accessories and poses, when on their own. Why is that? Well, these two were actually Kuji lottery figures from FamilyMart! They're from different Kuji's with Miku's released in 2012 and Rin released later alongside a few other Vocaloid Nendoroids in 2013, but are clearly meant to go with each other since they're both sporting FamilyMart employee get-ups.

You can usually find any of the Nendoroids from both Kuji's for typically extremely cheap on sites like Yahoo! Auctions Japan or Rakuten. Both of mine were from the former and cost me around $15 brand-new, unopened and from different sellers, so $30 for the pair.

If you remember a while ago I actually got Len as well but his box was damaged enough that it made me want to look for a different one instead to keep for my collection. While these two don't come with very much at all, Rin is the better offering of the two since she comes with the desk, cash register, price checker, ontop of some alternate parts. So we'll start with her!


Just as a side note, I have essentially no connection to Vocaloid or its characters. They're definitely cute, I like some of Hatsune Miku's music but as far as being familiar with their personalities and stuff.. I'm uhh.. not. At all. But Rin seems like I'd like her, peppy high energy type? Is that right? Maybe a bit tomboyish, a playful, teasing type? I'm curious if that's actually right, let me know! Hahhaha

Anyway, aside from everything previously mentioned, Rin comes with an alternate bent leg, an alternate faceplate, and these two arms plus another straight one for the right side that matches her left arm in the above photo. Not much to toy around with, but still enough to have some fun with, especially considering you could theoretically win her as a prize for only ¥750-ish at the time of release.

I'm really happy with the pose I came up with for her using the price checker as a microphone! I was super surprised to see there wasn't a similar pose used as one of the promotional images for her. Something about her definitely felt a bit on the cheaper side when posing, but that could just be because of the age of the Nendoroid. Otherwise her sculpt is nice enough, same with the paint job. I really love the bow on the top of her head!


Now for Miku! I do like her just a bit more out of the two, probably since I prefer Miku's colors and design in general overall to Rin's? Something about the pose I chose for her is inherently hilarious to me even though it really isn't funny. It gives me 'Miku looks at you.. respectfully' vibes.

Her outfit is just a tad bit cuter too, I like the white skirt along with the black boots. Her iconic big twintails do a good job filling out the figure too and they're adjustable which is always nice! Just like Rin she comes with three swappable arms from the ones you're seeing now, two outward extended ones, and a bent one to hold her single accessory.. a yummy looking FamilyMart "Fami Chicken" patty which you can see in the first photo. Lastly, she comes with an alternate faceplate!

You might have noticed the Nendoroid 1000th baseplates I used for both of these, they came with proper bases but I just decided to use those instead since they made the two look a bit fancier? No real reason why, but I thought I should mention it so people aren't confused and think they were included or something.

I really don't have much else to say about the pair, so I'll show off their boxes and then give my final thoughts!


Rin's box! Nothing special at all here. I do think it's fun to count how many times the promotional images were re-used on this box though.

Miku's box! It came a bit damaged with a noticeable mark on the clear plastic but it's not that bad. Very interesting design for this box, being thin. I know of a few other early Nendoroids with boxes like this as well, but definitely a rare sight. Also, I love the colors on this box! Reminds me of a watermelon.

Probably not the ideal first Miku figure for a collection, but comparing this Nendoroid to some of her other countless designs throughout the years.. I actually like this Miku more than a fair amount of others. Very simple, but the outfit is cute and I like both of the expressions on her faceplates a lot! Added to that, this style and color of her hair is my favorite rendition of Miku, I like her standard look quite a bit.

As for Rin, she probably made me more positive about the pair since she comes with scenery accessories which was a great call by Good Smile for these, it helps them both feel more complete. If you were going to pick up any of these, be it Miku, Len, or Rin.. I'd highly suggest you try to find one of the others to go with if possible! They're really better displayed like a set in my opinion and are very cheap to pick up nowadays.

Nendoroid - Nezuko Kamado

She came much later than expected considering I pre-ordered her way back in October of 2019, Nezuko finally arrived a whole year and a month later in November! Definitely one of my favorites from Demon Slayer even if she unfortunately didn't get much characterization in the series.. how can you not love Nezuko?

Since I haven't talked about it before, like pretty much everyone else I got into Demon Slayer after the anime aired. I was familiar with it a few months prior and was surprised nobody talked about it since it'd been going on in Shonen for a while at that point and I thought it looked interesting! Almost considered buying Nezuko merch at one point too before the series exploded in popularity. Anyways, I really like the series but aspects of it had me dissatisfied. The anime is definitely phenomenal and I'm excited to watch the movie whenever I'm able to. It was also a fun manga to read and left its mark on Shonen, but I feel like a lot of the characters, ideas, and world was left unexplored by the end. I won't talk spoilers but the conclusion felt anti-climatic and really left me dissatisfied as the reward for the journey was over and done in a single rushed chapter while the fight prior felt like it was drawn out unnecessarily long in contrast. Perhaps that was just because I was reading it from week to week, but it felt poorly handled. I'll have to go through and read it from start to finish again eventually, but that's my thoughts on Demon Slayer in a nutshell!

