GIRLS???????????????? WOOOOOOW!!! Naru Nanao Collection ReviewGIRLS???????????????? WOOOOOOW!!! Naru Nanao Collection ReviewReview

PikoTanPikoTan9 days ago
hello there everyone today it is time for a review

today i bring to you, girls.


brought to you by Nanao Naru, the Nanao Naru Collection. ENTRY #30348

there are four girls in total.

sprang, summer, fall and winter

they look like i pulled them straight out of capsule toy machine sitting infront of a zellars in 2007. dont let that description discourage you though, i really do love them with all of my heart.


lets get down to business.

spring time


this one is definitely the best one, my opinion on this is fact. her face is the most pleasing to look at of the four, and her pose is inspiring. often i will stare at this figure for minutes on end. she looks like she is having a good time and im happy for her.


do a twirl wow!




i recall they were incredibly chalky and overall unpleasant to hold when i first opened them, but thats probably because they were sitting in cardboard boxes for 15 years, so dont be scared.

also, the bases have corresponding fauna on them to match the season theme (this one is a flower, real original)


you can also remove her wonderful scarf, so now it looks like shes telling you to get out of her sight.


a bonus feature is that you can completely disassemble them, if you feel like playing god



next, summer


this girl is probably my third favourite girl, ever. her hair has some movement which is nice, a cool summer breeze frozen in time. i enjoy the funny face she makes when i remove the popsicle from her mouth




this here is a good example of the level of detail on this figures, i would say it looks like they were drawn with crayola markers, very round edges. but dont worry, its really charming.





some parts of these girls are really bendable, like this hair


her base is a sunflower, looks more like a daisy to me but what do i know


she also disassembles, but only a little bit. i guess shes just different. everyones different right? right??



time for fall


this is my second favourite of the 4 gals, mainly i think its the colours. they aren’t threatening in the slightest. also she is sticking her tongue out, and it really looks like shes trying to lick that leaf in her hands




one thing that makes me cry sometimes is that these epic bead string things in her hair are all out of wack. theyre suppose to look like this


but i guess after 15 years in cardboard prison, they no longer play by the rules. i wouldn’t either. i could probably use a hairdryer to correct the behavioral issues




a premium bonus feature is that you can remove the pesky bead strings, so you dont have to worry about anything anymore.


also this is a good time to mention you can turn their heads, it doesnt really make a difference for most of them but for this girl, she can do this




put a leaf directly into your eye

her base is a maple leaf, it looks like another type of leaf but dont worry about that


she, like her friends, can disassemble. getting her legs out of her skirt is really hard but if you need to clean the 15 year old residue off of them you really dont have much of a choice



last! and also least! winter


i dont want to be mean, but i will. she was the reason i bought these four in the first place, and yet. i feel bad but i cannot help it. she is objectively my least favourite of the four. in concept, a santa outfit and a cute bow and a little present box, what fun to be had. but she is a hassle and i cannot deny that. first off, her arms are rebellious and were not made to cooperate. they fall off if i even so much as think about them.


second off, her hair. it looks like her entire scalp is about to blow away in the winter wind. i can see far too far up the side of her head and there is not a single hair connecting to it. she has a fade. looking at her from the left makes me want to scream, i want to readjust her scalp for her, she looks like she needs some assistance of some kind, but i cant because she is an anime figure and her hair was glued in place by a cruel god


she fills my life with darkness





otherwise though she is pretty cute, if you dont mind the funny face

her base is holly, because she is santa claus


she also disassembles, in fact she loves to fall apart and i am not mad about it in the slightest :)



now for the finale

youre most likely asking yourself, “what on earth does the box look like!?!?!?” well dont worry im here to save your poor lost soul







i translated all those words on there but it really is not that interesting so dont worry about it

the bottom of the bases are exactly what youd expect, purple and has words on it
(it says “2003,2005 Nanao Naru / Kadokawa Shoten Bandai 2005 Made in China”)


oh yea and therss a bunch of words in side the box but im sure they totally arent some government secret hidden inside a 2005 anime trading figure box or anything like thaaaat


in the end, these gals are a delight to own and i love them flaws and all. they arent your famcy “1/6th scale whatever company kancolle-saber-miku” figures and they are better than anything any of you own this is not a topic to be debated

thanks for listening to me whisper my figure review into a sewer grate have a fun day.
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really cute girls !! and super fun to read lolol
8 days ago
This review was so enjoyable to read! The figures really are very cute and.. quirky.
Thanks for posting this!
8 days ago
Taralen Elf Hoarder
Honestly, these are pretty cute. It's a shame they are pretty low quality trading figures though.
9 days ago
LMAO I loved everything about this HAHAHAH made me laugh a lot XD
9 days ago
i loved this i had never heard about these figs b4!!! rlly interesting :D
9 days ago
Yes more troll posts please
I love these xD
9 days ago
congratulations on making a shitpost AND actually reviewing the figures really well, we love to see it!!
9 days ago
yakushining your Highness
love your humour and review, such a fun read!
9 days ago
Poor girl doesn't have any shins, yet she still finds a way to enjoy life. What a brave souls.
9 days ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
These are really cute and unique, thanks for sharing and the fun review!
9 days ago
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