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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to part two of my January/February 2021 loot haul!
I've now accepted my fate, I've fallen into the Fate franchise rabbit hole. So that along with Hololive are the primary focus of this haul! Overall there's a little less in this haul compared to usual but still a lot I'm excited to share with you all!

Almost everything in this haul was purchased on Yahoo! Auctions Japan using FromJapan as my proxy! I do have some Dioramansion backdrops from Tokyo Otaku Mode and card sleeves, starter packs, and booster packs that were all purchased from AmiAmi or Animate Online (with Buyee as my proxy) along with some DVD & Blu-Rays which were purchased from Sentai Filmworks or gifted to me in the case of one.

Clicking "Previous Loot!" below will bring you to part one of this haul which was posted a month ago and focuses on the BNHA merchandise I obtained between January and February. Clicking "Next Loot!" will instead bring you to the next haul by me, which will be posted at the beginning of May.

Text & Photo Heavy!
View spoilerHide spoilerMy hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

With all that out of the way, we'll start with the Nendoroids as per usual!

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Nendoroid - Abigail Williams

Prior to getting into Fate, Abby was one of the character designs that really grabbed my attention and piqued my interest. She's a fan-favorite servant without a doubt and probably a Nendoroid I would have picked up eventually even if I hadn't started getting invested into the Nasuverse.

I didn't know too much about her personality or lore when I picked her up other than she shares the namesake with Abigail Williams from the real-life witch trials and has some eldritch elements to her design which seep out occasionally. So I took a few days to read and play through the Salem pseudo-singularity in FGO and while I enjoyed it overall because of the character interactions, the story told felt a bit weak compared to a few of the others in FGO and Abby herself didn't have too much depth beyond a mostly innocent girl wrapped up in evil affairs.. which was sort of a letdown. Maybe I had my hopes too high going into it, but a lot of the intriguing bits of narrative surrounding her were long spoiled by simply knowing some of the vague aspects of her design. So while I think Abby is super cute, my attachment to the character herself isn't super strong. At least not right now, since I've yet to see her interactions outside of the story she was introduced in.

Now I feel somewhat similar way about her Nendoroid, she's very cute albeit a bit bland, but I am actually very impressed by the few accessories Good Smile decided to toss in with her. So let's talk about that first!


The most obvious and necessary inclusion is Abby's bear Hugo which you can tuck in at her side using one of her arms or just have him laying nearby, atop her head, or wherever! Abby's hat is detachable, making it an optional accessory for her to wear and it snaps into place at the back of her head with magnets which is very cool. Another of her accessories is a small cross-shaped pendant which isn't too important but just to avoid spoilers, if you've read or played through Salem for yourself you'll know it is an item from Abigail's lineage. Tied with Hugo for cutest accessory is a plate of fluffy pancakes, with melted butter on top and a strip of crispy bacon, just as she describes in-game when talking about her favorite food. Her other hand can be equipped with a fork as well! Her last accessories included are two sets of semitranslucent, curly tentacles.

Abigail comes with a total of three faceplates, a neutral carefree smile, a bashful blushy expression which could be interpreted as hesitant, fearful, or embarrassed given her side-glance and furrowed brows.. and her last faceplate, a completely dejected emotionless stare into the abyss with her keyhole exposed in the middle of her forehead. A good mix that I think shows off the different sides of her innocent personality well, with the addition of a creepy, completely detached Abby in her third faceplate.. which is hard to really describe in deeper detail without spoiling some things!

She's got a pair of bent legs as optional swappable parts with her standard legs and a total of five arms. A pair of straight outward extended arms, a pair of arms that curve at where her wrists would be, with small holes in the "hands" to hold her pancakes and fork, and a special carved out curved arm on her left side to hold Hugo. I'm sure you can see, but Abby's hands are nubs more than anything. I really can't tell the subtle differences between any of them for myself other than the ones that have holes to hold stuff, but they are detachable and I'm pretty sure interchangeable too.