Oh, Shinobu is my favorite character as well. Definitely picking her up whenever she inevitably gets a Nendoroid.

But as for Nezuko..!


She's pretty cool! I think they did a pretty great job translating her design into the Nendoroid style, there's a whole bunch of different points I love on her. She only comes with two faceplates, neutral and ANGRY. Her angry one has a great amount of detail with the bulging veins sculpted into it and her intense furrowed brows. The difference between the two is night and day, but a common thread between them is the gorgeous irises, I love the shade of pink used. Just a thought, but I'd love to see someone use Nezuko's hair and neutral faceplate to make a custom Nendoroid of Eri from BNHA! I've seen comparisons drawn between the two before. They have the same adorable aura, for sure, but their designs are similar enough in this chibified form that I think she'd make a great base for Eri too!

Her kimono is very intricate surprisingly, Good Smile decided to actually carve out the design throughout instead of painting it on. It looks fantastic and does a good job defining the pattern! She's got two flaps on her outer coat that have small joints so you can give her some subtle motion when posing her, or completely remove them for her kneeling pose!

Her bamboo muzzle is removable as well! Not as flawlessly though, since it connects to little red-ish slots just behind her jawline, attached to the back of her hair.. I wish it connected directly to her hair instead. I'm assuming they didn't do this since it would be hard to see where to attach this piece, but if you take off her bamboo the red slots in her hair look strange and are extremely noticeable unless her head is tilted at certain angles or you're viewing her from above.


She also comes with her signature wooden box. A fun little accessory though disappointing you can't actually fit her inside because of her big hair sculpt! You can sort of recreate her crawling out though.. also as a bonus, if you want, it has optional plastic straps to hang over the shoulder of another Nendoroid. Namely, Tanjiro's.

You've seen all of the accessories so far but just to go over the ones I haven't explicitly mentioned. Separate from her default straight arms & open hands, she has a pair of bent arms & clenched fists. Two other lower kimono halves, one of which functions as her legs since it's the kneeling piece.. the other is just a spread kimono to allow for her alternate kicking leg pieces.

The only other thing minor flaw I dislike about her is how the bamboo hangs in front of her mouth. It looks fine on her angry faceplate but I found mine hanging a bit too low below the mouth on her standard faceplate a few times I had it displayed on her, so her mouth was clearly visible above the muzzle.


Here's her box! Maybe hard to tell in this photo, but a cool little extra detail Good Smile really didn't need to do but did anyways is the little pattern throughout the pink parts, reminiscent of the pattern on Nezuko's kimono!

I was a bit underwhelmed by Nezuko initially but I think she's grown on me quite a bit since I got her! She's spot-on when it comes to the character's likeness which makes her that much more charming. Lot's of different parts to mess around with, though not a huge variety of poses you can achieve with what you're given, it's still fun to see what you can pull off and she looks great in nearly any pose!

Nendoroid - Aqua

A highly anticipated addition to my collection after watching Konosuba and obtaining Megumin's school uniform Nendoroid nearly a year ago! Since I last talked about Konosuba I think that I'd only finished the first Season? Not too long after I watched the second season. Loved it. Then the movie. Loved it! So much so that I've watched it three times since. Aqua definitely stayed my favorite out of the main trio of girls, but I reeeaaally love Yunyun, just as I expected to. I'm praying I'll get her Nendoroid eventually, but it's so expensive right now with no sign of a re-release! Aqua's involvement in season two made me really happy, but then she kinda took a backseat during the movie where Yunyun got to shine. I'm hoping for a third season just like everyone else, but I think eventually I might end up getting into the light novels for this series..

I absolutely love this Nendoroid, I'd always seen pictures of her online and thought she was super cute but only until I had my hands on her in person did I realize what an honest treat she is. I'm hesitant to say it since I have such a big collection now, but Aqua may be my absolute favorite Nendoroid, aesthetically, so far. At least currently, I derive the most joy from seeing her on my shelf compared to the others in my collection!


I'm not sure where to begin with her? I guess I'll start with her faceplates since she has a really unique selection and they're all wonderful, very distinctly 'Aqua' and distinctly different from one another! First is her neutral happy face which is extremely adorable, it's got a hint of blissful innocence to it which is maybe why I love it so much? Next is her mischievous smirking face, fitting to her conniving and bratty side. I like that she's actually tearing up in this one from holding back laughter. Her last faceplate which I'll show in a second is a full-blown meltdown, panic, hyper hysteria she's known to burst into when both her abysmal intelligence and luck stats just aren't on her side..

