Comments Late February 2021 Additions: What have you gotten lately?

  • I recently got one of my most sought after figures, ITEM #287814. I also got ITEM #1066772 in the mail a week ago. Both of them I got on eBay second-hand for fair deals. ITEM #940905 and ITEM #144318 are also on their way for later this month or March onward!
    1 day ago
    Awesome finds. Several long delayed packages finally came in the mail this month. The most important items being several Nendos and Freeing bunny figures. Now that these are here, perhaps I should resume with making loot posts.

    LIST #145458
    1 day ago
    All preorders I'm waiting to be released in February got postponed to March. I'm happy to get a 3d metal kit in time so I have what to work on.

    Also I bought an Onmyoji figure via Chinese proxy. While I've known about her size and weight, I was expecting max. 4kg package, not 7.6 kg. She will sit in a warehouse until I get more funds to ship her in April along with an acrylic box.
    2 days ago
    I just got APC Toys Transformers: Prime 'Arcee' View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://showzstore.com/u_file/2101/photo/fea4048bf0.jpg
    She's based on the Hasbro First Edition from 2012 ITEM #91927 but with nicer paint and more detail. She also comes with a lot more accessories.

    Shipping together by the end of February will be GSC Moderoid's ED-209 ITEM #1035179 to compliment my Hagane Works Robocop along with NekoPara's Coconut by Hakoiri Musume ITEM #948163 and Nisei Muramasa by Wing ITEM #287827

    This will cover most of my pre-orders from last year.
    I can't wait.
    2 days ago
    I only pre ordered ITEM #1125798
    My only figure this month I am currently waiting to get shipped isn’t on MFC but it’s Rin from muse dash by apex but next if it’s not delayed I’m getting the 1/2 scale shinobu in March
    However I’m gonna save up money after the 1/2 scale for art school which I should of done a long time ago
    2 days ago
    Wow, I guess the Fate dvds have gone down in price. I remember looking for Fate Zero a while back and the BDs at least were over $100. That's just too much for me.

    I've had a couple figures get in the past few weeks. This bad boy finally showed up: ITEM #846085 and damn is he huge! Getting him from a US based shop saved me a lot on shipping. I also had this ITEM #675835 and another non-MFC figure arrive since DHL for each was actually pretty reasonable. ITEM #806319, ITEM #604639, and ITEM #260969 also released this month, but I won't be seeing them for quite some time. I also have Myethos Eyjafalla (butchering that spelling otl) shipping out soon, but I'm not sure if shipping from China is super slow or not so I might not see her for a while either. When all my figures make it across the ocean, I'm sure USPS will be cursing my name.
    2 days ago
    For me lately i got ITEM #177560, ITEM #173863 and ITEM #373323 this thursday from different stores at the same time, and ITEM #134041 just a few hours ago, aannnddd i'm expecting ITEM #1006896 to arrive by the very end of this month, so you can say that the last 2 weeks of February were pretty loaded for me...i just hope the customs fees from DHL won't kill me for that bunny tho...
    2 days ago
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