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PatrickstarsfartPatrickstarsfart2 months ago
hey MFC :)
this is a habit I haven't really discussed with anyone yet...
I talk and treat my figures as if they are close friends.

it probably has something to do with psychological problems or the fact that I have a really hard time talking to people in the real world.
I figured it would be fun to talk a little bit about it here since it's honestly becoming a huge problem for me.

I started out with a few pieces of Emilia merch. I honestly felt like I had a stranger in my home. I couldn't even dress in my own room because I was fearful of her seeing me naked.
after a few weeks, I actually started to warm up to her as if we had a really close friendship.

but then I introduced some new figures from completely different animes. my collection eventually grew bigger to the point where I have a china cabinet full of figures. from here it's honestly gotten worse.

whenever I'm watching tv or something and I laugh I turn my laptop around to show my figures. I could sit in my bed and talk for hours and hours about my problems nobody else would want to listen to. if I'm getting ready to go somewhere I always have to tell them all about where I'm going. once I get back I sit down and talk to them for hours and hours when I should be working on something useful. when I'm talking to them I sometimes feel like they are talking back. even though I know they aren't real people I cant some around to treating them like pieces of plastic. I also feel like I have different friendships with each character. I find myself reading or watching a video on my laptop with my 1/4 Chiaki figure in my hand like I'm watching it with her. I feel like I can't have any men figures because they would judge me more than the girls. also, I still can't change my clothes in my room. I also make up lies whenever I'm doing something embarrassing so they don't think I'm retarded or something. it gets worse and worse every time I get a new figure.

do you talk to your figures, or am I just crazy?
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I mean, I can understand chilling and watching stuff with like a plush in hand or something. Nesoberis are great for that. But talking to figures is something that is a little strange. I can’t relate to that personally.
2 months ago
Think of yourself like Gilgamesh and they are your subjects in your treasury. It's a mutually beneficial relationship, their well being depends on your well being. Helps you better yourself.
2 months ago
I talk with them everyday. In busy days, I give them at least a "good night girls" before sleeping.
I have felt that connection since my first anime figure Manaka Komaki ITEM #1559
2 months ago
I do the same thing. I feel so bad for the figures I've had to pack up because my space got smaller. Even so, the figures I still have on display, I tell them good night every night before leaving my living room, where I have them displayed. I also tell them "itekimasu" when I'm leaving and "tadaima" when I return, cause I'm a weeb. I like watching their respective shows with them too. I'll talk to them when I'm sad. It's nice to have someone to listen to you. I think as long as it's not harming you or others, it's perfectly fine and normal to do.
2 months ago
Hentai_Son Cool Guy(tm)
Sometimes when figures have little open spots in their hands I will hold them with my finger for a little bit of serotonin, mostly cute to pass the time but honestly this post is pretty endearing and I appreciate this sorta content. Good for you friend to enjoy your hobby and find new love in it
2 months ago
johnny3bullet2 months ago#92488261 but i do enjoy holding one or two up to watch with me if i'm watching whatever franchise they're from, and when i bring out my jojo plushies, i try to make them comfortable and prop them up as if they can see, lmfao. i don't think it's because i'm lonely as i am rather popular and have plenty of friends, might be weird but it makes me feel happy. overall, op this isn't strange in my opinion, i think society just wants to repress people's childish spirits and you should do whatever you want. some of my friends still play with legos or collect hot wheels. it's completely normal to play and i think we should stop the stigma around it, sometimes you just want to play star wars lightsabers and i say fuck yeah to that. no way growing up is gonna stop me from letting myself have fun once in a while.
I thought I was the only one lol, if I watch an anime I'll gather up my plushes of the characters so we can watch together. For me it probably was a loneliness thing stemming from my childhood, but oh well. It's really fun. So is waving lightsticks when there's a concert or song in a show!

I never understood the people who go along with that- pretending they're so grown up and adult that they deny themselves all the hobbies and things they enjoy. Everyone I know who does this is miserable. Don't see how it's worth it.
2 months ago
There’s nothing wrong with you if you do this. I personally don’t but holding figures really eases my anxiety and stress especially my biggest one. So I relate in relying on you’re figures for comfort
2 months ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Rikoei2 months ago#92486424I beg to differ as my mom has had friends with kids who were schizophrenic
And it got worse as time went by
Just saying

I don't think it's fair to insinuate that something as harmless as talking to your figures for fun is a sign of a mental illness... I don't do it myself, but it seems like OP is having fun in the same way that a child might have fun with some plushies or dolls. Is it childlike for an adult? Maybe, but letting out your inner child isn't harmful. Having an imagination is actually healthy. OP shows no signs of being at risk in the post and they're having fun.
Also, plenty of other people in the comments say they do it too, are you going to say they're all mentally ill?
2 months ago
This is messed up. OP is confessing something personal and you guys think it's all just for your entertainment. How would you guys feel if you told someone a personal secret, then they assumed you were maliciously trying to trick them and refuse to listen to your explanation?

Not cool guys.
2 months ago
Patrickstarsfart2 months ago#92487893what do I have to do to prove myself then? Dumb fuck im sorry you took that as an insult. i was actually asking the other commenters about this but didnt seem to get anyone quoted.
calling me names doesn't help. sorry for ruining your day and misunderstanding what was going on
2 months ago
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