Some of you may know that the designs of Konosuba's characters differ slightly between the anime & the visual novel, I mention this because Good Smile actually seems to have done their own thing regarding Aqua's hair color. In most of the light novel art she has a much more diluted mauve-ish blue and in the anime she's closer to a light blue. As you can see, she instead has a more vibrant aqua color which does have lighter tones to it, closer to how she is in the anime.. but if you compare it to her Figma (ITEM #675314) which much closer resembles her hair color in the anime, I think you can make out the difference! I actually prefer the Nendoroids hair color for Aqua. It's interesting, Good Smile is extremely inconsistent with the color it seems since her PUP figure (ITEM #945881) went with an even richer contrast blue, despite seemingly also being based off the anime design too? The new Aqua winter outfit Nendoroid (ITEM #1118270) announced just last week is entirely different too, almost turquoise in color! Definitely going to pick her up by the way, she's so cute!

Sorry for the long tangent focused on her hair, I just thought it was an interesting thing to compare after taking note of the differences! If any of you have a preference regarding her color I'd love to hear which and if there's any specific reasoning as to why?


Continuing on from her interesting hair, her outfit is entirely faithful right down to the transparent trim on her skirt which is a cool detail they decided to include! Her paint job is a bit messy in certain spots but it's overall pretty good. Small manufacturing issues like that crop up in the production run of a majority of figures, so it's kind of a luck of the draw thing.

Another issue I've heard but didn't experience myself is the little sprouts of water you can attach to her fans being flimsy or loose, causing them to fall off? Mine were super sturdy, so once again, luck of the draw. Speaking of those fans, I'll quickly talk about the remaining accessory and extra swappable parts then wrap things up with her!

Aqua's last accessory is her staff! You don't see it too much in the series but it really completes her look whenever this Nendoroid has it in-hand. The pink tulip-shaped tip compliments her colors well but also makes me wish she had her matching hagoromo, which her Figma did get. Her extra swappable parts include a hand to hold the staff, a pair of balled-up fists, two separate pairs of bent arms, and one bent leg.


Also potentially included is this pre-order bonus Konosuba baseplate! I bought Aqua on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and the seller had the pre-order bonus included. Looks great!


Here is her box! Nothing fancy, just lots of blue!

That's Aqua! I really didn't have any complaints about her or issues when playing around and posing her. She looks fantastic, is extremely expressive, true to her character, colorful.. Aqua is an all-around stellar Nendoroid and just owning her makes me love Aqua as a character that much more! I was so excited when I saw she was getting a new Nendoroid which is available in just a few days now. Hoping she doesn't sell out immediately or something because I can just imagine the potential aftermarket price. I want to get her new Figma too for the very same reason, a likely insane hike in price.. but at the same time, Figma's aren't cheap and while she's super cute I think getting both would put a serious dent in my bank account for this month.

Nendoroid - Rem

Last Nendoroid of the haul! Another girl from a highly acclaimed anime series that I'm late to the trend with watching.. but fashionably late since the second season is on-going right now, meaning it was the perfect time for me to jump in! Honestly, it just came down to me seeing the Rem, Ram, and Emilia get restocks on Good Smile's US shop, knowing their prices used to be crazy high, and thinking "Well, if I miss out on the chance now, will I get another in the future without going into debt?".. so I impulsively picked Rem because I thought her long ball and chain flail accessory was pretty neat!

I didn't get a chance to work through all of season one of Re:Zero yet but my opinion on Rem after watching up until after her backstory gets revealed.. was sort of a rollercoaster. I'll try not to spoil anything really for those that haven't watched, but at first I thought that I'd like her personality more, but admittedly I preferred Ram's design more.. and comparing their personalities to Emilia, I liked her more. Then for about an episode or two I really didn't like Rem, until coming around on her a few episodes later.. I'm more or less neutral on her now, I don't dislike her but I think she is my least favorite of that trio.

Who's my favorite?

Without a doubt, Beatrice. I absolutely love her character and I was HEARTBROKEN to see that her Nendoroid was fetching around $250 (CAD) right now. But as fate would have it, literally the night that I'm writing this, Good Smile put up pre-orders for her re-release. Bless whoever is looking out for me up there.. I didn't hesitate at all with ordering her. I have to wait until October but it'll be worth it.


Bad first impressions aside, I won't snub Rem any longer! Her design is still incredibly cute and I've had her displayed on my desk ever since unboxing her in November! I'm incredibly impressed by the clean, consistent paint job on her maid's outfit, especially since it's very detailed throughout! Another inherent bonus with such a generic outfit design is that it can be used with essentially any other Nendoroid you like, as long as their skin tone is matching or similar enough.