Abby is pretty adorable! She didn't blow me away by any means but I already quite liked her design and this Nendoroid is a great depiction of her! I like the little nods to very minor parts in Salem with some of her accessories. The bows littering her hair and the collar of her dress are my favorite part of her design, along with her puffy tentacle-like nubs at the end of her sleeves and the option to display her with or without her little bowler hat seamlessly via the magnets inside her head and the hat itself is a really small but great highlight to her!

I had the tiniest bit of issues with swapping out her legs since the bent ones were just hard to fit in as well as the tiny arm joints she uses being difficult to swap as well.. but those are really negligible things and the only serious drawback I experienced was her right arm joint becoming much looser after swapping her out her arm a few times.

She's got lot's of different accessories and parts to come up with some creative poses and she looks fantastic! I'm a big fan of melding creepy and cute into one aesthetic like this, there's not so much of her creepier side in this figure so I'd love for GS to release a final ascension variant of Abigail in the future! Overall a solid Nendoroid that I'd suggest whether you're a fan of the character or you don't know her at all and just think she's cute!

Nendoroid - Paul Bunyan

Another little blonde-haired servant from FGO, Paul Bunyan! I think that opinions on her are pretty divisive with her since she is by and large one of the biggest joke characters in FGO.. but I really love her. Her goofy design just makes me smile!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to familiarize myself with Paul Bunyan's personality and story in FGO since I started playing the game a few months too late to catch her events re-run on the NA servers and I didn't want to read through her story on YouTube since I think she has another re-run next year? A long wait, but I'd just prefer to sit and personally play through the event myself when it's available. From what I can tell, I think I'll enjoy her character a lot though since she seems like she's got an extremely exaggerated and expressive personality!

Paul might look pint-sized but she has quite a lot to unpack! So let's see everything she comes with.


Not too dissimilar from Abigail, Paul has her own little companion in the form of the Babe, the blue ox. Babe has his own little support arm which plugs into his back but I found him to be generally a little too heavy for it. Too many pancakes I presume. That's another similarity that Paul has with Abby actually, since Paul too comes with a plate of pancakes and a fork! They're a bit different, Paul's looking more like classic thin American flapjacks and the small inclusion of a bite-sized piece at the end of her fork. They both also have removable hats, but Paul's is more of a cap I suppose. It doesn't attach with magnets like Abby's but still fits snugly on her head with some slight maneuvering. She also comes with a miniature Arm of Dawn which are enemies in FGO that can be farmed for EXP cards. They look almost like carved tree stumps honestly, so naturally Paul is the best suited to cut them down since her last accessory is her signature giant axe!

Good Smile didn't skimp on her at all since she's got four faceplates in total! Her first is a neutral wide-eyed stare, then an annoyed snarling expression with spiky teeth and narrowed eyes, then two jovial expressions with her eyes shut. One is a bit more gleeful with a cute little pointed smile, my favorite of her faceplates, the other is an open mouthed smile with a bit of blush on her cheeks. Paul has one extra leg, lifted at the knee to crush enemies under her boot! She's got a pair of arms and hands to hold her axe, a pair of regular outstretched arms with open palm hands, and a pair of arms bent at the elbow with some hands to hold her pancakes and fork! She also has a pair of different shoulder pieces, but I actually have no clue what the usage for them is.


I love faithful she looks to the official illustrations of her, Good Smile usually nails that sort of thing no matter the style but especially with this figure her expressions are so on-point and cartoonish! The only thing that's slightly different is her hair being a solid color without any shading, I think it was a good choice on the part of GS though since it lends more to her very animated look! I'd actually go as far to say that she's perfect in my eyes! She's my favorite out of the Fate Nendoroids I own right now.

She's super great in terms of everything! She looks fantastic, super adorable! She comes with a whoooole bunch of accessories and different swappable parts whilst not being very expensive to begin with? I found her at ¥2,100 but her standard price is ¥5,093 which I think is well worth it. Paul is just insanely charming to me! Highly, highly suggest her if she interests you at all!

Nendoroid DX - Merlin | Magus of Flowers Ver.

The last Fate Nendoroid in this haul, one of my favorites from Babylonia and just the male servants in general.. Merlin! I picked him up brand-new with a few other Merlin-related goods which you'll see later, so I got a slight discount on his regular price. This is another fantastic Nendoroid with a feeew drawbacks that stem from his elegant and intricate design.

