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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari12 days ago
Well now that I've unplugged from doing a lot with things with the hobby and sitting back and just checking out a few figures here and there a Fate figure caught my eye and now finding myself debating on getting that one next month or waiting till the next month of April to get that version since my goal with collecting is to cut my monthly addition of scaled figures to at leas 2 figures per month.

ITEM #603993 is the Gilgamesh that Caught my eye and I really like how that one looks and it fits within my budget limits so it could be picked up first thing next month when March's Collecting Cycle Begins.


I was looking at ITEM #603997 and that lead me to finding Orange Rouge's version of Gilgamesh and I'm very tempted to get both of these for the collection since they look amazing but both are over $130 and that's above my main limit for a single figure so it's something that has to be mentally debated and with this month almost over giving myself maybe 2 weeks to mull over the decision before getting that one sounds like a good idea.

While I'm already set on getting ITEM #899482 for the collection this question comes up rarely because in the end I'll usually get both versions but looking at how great these two versions of Gilgamesh look I wonder what you would choose and next month is going to be a Fate filled month with a few Fate Prize Figures so chances are good Gilgamesh and Merlin will be the two main Scaled figure pickups just determining how much to spend on Gilgamesh next month since it's rare that I'll get more than one version of the same character in one month so the Orange Rouge Gilgamesh could wait till April and pick that up with Lancer then.


Merlin ITEM #1038445 is my MUST HAVE Fate figure next month but I want Gilgamesh too and while I could get the Fate/Zero Gilgamesh right now my objectives are to cut new additions to the collection down and sometimes it feels good to have something left to pick up for the next month instead of getting it all right now.

Next Month's Fate Figure Collection additions are:

ITEM #1039941
ITEM #1044544

So Gilgamesh and Merlin would top things off nicely with those new additions so right now this is one of those choices I'll be sleeping on for the next 2 weeks because my budget is limited from what I've already picked up this month.

I'm very pleased with how ITEM #844778 came out and it's one of my favorite Prize figures and ready to move up to getting a good Scaled figure of Gilgamesh.

Gotta watch Fate Grand Order again.


Slowly getting sucked into Fate once again and feels like just looking at few figures makes me want a few of them but considering how much they cost these days sticking to budget and making sure there are no impulse purchases is getting harder some times but because a lot has been picked up for this month's collecting cycle I'm looking ahead at next month and so far Gilgamesh and Merlin are the main Wants for next month.


I'd love to find Fate/Unlimited Blade Works on DVD next month but that DVD set is expensive so hopefully they'll get to re-releasing that series soon.

Got a set limit for next month's figure purchases so between pre-orders and the 2 figures that I'd like to get that's a fair amount spent right there so trying to determine which will fit into this collection best even though all the figures listed here will fit into this collection nicely it's just a matter of quantity of what to pick up so 2 other figures sound like a decent limit.

Feeling a need for more Fate but don't want to get overloaded on it.

Not doing a lot with this hobby for the next few months just trying to get my mindset changed to where it's focused on less and making sure what's selected is what I want the most.

My Next Collecting Cycle starts in 3 weeks, should hopefully decided on which version to get by then.

What about you, which Gilgamesh would you get?
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Which Gilgamesh Version would you get?

53%Orange Rouge Gilgamesh
47%Figuarts Zero Gilgamesh
59 votes


I love gilgamesh, butg i must say....

i hate the quality of the orange rouge gilgamesh. the form of the head is really aweful.

There is the figurarts better.

My favorite Gilgamesh is the one from aniplex. his face is awesome! and the one from myethos is also pretty nice, but a bit more expensive than the orange rouge.
11 days ago
I own a few Gils as well and maybe I could throw in my opinion...

Figuarts Gilgamesh (as mentioned below) can be found at quite cheap prices and if you're planning on getting Figuarts Merlin as well, their heights would match. Otherwise, Orange Rouge's Gilgamesh is quite larger than Figuarts Merlin. This photo shows their height difference quite well. So even though Figuarts' page says 21 cm and OG Gil's page says 23,5 cm; that photo is the actual end result. I don't know if you care about this stuff, but I do, so I wanted to add it.