Her faceplates are obscured by her hair which is simultaneously a cute aspect of the twin's designs.. but a somewhat unfortunate one when translated into a figure. Obviously, it's an intentional quality of their designs that needs to be portrayed that way, with its own allure to it, so I'm not complaining about it as if it's an issue.. it's just too bad a third of her face is completely covered since she's got such pretty eyes! With her alternate hairpiece, you do get a more exposed look at them, but only one of the faceplates is intended to be used with it so the others look a bit strange. Good Smile did lift her standard hair just barely from the surface of her faceplates though so you can get little peeks underneath at certain angles. Unfortunate, tragic, flawed, still cute despite it.. a good way to describe Rem's overall design concept, I think! So it's very fitting that description pertains even just a small amount as to how I feel about this Nendoroid.

But that's enough of me trying to really reach when drawing poetic parallels, I want to talk about her spiky ball and chain since that's why I got her!


This thing is cool! They actually include two of these, one that has a static chain for a mid-swing pose with a tiny clear stand to support its weight midair and this one which is a rare dynamic Nendoroid accessory! It's kinda rare to see accessories like this with Nendoroids but I love them, super versatile since it isn't stuck behind the confines of how it was moulded, meaning you can get creative or do something unique! I just went with the most obvious, letting the chain zigzag on her baseplate.. but even that alone looks really interesting and brings lots of life to the figure! If you were using it in any sort of diorama or display I'm sure you could do much cooler stuff with it.

Her other accessory is a little brown platter that plugs into her hand. I assumed she could actually hold it outward, but due to the arm being shaped around her chest so that the tray can be tucked directly against her stomach, you oddly can't have her do such. Other than the hand & arm that holds the tray, she comes with identical pieces for the opposite side minus the hole for the tray, since the right hand is meant to rest overtop the left. Her other swappable parts are two bent arms, a pair of balled fists, an arm & hand to hold her weapon, and the three faceplates which I already mentioned and you've seen by now but quickly: a feverish bloodthirsty smile, a cutesy genuine smile, and an observant, hesitant, docile face which makes her look much more like a sheep than a ram- ..Ahem. Rem.


Here. Is. Her. Box. Nothing special!

While my feelings on Rem's character are a little mixed as of now, her Nendoroid is still a great one to have! I do kind of have my regrets for not purchasing Ram or Emilia over her, but that's what I get for only getting into the series after purchasing her. Moral of the story, don't get tricked by shiny things. I like her, she is growing on me as a character too, but in terms of blue-haired isekai girls, Aqua wins hands-down for me.

Nendoroid & Figma Multi-Use Mufflers

These may look familiar if you bought any select Nendoroids from Good Smile US' online shop around December this last year. They aren't exactly the same since they don't include the gloves that came with those scarfs but they are the exact same mould used. Similar to those, two randomly selected colors out of six total colors were given away with the purchase of either a Figma or Nendoroid from select retailers in January of 2017. I found this set of all six for ¥1500 on Yahoo! Auctions Japan a few months ago so I thought they'd be fun to pick up!


Here's a few of the girls from this haul adorning them, I'm super happy with how the colors matched up and my favorite of them is Aqua since as I mentioned, she didn't come with her hagoromo, so this pink scarf is a pretty amazing substitute! She looks so cute with it on too!

Here's an outtake View spoilerHide spoiler

Aqua the attention hog!

They are really simple accessories that look wonderful! I did have a little trouble with Rem since her head joint couldn't quite reach the bottom of the hole it plugs into with the extra thickness, but she was just a bit loose. So they might not work perfectly with every Nendoroid or Figma, but a large majority they will fit fine I imagine!

Nendoroid Petite - Madoka Magica

One of the many little gifts from NAELYTH I briefly mentioned in part one of this haul, given to me after I bought a few things from her! I'm extremely appreciative of it all, I had no clue she was going to include anything extra, let alone so many goodies as you'll see, but it was a super sweet gesture that she didn't need to do!

I've always been super interested in Nendoroid Petite's but no characters really grabbed my interest enough to seek out and purchase one for myself. So despite not having watched Madoka Magica, this little Modaka was really cool to receive! Kyubey is a little battle-damaged it seems, adds to the whole cutesy but dark theme Madoka Magica has going, right? So I'm not repeating myself for the rest of the haul (even if this is like the fourth time I've thanked her now) I'll get my thanks out of the way now! Thank you so much once again for everything Naelyth!

Just two plushies, both gifts from her!


Pompompurin and a cute bear! I'm not sure if the bear is actually from something or not since I didn't recognize it from anything. I love its little crown. They're both super cute!
Lots of amazing acrylics!