I'd like to mention that I think if you're going to pick up this Nendoroid, the standard release isn't really worth it in my opinion. It's just a really barebones Nendoroid when compared to the DX version that quite a few more extra accessories and a faceplate for just ¥1,000 more.


Merlin's DX Nendoroid comes with three faceplates in total, one neutral smile, a peaceful smile with shut eyes, and a shifty side-eyed glance where Merlin has a subtle smug curl to his lips. I think out of the three my favorite is the neutral smile, but they're all great! Merlin only has two pairs of arms that aren't too different from each other, the only real difference in them is the length and position of his sleeves, allowing him to better hold his staff or swords easier while also fixing some maneuverability issues prevalent in his arms overall. Five hands total, a pair to hold his swords on either side, another hand on his right side to hold the staff, and a pair of some standard open palm hands.

Accessories include his signature staff which has a detachable golden handle that is identical to the handle of his steel sword since it's meant to be a hidden blade within his staff. Then apart from his normal sword, the DX Nendoroid includes Excalibur for him to wield! Other additions exclusive to the DX version are two red bursts signifying a magical power buff, referencing one of his abilities in-game from FGO called "Hero Creation EX". Last but definitely not least are the little sakura flowers which are synonymous with FGO's depiction of Merlin. They're such a nice little addition when displaying him that ties his entire Nendoroid together really nicely, sprinkled about at his feet.


Now this is going to be a bigger issue to some than others, but Merlin's one big flaw is just how cramped his maneuverability is. His legs suffer this the worst, making him almost unable to do something as simple as a mid-stride pose. Worse, the layers of robe that hang over his shoulders are so claustrophobic that the long hanging sleeves of his robe only really have the range to move between his mid-torso down to the side of his waist. Being so limited really takes away a lot of the appeal Nendoroids in general have, for me at least, but if you don't mind so much and are more drawn to just how gorgeous he looks in the few poses offered then obviously you'll see a lot more value in him! That's why I suggest paying the extra little bit more for the DX version, as it at least somewhat alleviates the issue by offering a lot of accessories that inherently lend some added diversity and creativity on their own.

I'm still much more positive about him than I am negative! His sculpt is truly impressive and the colors really make his design pop! I like that you can also adjust the long flowing hair at the back for that added personality to any pose. I just wish they'd maybe done something similar to some other Nendoroids like Santa J'alter, where the pieces that hang over the shoulder are more pliable and made out of a sort of rubber instead of hard plastic. You can take those pieces off, but there are still tiny parts underneath that obstruct you and even made it pretty difficult for me to switch out his arms in the first place.

I'd still be quick to recommend him to a friend but definitely make it clear that he's more of a 'static' Nendoroid. His good aspects more or less outway the bad aspects, buuut maybe that's just Merlin working his incubus charm on me. Darn mage!

Nendoroid - Trainer Red & Green

A totally unexpected two-for-one deal! Now, I'm not super big on Pokémon even if I grew up playing my fair share of the games, collecting the cards, watching the anime.. actually, I was pretty into Pokémon as a kid, but definitely grew out of it over the years and the huge monolith of a franchise lost a lot of its appeal for me. Not because it's super popular, just the oversaturation of it along with the stagnation of the concept of Pokémon. I feel like anything interesting done with the franchise that intrigues me very quickly devolves back into the same formula or clichés, so it's really hard for me to become interested in it again but I'm really happy there is still such a large audience for it since if I'm being honest, all of the fan-created stuff that comes out of Pokémon's fanbase is infinitely more interesting and impressive to me than a majority of the official stuff for the franchise.

Rant aside, I didn't ever anticipate owning this set of Nendoroids since my attachment to both the characters and franchise is so marginal and they definitely fetch some high prices! Astonishingly, this was another one of my insanely lucky Yahoo! Auction finds.. I managed to pick these guys up brand-new in a completely sealed, perfect box for just ¥1,600. I thought they must be bootlegs considering nobody else bid on them.. I must have been missing something, right? I double-checked and compared photos of bootleg boxes to the one in the auction listing and it looked legitimate.. so I just had to see for myself once it arrived, lo and behold, they were actually official.