I've also gotten that SPM Ishtar and that Mash is on the way too! You might want to keep in mind that Sega's SPM Fate line is also quite large for usual prize figures. Standing at 23 cm, Ishtar doesn't look odd at all when placed among scaled figures. So I think they could look nice along with Orange Rouge's Gilgamesh; but look too tall for Figuarts Gilgamesh and Merlin.

Figuarts Gilgamesh can be caught at incredibly great prices; because for some reason it tanked. I have no idea why, honestly it looks like a good figure; but yeah, it's been quite cheap around. So maybe, if you want, you might even have a chance to get both of them at this rate.
11 days ago
miyari daddy's lil mongrel
I like to consider myself an expert on the subject of Gilgamesh and I vastly prefer the Figuarts Zero. Do keep in mind that he is smaller than Orange Rouge's.

Orange Rouge's Gilgamesh looks like Ryan Reynolds and has too many abs. Also, mine's hand fell off and I had to glue it back on. Twice. His price tanked a bit after launch; I copped him for around ~$70 IIRC on AmiAmi and you absolutely should not pay more than that.

Figuarts Zero Gilgamesh's price absolutely tanked in Japan, so if you don't mind importing, you can get him for around $40 before shipping. He's literally 3k yen on Mandarake right now.

Both figures' boxes are about the same size, so you can likely expect similar shipping costs.

Also, for what it's worth, I'll be picking up that Merlin, too, but I'm going to wait and see if his price ends up as volatile as Gilgamesh's. I wouldn't cop him at full retail.
11 days ago
i have ITEM #899482 it is the first figure i ever both which was in December. i am very happy with my purchase even my family liked it
11 days ago
I do recommand ITEM #603828 which i like very much !
12 days ago
Infiniti12 days ago#92546219From the user photos, OR Gil's face honestly seemed too off for me and I know it was the same for others fyi. So I'd recommend the Figuarts Gil.

The Figuarts Gilgamesh Face does look better to me than the OR Version.
12 days ago
From the user photos, OR Gil's face honestly seemed too off for me and I know it was the same for others fyi. So I'd recommend the Figuarts Gil.
12 days ago
Senbei12 days ago#92546186I'd go for the Figuarts Gil. My sis has OR Gil and while it's nice, it's pretty typical OR. Unless the quality for the Figuarts one is really bad, the dynamic pose takes the win for me

The Pose for the Figuarts Gilgamesh is part of the appeal too, feels as if this decision may take a while to get through going over both of these figures cause it's like if I get the OR Version I'll have to get the OR Lancer too but since the Figuarts Merlin is coming out and should be in stock by the time I make my decision I'll have to have Merlin and Gilgamesh.

-Would be awesome if they made a Figuarts Lancer!

Pose and Effect parts make the Figuarts Zero Gilgamesh my preferred item to get next month.

-Already got this month's 2 main Scaled figures Black Cat and Huntress still waiting for those to get in-
12 days ago
I'd go for the Figuarts Gil. My sis has OR Gil and while it's nice, it's pretty typical OR. Unless the quality for the Figuarts one is really bad, the dynamic pose takes the win for me
12 days ago
D_A_R12 days ago#92546080Personally, I prefer the look of the Fate/Zero Gilgamesh. I wasn't really a fan of the FGO anime. IMO it was the weakest one out of all the Fate series.
From the 2 Figures you mentioned I'd choose the Figuarts Zero Gilgamesh, because the pose is a bit more dynamic and I really like the effect pieces.

And price wise the Figuarts Zero is under $100 so that's part of why it appeals to me, that other Scaled version looks AMAZING to me.

I just want some more Guys for my collection and Merlin and Gilgamesh are at the top of the list.

I enjoyed the Fate Grand Order Anime, found the FGO Version of Gilgamesh to be my favorite version he was likeable in that one compared to his previous versions.
12 days ago
PVC anime figure store.

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