Once again, just so I'm not repeating myself a bunch, all of the non-EXTELLA LINK Fate stuff in this haul was either purchased or gifted by Naelyth! I bought a few things from her but she totally offered to just give the stuff to me if I paid for shipping, which I felt was too generous! So technically I bought a few things like this cute Alexander acrylic, but it was like pennies. So it was still extremely generous!

The acrylic on the left is from the collector's edition of EXTELLA LINK which I'll talk about when we get to it. This art is pretty great, I love how Nero is just lounging across and against both Drake & Scáthach.


Hololive acrylics! Not the only ones in this haul either which is exciting! Aqua's is absolutely gorgeous, from her "Super☆Dream♪" solo-live back in August! That event was so much fun to watch live, I ordered quite a few things since Aqua was the one who got me into Hololive and has remained one of my very favorites in the group! I have a few unopened blindbag keychains I'm holding onto for a video eventually (I promise soon!) and another item from the event to show off later on.

Also, Kanata's 3D debut acrylic! Definitely didn't expect to get this, I think you were able to order it individually when it was available, but shipping is pretty expensive and I wasn't super familiar with Kanata at the time, though I did watch her debut live. I found this just a few months ago however, with the same limited event dakimakura included, brand-new on Yahoo! Auctions Japan for only ¥7250. The dakimakura alone was sold originally for ¥10000 and the acrylic was ¥1000. I will show off the dakimakura later on, but I was so happy with finding that deal since Hololive aftermarket is brutally steep.


My two absolute favorite Hololive girls, when these acrylics were shown off I was ecstatic. I love Rushia & Marine SOOO much. Their dynamic is extremely playful but underneath all the teasing you can tell they really care about each other and genuinely have a ton of fun streaming together. It's always a blessing whenever these two get to interact and even on their own, I think they're wonderfully entertaining!

These are official Hololive collab items with the online retailer TSUKUMO, but I love how they went about making these and the other merch for the collab, since they officially hired a fanartist to do the illustrations! Cover seems to do this a lot which I think is fantastic and really helps give back to dedicated people in the community who are creating amazing stuff! They get to be not only acknowledged by the company and talents, but a direct part of the manufacturing for official goods and I'm sure a better chance at more opportunities in the future because of it? It's just a great practice that they've seemed to adopt, giving back to talent surrounding their passionate community. Benio is the artist on Twitter if you'd like to check out some of their other artwork! It's all fantastic as well! Super love these acrylics though!


The other artist involved in this collab is Muuran who did these chibi designs of the girls which I love just as much! They seem like a wonderful person who is just as enthusiastic about Hololive as myself, so seeing them be excited about their own artwork being made into official products just makes me unbelievably happy! Even if they probably only received an initial payment for the art and don't get residuals from individual purchases, I really wanted to support their work so I actually bought all six of the girls in these thick block acrylics! I love these just as much as the taller acrylics, they were cheaper too!


They've even got a separate back facing layer if you flip them around! They're super thick so you can stand them up with no issue, I just wanted to lay them down to show them off and when I'm displaying them I prefer laying them down just so they don't fall over and scratch.. but they are sturdy. This artwork was even used as concept for some plush designs, the first two of which (Sora & Rushia) went up just the other day. I tried for Rushia right as she went up, but she sold out within 12 minutes. Since I don't live in Japan and have to use a proxy, needless to say I didn't get her. The other plushies are rolling out within the next few days, with a restock coming at the end of February apparently? I'm really heartbroken at the thought of not getting any of the plushies, especially Rushia's since it's already being sold in the aftermarket for ¥10000+ when the original price was ¥4380. I'm praying somehow I get Rushia at the very least but preferably Marine too! I need my duo!


Finally, the last items I've picked up from the same collab. Just little stick & charm keychains with the same art, their names, and little insignias! Yes I'm very dedicated to these two.
Onto general merch, more exciting Hololive items!

This is a limited time, autographed postcard and keychain for Rushia's 1 year anniversary! Once again, super thrilled to have this since it's hand-signed! Her birthday was just recently and because Hololive has blown up so much more drastically in recent months, the hand-signed postcards are very limited and sell out just about as fast as her plush did.. so buying with a proxy means you've essentially got no luck there either. Geekjack is the site that handles their merchandise for overseas people but recently they started taking orders for items 24 hours after they go live in Japan. So I thought there was absolutely no way I'd get a signed postcard for her birthday this year, but amazingly when Geekjack put up her birthday set I guess they put aside some reserved stock to get hand-signed postcards, so I actually managed to secure one!