We're going to start with Green first. Since these two were a set along with a special Pokémon, they've hardly got any accessories to speak of. Green comes with a total of six-ish arms. His crossed arms are separate pieces but really only work as one piece to display on him. Other than that he has a pair of outstretched arms and a pair of curved ones. His hands only consist of a pair of fists and a clutching left hand with a peg sticking out of his palm to hold a Pokéball. His individual accessory is a reflective pendant from his grandfather, Professor Oak. Both him and Red also have their own Pokéball, but there's no difference between the two.

He's got two faceplates, same as Red. Green's consist of a determined smirk and a big cocky smile. That's it for Green though! There isn't a lot to comment on in terms of his design either, super simplistic to invoke that nostalgic feel of the original design from the first generation of Pokémon. I can see the charm and appeal of that obviously, even if they're both simple they are still very stylized! I really like how his hair is sculpted and his purple top with the little badge in the corner is nice. Not much else to say however, so we'll move to Red!


Out of the pair, I think Red is the more interesting one both in terms of swappable parts, his accessory and just overall design since there's more to it. He's got five arms/hands in total, a pair of outstretched ones with balled fists, the same type of curved right arm with clutching hand which plugs into a Pokéball like Green, as well as an outstretched right arm with a pointing finger and a left arm with a clutching hand held close to his chest. His individual accessory is a backpack and just like Green he has a Pokéball.

His two faceplates include a confident smile similar to Green's smirk and a shouting face. Overall there's just a little more going on with Red! His attire is more interesting, fitted with a baseball cap and matching jacket! I couldn't show it off in the photos I took, but there's a neat little basic Pokéball illustration in yellow and white on the back of his jacket which I quite like! His backpack is a cooler accessory than Green's pendant too. Both are really basic however so it really just comes down to your personal preference!


In my opinion the coolest addition to this set is Mew! Not only does Mew look great but there's a surprising amount of articulation on it. It's once again simple, but you can move both legs back and forth, swivel it's head, and point it's tail in any direction. For me, it's the most desirable part of this set seeing as Red and Green have modern variants of Nendoroids that were released separately which both seem to offer more.

I kind of feel bad about owning these since clearly I'm not as appreciative as someone who's really into Pokémon would be. I do like both of them and it's cool to own some rarer Nendoroids of course, I just can't say that even their original price of ¥8,250 was really justified. Yeah, you're getting two full Nendoroids with accessories, parts, and a companion but comparing them to even Paul Bunyan from this haul who came with soooooo much for such a reasonable price? It just sort of rubs me the wrong way. Pokémon being so huge and these being exclusive & limited releases really manipulates you into thinking they're much more valuable than the actual value they hold. If they were just regular releases stocked and sold I don't think as many people would be very interested in them.

Maybe I'm wrong? That's just how it feels. Lukewarm reception on my end for this duo.. or technically trio. Which gets me thinking.. why is there no Team Rocket set of Nendoroids? Jesse, James, and Meowth.. that'd be a really cool limited set to own honestly, super nostalgic to just as many too I'm sure! If you're a huge fan of the original Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow games or the Adventures manga then on their own these figures are probably enough to make you smile but maybe you agree somewhat with the point I'm making as well.

That's all for Nendoroid figures, Dioramansion time!
(ITEM #635138)

I'm not really going to go in-depth with these since the photos speak for themselves. If you don't know what Dioramansion's are, they are little plastic plates that snap together with small clear pegs at the back, connecting the pieces like a miniature cubical. They're distributed by Good Smile and are primarily used for Nendoroid displays but can really be used in conjunction with any figure you want assuming the scale of the figure works well enough with it. I picked up a few more of these which arrived after February so they'll be shown off in the next haul. This one is by far my favorite and I love how Merlin looks displayed in it!

