have you bought a figure form a series you know nothing about?have you bought a figure form a series you know nothing about?Ask MFC

lyss_lyss_1 month ago
hello guys, i just wanna ask you all this question: do you guys ever buy a figure you know nothing about?

for me, i personally feel very weird buying figures from series i dont know anything about, no matter how cute or cool it looks, however there are some characters ive made exceptions for regardless.

i preordered ITEM #1131732 despite never playing the game and knowing nothing about him. he is too damn cute i couldnt resist (/▽\*) id buy every piece of merch that exists of him if i could

i also preordered ITEM #1085472 even though i havent watched the anime yet. ive been wanting to but never gotten around to it so maybe this doesnt count lol.

ive also gotten these two ITEM #2081 ITEM #1613 i know absolutely nothing about them, but they are the rarest nendoroids you could get, so i had to get them for my collection as a rare nendoroid collector.

i would also buy literally everything of ENTRY #4343 even though i barely played fgo. He is too sexy (✽´ཫ`✽)

now tell me your unknown buys!
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ojakue giyuu and satoru are my wives
figures i own that i know absolutely nothing about: ITEM #287974, ITEM #180750 (i really loved her design and i was like "i need her" plus i think one of my friends WAS into rozen maiden when he was younger so i think of him when i look at the figure), ITEM #604651 (tried getting into re:zero but i dropped it. altho ram is still very cute to me), ITEM #740204, ITEM #27637, and ITEM #3

i thought they were all really cute looking and i couldn't resist because i like cute things haha. there are like, a few figures i do own that i vaguely know about, but i didn't count them because i'd seen them before/learned about them briefly.
2 days ago
pretty much all my Myethos figures.
...and they get more and more. *shrugs*
3 days ago
not necessarily, but i really want ITEM #198550 despite dropping fairy tail a long time ago and not really having an attachment to any of the characters
16 days ago
miyari daddy's lil mongrel
lol literally my entire collection
17 days ago
Currently I really hope to be able to get my hands on [url=]ITEM #269746[/url] one day because I love her so much I can't get the ice cream, the heels, the everything out of my head... Never even thought seven deadly sins had sexy characters and I have no clue what the plot is about, and I don't plan to watch it either haha

The figure is not from the shounen anime "Seven Deadly Sins" but is an entirely different series with only very sexy characters haha as far as I am aware of
17 days ago
Never - that would be an extremely slippery slope
1 month ago
I have a somewhat strict rule of not buying figures from games/anime that I know nothing about. Instead, I'll force myself to learn about a series if I like how a figure looks to justify the purchase haha.

Also, I just preordered ITEM #1085472 as well! He looks so good ^^
1 month ago
Yes although usually i try and watch a bit of whatever they are from so in the end the only figures i still don't really know the source material for are those like games ITEM #446162 apparently she's a cool librarian but that's about all the info i could dig up on her, and original characters
1 month ago
I have as a rule that I need to know and like the characther of the figure i buy or at least Watch the anime or check out the resource the figure are from for me to justify me buying it. And as of yet I kept that rule. But I might brake that rule because of the myethos Onmyoji Jr. Ootengu 1/8 Complete Figure (not in the data base) this figure got me breathles i think it is so so pretty.but it since it so expensive i don’t know if i should get it since I probably nerver Will be able to play the game he is from. Hehe I did do some reachers on him so this might not count but still if I get him he Will problably be the only figure i buy without haveing played the game. But honestly i might be wrong since
Myethos dose totally gourgius figures.
1 month ago
Usually all figures I buy are from something I've seen or know well, except for this one ITEM #50791 . Know absolutely nothing about him but it was like $20 and I wanted some figures with cool bases for my desk
1 month ago
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