But, I'll have to wait like five months at least to get that stuff. Eventually. For now I have this beautiful postcard however! The artwork is by Rurudo who has some done beautiful art of Towa too! Just a warning though, some of their art is semi-NSFW, scantily clad stuff, so be cautious when checking out their Twitter profile, there might be NSFW stuff on there too, I'm not entirely sure! The keychain on the other hand was actually illustrated by Marine herself! Marine is an artist as well if you didn't know, she's just as amazingly talented as those aforementioned, if not more depending on your personal preference! Definitely a big fan myself, but I love that she chose to illustrate it for Rushia and actually just did the same with Rushia's new birthday set rubber charm (ITEM #1119234).


Here is a close-up of the autograph.


Aqua's Super☆Dream♪ penlight! It's got 12 additional colors aside from the standard white light-up, it's super beautiful, really shimmery, perfect for cheering on your favorite idols!


Here's what it looks like lit up, using Rushia's color!


Coco's 'Kiryu Family' pin badge. These were sold actually a while back now for her 3D debut which is when I bought mine, but they probably over-manufactured them since the demand at the time was insane and they sold out within an hour I think, so they just started reselling them recently. Coco is super entertaining and I have massive respect for her, so another cool item to have in my Hololive collection!

Final Hololive goodies for a bit, since I've still got more exciting things to show aside from this stuff! I picked up a few of these tiny keychains which were sold at Comiket 98 as a huge set of all the girls plus A-Chan. Even just one or two of these individually cost a lot now, I got these for somewhat cheap, but I did pay more than I was comfortable with for Rushia & Aqua since I was scared I'd never find them for a lower price! The big acrylic keychain on the right is the same story, except it was sold during the "Nonstop Story Hololive 1st fes." and it's just depressing to look at the prices for these. I want Rushia's so badly but I've only ever seen it for like $40 at the cheapest. I think I got Aqua's for $20-ish which was an extremely good deal since hers seems to fetch around the same price as Rushia's.

All super cute though, totally worth the money considering how much enjoyment they bring me.


Back to some more Fate items! I really love this Iskandar keychain! I've seen one of Altera in this style which I was tempted to pick up after receiving this one from Naelyth! Also the Alexander & Zhuge Liang keychain is terribly cute too!

More gifts! The bottom two Fate ones are so tiny! I adore this Teddie pin too since I don't have anything from Persona 4 in my collection despite it undeniably being one of my favorite games with such an unforgettable cast!

A few misc gifts, I picked out the little keychain because I thought it was cute but the others were surprises! I've used some of the regular stickers already but I'm sure the index stickers will find some use eventually!
Transitioning into paper related goods!

Wasn't sure whether to include this or not but it had a few interesting pages I wanted to share for whoever is interested! Also, another gift! A few pages under the cut -> View spoilerHide spoiler

Some cool, basic, design process stuff using Queen of Pain from Dota 2 as a template along with a dissection of Link's Breath of the Wild Nendoroid.


I thought this Disney page was interesting to own since the 'Coming Soon' shows Pirates of the Caribbean which was later confirmed to be a Jack Sparrow Nendoroid (ITEM #549131). Likely due to controversy with Johnny Depp and possibly partly due to the series falling into obscurity, this Nendoroid still hasn't been released and seems to be either canceled with no announcement or on indefinite hiatus. Also, I thought the 'Batman Ninja' announced Nendoroid was unreleased as well since I remembered the Figma coming out but no accompanying Nendoroid. Turns out they did happen, two Nendoroid's based off the film actually, but it was of Catwoman (ITEM #647871) and Harley Quinn (ITEM #647869) which is why I couldn't recall a Batman Nendoroid based off the film!


Lastly, another interesting dissection image of Link's Figma along with some promo images of some blank slate Figma's!


Probably my favorite of all the gifts, these big fancy Fate postcards! Both the illustrations and colors are really grand! I noticed a hilarious error on one of them though, Archer's is titled "Areher".

These match so well you'd think I planned it! More Fate cards, these were part of the EXTELLA LINK collectors edition just like the acrylic from earlier! I like the illustrations on these but not too many characters that I'm super familiar with or care too deeply about. I do like Drake, Lancelot, Scáthach, and Charlemagne too after playing through the game!

On the right is a little Inosuke card purchase bonus that Atai☆Kuji tossed in with Nezuko's Nendoroid. Other than that, a few Hololive cards that used to be all over Yahoo! Auctions Japan but have slowly dried up recently. Just picked them up since they were pretty cheap and I like these members a lot. Though there really isn't any Hololive member I dislike. They have a cool glitter to them which I couldn't get to show off that well since it's really dense particles. They were part of a collab with Atre Akihabara during Feburary of 2020. Not sure how you obtained them exactly but I think they were probably given out with purchases.


The back of the cards look like this!