(ITEM #626408)

Also worth mentioning I got all of these really cheap since they were on sale for about $1-$3 each for Black Friday. I chose Paul Bunyan for this backdrop since it's reminiscent of the forest/jungle type area you farm EXP inside FGO, also gave me a chance to show off the faceplate and accessory I didn't get to when talking about Paul's Nendoroid earlier! Not too happy with this photo though honestly. I had trouble getting a good perspective shot that made Paul look big while keeping her completely within the backdrop. I take too many photos at an awkward diagonal angle like this too, but oh well.

(ITEM #605414)

Green in the Safari Zone! Looks a bit more lush and green in-game.. I actually like this Dioramansion quite a bit, I was surprised by how well Green paired up with it.

(ITEM #644708)

Lastly, Ann seemed like the most fitting choice out of my Nendoroids for the desert Dioramansion, because of the desert palace in Persona 5 which I won't say any more about because.. spoilers!

These are pretty nice! I'd always wanted to pick up some Dioramansions but could never convince myself to pay their standard price, so getting a few so cheap was wonderful even if shipping ended up being expensive. I didn't have any real choice in the selection since it was just what was available and on-sale, but more or less I like all of them with as I mentioned, the first one being my favorite.

One plush mage!

This Gift/Fumo plush was included with Merlin's Nendoroid along with two smaller Merlin-related goods I'll share in a bit, but this plush helped make the decision for me to pull the trigger on purchasing his Nendoroid. It was ¥8,000 for the whole set so while a bit more expensive than just getting Merlin's DX Nendoroid at a standard price, I know Gift plushies usually go for a fair bit of money which made it worth it in my eyes whether I sold or kept the plush since he was brand-new. For now, I've decided to keep him even though I don't think he's as cute as Merlin's Nendoroid.

Quite a few Hololive acrylics!

I had to split these up into several photos since they were much bigger than I initially thought. I love these acrylics but they were such a pain to track down and purchase as I predicted when I saw that they were crane game prizes. Hololive aftermarket prices are already insane for a lot of their merch so knowing they were even just the slightest bit harder to obtain due to being prize acrylics made me worried I wouldn't be able to purchase any. I did miraculously manage to pick up a large majority of my favorites though even if a few costed a little bit more than I would have liked to have paid. That's just how it is sometimes! I'm so happy about the selection I tracked down and won though, lots of diligent auction hunting and late-night bidding. Exhausting but worth it. Mel and Sora are extremely cute!


One of my favorite duos both because of their individual personalities and chemistry when teamed up, Aqua and Shion! Shion's expression is priceless too, they really made her smug in this illustration.


Finally three of the third gens, my favorite generation of Hololive and my top two favorite girls, Rushia & Marine.. Flare too! Flare was a last-minute addition since I saw hers for cheap with nobody bidding on it. I tried to get a Noel as well to complete her duo but was sadly outbid. So now Flare is just here to steal Marine's attention and make Rushia jealous. These three look so great lined up with eachother! It makes me want the entire third generation in these acrylics. Definitely want a few more of these but they've almost entirely dried up in the aftermarket so I'm mostly out of luck unless they get some sort of re-release.


I also grabbed this acrylic of Subaru in her idol outfit. These acrylics were sold as small sets for each generation, released for the "Hololive 1st Fes. Nonstop Story" event near the beginning of 2020, before Hololive really skyrocketed in popularity.. so each of these acrylics are worth a pretty penny. I regret not bidding higher than $40 a few months ago for Rushia's along with another rare New Years outfit acrylic of hers, since now the only available one I can find has its starting bidding at $90+.. the prices on some of this merch is just absolutely insane. This super cute Subaru only cost me ¥1,590 though which I was pretty happy about because that's much cheaper than what I've seen any of these go for really.


This mage and his illusions! This isn't even an acrylic stand.. it's a cardboard stand..? I'm guessing this was a promotional thing handed out at an event or something of the like. It has a render of Merlin's FGO Duel Collection figure, which I showed off a few figures from FGO Duel in part two of my last haul. I couldn't really tell what this was in the set of Merlin stuff since it was laying flat, so I sort of thought it might be the box for his Duel figure? Implying that the figure was included in the set of stuff, but nope it's just this mini-standee which is sort of neat. The last item in that set is the can badge next to him, from Animate Girls Festival 2017. Cute illustration.

Super small amount of general merch!

