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turtlelinsturtlelins3 months ago
hello! this is a continuation of my last article (BLOG #46550) of my repaint over a bootleg Hatsune Miku Yukata Ver. Nendoroid (ITEM #117506) . i'll be covering how i made a custom base for it, since i know someone asked me to write about it whenever i did. ^^

so about the figure itself! here's a comparison of the bootleg (picture from here) and my finished repaint.
*note: i had the far left pose, with no added faces or accessories

i finished my repaint around 4 months ago, but i was still unsatisfied with the figure because of her base. unfortunately, the smooth acrylic caused Miku to slip around a lot. with no actual peg either, other than the bent paper clip i'm using, she was very unstable. so as a solution, i planned to make a custom base for her ... 4 months later apparently LOL

PROCESS: Maddening/Happy Little Accidents
though it wasn't as mind-numbing as repainting the figure, i can't lie and say that making the base wasn't as frustrating as hell lol. i wanted to make a scenic kind of base, but because i don't have any experience with miniature modeling, i was lost going in. this won't be a very intense tutorial on my end though, since i looked into DIY videos to put together a couple elements.

to start off, here's the materials i used:
View spoilerHide spoiler- thin cardboard, textured cardboard
- plain masking tape
- air dry clay
- thin metal wire
- Crayola Washable Marker in black
- color pencils (dark brown, navy blue)
- several glues (Gorilla Glue, PVC glue, Glossy Mod Podge)
- acrylic paints (blue, red, yellow, black, white)
- tools (X-Acto knife, olfa knife, metal ruler, etc)

i decided that the easiest way to make a new base was by making one that would sit on top of the acrylic base i had, rather than gluing stuff directly on the acrylic. to make the new base, i cut out a square that i traced from the acrylic with a hole for the acrylic rod.

i wanted to make some stepping stones, so i followed this DIY video for making faux stones. i ripped up tiny pieces of textured cardboard from old packaging for a lamp, but i've seen the same kind of material for egg cartons and cup holders. :)

this part of the process gets pretty lost and eventually scrapped LOL but i retained what i did here for the second time i made the base. here, i only taped up part of the cardboard square where i planned for the stones to sit. first i colored the entire square with the color pencils (dark brown + navy blue), and colored over that with the black marker.

following the diy video, i dunked the "stepping stones" in PVC glue on the part of the square i sectioned off with masking tape and covered the rest of the square with fake moss. here, i realized that the ink from the black washable marker separated into blue + green inks. it made the space between the stones look more like a river, rather than grout like the example in the DIY video i used... which was a pretty badass turn of events. however, this couldn't save the base from looking "meh." i didn't like how the fake moss was all one shade of green, and the sides of the cardboard were distracting. so after this, i decided to make another base.

while i was making the base (which i unwillingly dubbed as the "prototype" rather than the finish), i was making mushrooms that i wanted to glue onto the base. i used another DIY video for making the mushrooms, link to that here. here's metal wire i cut into small rods for the stems, and my mushroom parts drying along with the base prototype.

here are the mushrooms with their stems and caps glued together with Gorilla Glue. they'll be painted later with a cream white base and pink edges, with a Glossy Mod Podge finish on just the caps.

aaand here's my second time making the base. the cutting cardboard part was the same, except now ive wrapped the top of the square with two layers of masking tape that cover the edges.

after wrapping the square in tape, i went with the same color pencil + marker procedure over the half of the square i planned for the stepping stones to go. i painted the other half of the square a solid black. to solve the "fake grass being only one shade of bright green" problem, i dunked some patches of fake moss into acrylic washes of black paint and dark blue paint before gluing them on.

here is a comparison between the prototype base and newer base. at this point, i've glued on the now-painted mushrooms (i attached them by stabbing into the base with my X-Acto knife and using Gorilla Glue LOL). i still had to glue on more fake moss, add water ripples with white paint, and make more finishing touches with Glossy Mod Podge, but that can be seen in the final pics.

CONCLUSION: Finally Finished OTL
man, i'm glad this figure is done. both the figure and base didn't end up half-bad, considering that they were my first times in figure painting and miniature modeling respectively. here's some turnaround pics of her:

and a fun pic of her with my Hatsune Miku - Ribbon x Heart figure (ITEM #809901) and ... Metal Gear Ray LOL (ITEM #17005)

thank you for reading my article if you did :) hope everyone has a good week
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omg, this is so cute! i love her hair sm the galactic theme feels super cool. i really want to make a custom miku now hrrrrr
3 months ago
She's even cuter than before with her custom base! You put a lot of planning into it. That water and stone are so cool - they look real!
3 months ago
galactic cutie patootie!!! I love her kimono now, it's so pretty. Well done, this is really cool!
3 months ago
Meowchh3 months ago#91736866I love the color theme you chose for the figure, you did an amazing job! The base is awesome too and adds a lot of character.
Thank you for sharing this!

tysm! i'm a sucker for dark blue/pink color schemes :)

kittykuntagious3 months ago#91749083Omg this is too cute! I love everything about her. ;w;!!!
thank you :DD
3 months ago
Omg this is too cute! I love everything about her. ;w;!!!
3 months ago
I love the color theme you chose for the figure, you did an amazing job! The base is awesome too and adds a lot of character.
Thank you for sharing this!
3 months ago
maithy3 months ago#91730234cute!!
thank you!

Heliodora3 months ago#91731227I looove the eyes <3 The outfit and hair are also super super cute, and really good idea with the base.
aww thank you :) i'm glad it turned out good
3 months ago
Heliodora Collector of the Boiis
I looove the eyes <3 The outfit and hair are also super super cute, and really good idea with the base.
3 months ago
maithy shiteyanyNO
3 months ago
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