Coolest part of the collab was this promotional video they created for it, which you can click below to check out if you feel inclined!

A few final gifts, some clear files!

Really dig the design of these, the red and white color combo looks nice on them, both the illustrations on the front and patterns on the back look great too!

The same artwork from that charming keychain earlier is back, blown up even bigger to enjoy on a clearfile! Also some Zhuge Liang on a really eye-catching lime green backdrop!

Finally that Kanata dakimakura cover I mentioned earlier! Packed with so much cuteness that I couldn't capture the entire thing in one photo! Actually just limited by the cramped space I use to take these photos. So, if you'd like to see the full thing, official photos and a tiny hidden thing I noticed are here -> View spoilerHide spoiler

Here's the full thing!


Near the bottom of the front side, across from Kanata's foot is a little "PPT" which is nickname fans have given Kanata. An abbreviation of "PowerPoint Tenshi" or "Pitch Perfect Tenshi" as well as other titles that fit the three letters. Tenshi is the Japanese word for angel, with 'Pitch Perfect' referencing Kanata's amazing vocal range and 'PowerPoint' referencing how she used Microsoft PowerPoint during her debut stream to introduce herself.


..and for reading this far, you get a special scrunched up munchkin.


Another EXTELLA LINK collector's edition bonus! I like the artwork but it's a pretty low-quality tapestry with crazy crease lines from how many times it was folded to fit in the box. Mine even had a chunk in the bottom right taken out of it. I got the game sealed too, so it shipped like that.
Media to finish the haul!

Finally, here's EXTELLA LINK's collectors edition box, one of the better benefits honestly.

The actual game case that's inside! Nothing special about it, just the regular games case but I thought I'd show it anyways. As for my thoughts on this game.. I've only played through the initial first route so far but from what I've read, all of the routes have an extremely weak story. From a gameplay perspective, it's a fun enough warriors game to sink some time into but extremely easy since I had no difficulty at all sailing through Hard difficulty from the beginning. Doesn't seem like there's much depth either despite some intriguing-sounding mechanics. It's really just such a barebones, unintentionally low effort game? I say unintentionally since apparently the budget was extremely small, which is evident right from the choppy framerate trailer. Disappointing since I've seen the prior game, Umbral Star, get such praise!

Charlemagne was surprisingly the only thing I enjoyed about it, even though I initially thought he'd be like some generic self-insert OC character because of his design. I mostly enjoyed him purely because you could tell his voice actor was putting in a lot of effort, so he kind of won me over and sold the character to me. I'd love to see a better Extella game with him included or perhaps see him added to FGO eventually? Otherwise, the game isn't really worth your money.


I did really enjoy the soundtrack though so this is a bonus as well! The illustrations in the game were also very nice, but disappointingly there was no artbook included.

Last but not least, I decided to pick up a few physical copies of "Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro" since it's a playful series I've really enjoyed for a long time now and I thought it might be more expensive or harder to obtain these once the anime got announced? So I preemptively picked up volumes 1-3 in November and my sister got me volume 4 for Christmas since the physical English version came out sometime in December I believe? Can't wait to check out the anime in April! Here's a few extra photos of the colorful spines of these and the extra colored 4 panel strips on the back -> View spoilerHide spoiler





With that, you can take a sigh of relief!
Since you made it to the end! Congratulations!

I thought this haul was going to be a pretty easy and a short one to write, but I guess I underestimated my ability to type on about nonsense forever and just how much that I had to say this time, since it took way longer to write than I anticipated. A little sleep deprived but it's done!

Thank you very much for taking the time to look through my haul, hopefully something interested you and you got some joy out of it!

So like I mentioned at the beginning, I have some leftover Nendoroids that I still haven't shown off so within the next month I'll make one or two smaller articles dedicated to just those. I'm thinking about splitting them up since there are three that are from the same series and then four remaining ones that can go together. But, I may decide to just do one big one! Not sure yet and I still want to check out a few of the series I'm unfamiliar with if possible so I'm not going to confirm a timeframe yet, other than they will be posted before my next proper haul!

But that's all I really have to say at the moment! How is your guy's new year going so far? Did you set any resolutions for your collection or otherwise? Let me know! Thank you once again, I'll be back soon with more stuff, I promise!

☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆Previous loot! ↩ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Next loot! ☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆

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Rimurushion2 months ago#91403986I’m sorry to hear your passion is not as strong at the moment but I completely understand, sometimes we need breaks! You got some very cute items, I really like the petites, all the Nendoroids of course and I think the little pink bear is a Sanrio little Twins Stars Lala bear!
Yeah, my enthusiasm with collecting wanes every so often. I think it will return to me but it feels like BNHA merch has been stagnant lately with less and less interesting stuff releasing, which has made me less passionate about collecting overall. Unfortunately, I feel myself slowly distancing from the series too, which is strange to me since I've been still loving the manga week after week.

