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PikoTanPikoTan14 days ago
was wondering how on earth i add more than one image to a entry? i know how to link images to the entry after making it, so they appear to the side of the entry, but how do i have it so that the entry itself has more tha one image? like this --> ITEM #464599
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When you get to the file-explorer pop-up after pressing pick, highlight over the images you want to upload like this:
13 days ago
If you choose "official" while uploading photos after making the entry, they'll appear under that main photo like you want. But there are rules for official photos as well. ^^
13 days ago
ah yeah sorry i wasnt sure what to call it but yeah, ive been adding things like this, ITEM #1163307 which i think would benefit from having the backside of the board easily seen there in that grid space, rather than off to the side with the user submitted photos, but this item is so old it doesnt have any "official" photos that i could dig up, so im not sure i could put the photos i have as "official" even if the quality is good since they're actually from a yja listing
14 days ago
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
Can you please be more specific? Are you referring to the grid of thumnails below the entry's main image?
I believe those are official photos only, which automatically appear there upon uploading images that are marked as official.
14 days ago
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