Is vape pen smoke bad for figures?Is vape pen smoke bad for figures?Review

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Taskie13Taskie134 months ago
I don't vape but I know people that do and since its like humidifier mist, and not just regular smoke, I didn't think it harmed them?
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I just find it kinda sad people worry more about expensive pieces of pretty plastic more than their lungs.
4 months ago
Vape is not harmless. It may be less bad than tobacco smoke but less harmful does not equal not harmful/ good. It is honestly astounding how many people do not seem to grasp this fact.
4 months ago
After doing a little research, I found a list of side effects associated with vaping. I'm not sure if it affects figures in the same way, though

4 months ago
Same as cigarettes, vape smell linger in a room. I'm not sure how the chemistry works, but the vape smoke/smell is going to stick to your figures.
It might not be noticeable if you only do it once or twice for photos as some people on here have. But if you smoke/vape in your room regularly, the odour is going to stick.
4 months ago
Yeah, you can smell it on a figure (and everything else) for years after. I once lived in an apartment where the former renter was an indoor smoker. To this day I'll open storage boxes and the stench not only seeped into my stuff, but is still there.
4 months ago
Aerosols that smell damage objects.

Vape Pens put out an Aerosol that smells. The residue can damage figures, and if they pick up the smell even slightly they're completely damaged (so far as re-sell is concerned).
4 months ago
Probably had someone living with me who vaped that sh1t is like syrup it stuck to everything. Needless to say they had to move!
4 months ago
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