I couldn't find any exact matches for the bear, but that would definitely make sense it if was a Sanrio Lala bear! Their colors and design match at least. Thank you for pointing that out, I don't think I'd have connected the two otherwise!
2 months ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
I’m sorry to hear your passion is not as strong at the moment but I completely understand, sometimes we need breaks! You got some very cute items, I really like the petites, all the Nendoroids of course and I think the little pink bear is a Sanrio little Twins Stars Lala bear!
2 months ago
yakushining2 months ago#91313740the familymart nendos are so cute- my sister has rin because she's her favourite vocaloid and she likes her for essentially the same reasons that you listed (which are pretty spot on since a lot of people depict her that way!) :) i'm not even into fate (don't even want to go down that wallet crushing route hahaha), but that first extella acrylic that you showed is gorgeous!
nice loot, it was a fun read as always! :D

Thank you! That's super interesting that her design seems to invoke that sort of personality, even to someone like myself who barely has any familiarity with her. Those types of characters are lots of fun, I can see why your sister likes Rin!

Fate really is one of those franchises, huge appeal, tons of characters, drains your wallet.. even more so if you play FGO since the gacha in that game is pretty unrelenting. So good call! I do love that acrylic though, it was one of the main reasons I even picked up the collectors edition when I saw it for pretty cheap on Amazon.

famouslastwords2 months ago#91313851about vocaloid: the characters purposely don't have much of an official personality or backstory, so that anyone making music with isn't limited to making songs that "fit" the character! but there are definitely common interpretations that show up in songs and other fan content again and again, and you definitely hit one with the vibe you got from rin! a lot of fun songs with her and len usually have them riffing off of each other, trading the serious sibling and goofy sibling role back and fourth ^-^
Ohh, thank you for letting me know! I kind of thought that was the case, but also assumed there might have been some form of related media that personified them a certain way and fans just stuck with that. That's pretty cool to know that the characters can technically be personified however you see fit! Definitely lends credence to the creativity of Vocaloid's fandom. I like the idea of a little sibling rivalry between the twins too! That's a fun trope!

Wario542 months ago#91313904Awesome loot! That Chika prize figure actually looks really cute! Beatrice is also my favorite Re:Zero character so I’m glad you get the chance to pre-order her Nendo, she’s so perfect (kashira). <3 And one last thing, where did you get that keychain/clear file of Alexander and Zhuge Liang?? I had that as my phone wallpaper ages ago and never realized it was on any kind of merch, I need it! TwT
Thank you so much!! I'm so happy about Beatrice too! I knew that I was going to like her from the moment she was introduced just because her personality was entertaining, but I was extremely surprised that she brought me to tears twice View spoilerHide spoilerOnce when she made her little pact to protect Subaru, then later on when she stuck by him, before Subaru lept off the cliff so that solidified her as my favorite! Can't wait to see more of her as I continue the series!

I really wish I could answer your question about both the clear file and keychain! Unfortunately, I have no clue since it was gifted to me by NAELYTH. I could definitely ask her next time we talk, but I think it's probably been in her collection for a long while so I'm not sure if even she'd remember! I'm sure that she wouldn't mind if I were to gift one of them (either the clear file or keychain) to you though! I'm just not sure how much shipping would be since I live in Canada. If it's not worth the hassle, no worries! But if you're really desperate for it I'd be happy to send it your way, just send me a message and we can work it out! (^ᴗ^)
2 months ago
Awesome loot! That Chika prize figure actually looks really cute! Beatrice is also my favorite Re:Zero character so I’m glad you get the chance to pre-order her Nendo, she’s so perfect (kashira). <3 And one last thing, where did you get that keychain/clear file of Alexander and Zhuge Liang?? I had that as my phone wallpaper ages ago and never realized it was on any kind of merch, I need it! TwT
2 months ago
about vocaloid: the characters purposely don't have much of an official personality or backstory, so that anyone making music with isn't limited to making songs that "fit" the character! but there are definitely common interpretations that show up in songs and other fan content again and again, and you definitely hit one with the vibe you got from rin! a lot of fun songs with her and len usually have them riffing off of each other, trading the serious sibling and goofy sibling role back and fourth ^-^
2 months ago
yakushining your Highness
the familymart nendos are so cute- my sister has rin because she's her favourite vocaloid and she likes her for essentially the same reasons that you listed (which are pretty spot on since a lot of people depict her that way!) :) i'm not even into fate (don't even want to go down that wallet crushing route hahaha), but that first extella acrylic that you showed is gorgeous!

nice loot, it was a fun read as always! :D
2 months ago
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