I got these two Sora can badges from the Tsukumo collab for ¥100 together which was a good deal. Another of these acrylic phone stands also from the Tsukumo collab which I think that I've shown off three separate times now? I didn't purchase any more, so this should be the very last one! I'm so happy that I found this acrylic keychain of Kanata and for super cheap! I only paid ¥1,000 since nobody else bid on it. I think it just went under the radar and I managed to find it before anyone else since it's worth loads more than that. It's part of her limited 2020 birthday set which originally cost ¥15,000. Another thing I adore about owning this keychain is that the illustration was done by Marine. Super cute, so, so happy I managed to find this. It's actually one of my favorite things in this entire haul.
Trading card stuff!

I've spent a fair bit of money on these Rebirth for you cards now, despite having yet to open a single pack or starter box. I'm not just hoarding unopened packs, I still plan to make a video unboxing the starter boxes as well as going through packs to see what I can pull since that seems like so much fun! I picked up the third & fourth gen starter packs from AmiAmi along with an Azur Lane booster box which are also Rebirth for you cards since it's sort of a crossover card game. The reason I did that is because for a limited time they included a promotional pack with Hololive x Azur Lane cards inside. I'm kind of unsure if I'll actually open the booster box, but I'm really excited to see what collab cards I got in that promo pack! Then of course I got two booster boxes for Hololive so I have lots of card packs to open, plus two loose ones which came included with something I'll show later. Lots and lots of cards!

Lots and lots of sleeves too! I probably don't need this many-.. I definitely don't need this many actually, but I wanted to get some of my favorites and now I almost have enough colors for a rainbow. These weren't super expensive at least, about $5 each if I recall correctly since AmiAmi had them on sale. I did get a few more of these just the other day which I'll show in a future haul but I probably won't pick up anymore beyond that unless I find them cheap on Yahoo! Auctions or something like the ones I got recently, or there's just an illustration I can't resist.
A few paper-related goods.

On the left is a promotional Rebirth for you shikishi board with the fifth gen girls on it! This came bundled with those loose packs, there's one of these shikishi boards for each generation and after getting this one I found the whole set for pretty cheap so eventually I'll get to show off all of those too! Not sure if the seller kept the card packs included with those ones or not, but if they did then even more packs!

On the right is a pretty interesting Hololive WebMoney card. I can't remember precisely the information I dug up on this thing, but if I recall correctly the only way to obtain this was to be subscribed to the official Hololive fanclub on Nicovideo, which I think is like a paid subscription service that offers some extra content like livestreams and other stuff from the girls. I don't remember if that was exactly the requirement to be eligible to purchase one of these, but I think it was something along those lines? Whatever the case, pretty rare I imagine and interesting to own! I didn't pay a lot for it, so I thought it was just a cool novelty to have since I love collecting obscure stuff like this.


Also got this adoooorable Hololive Comiket 97 poster featuring Aqua! I've shown off a Mel version from a different year previously, it's the same deal as hers where you'd donate a certain amount of blood to get this. I'm still looking for Marine's Comiket poster, but I did find Kanata's not too long after this one, so it should be arriving soon!

I picked up a lot of Blu-rays and DVDs from Sentai Filmworks Black Friday sale. I haven't worked through all of Girls und Panzer still yet but I thought that I'd pick up the movie and OVA collection since they were cheap. The Love Live! Sunshine!! Blu-ray was a late Christmas gift which I'm quite thankful for, I own the first season digitally but having both seasons, especially physically is really great!

I picked up the original Fate/stay night animated by Studio Deen along with pretty much the entire Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA series. Before buying all of those Blu-rays I had no clue what Fate/kaleid liner entailed, it just looked like cute magical girls to me and I thought it would be a fun spinoff of Fate so I tossed them all in my cart and checked out! About a month later before they'd arrived, FGO NA had a re-run collaboration event with the Fate/kaleid liner side-series.. which quickly made me realize what that series is all about. So I'm pretty hesitant to touch that at the moment, eventually, I will at least give it a shot since I've heard positive things about the actual story within the series, it's just the "fan service" most people justifiably shy away from. Regrettable choice to have just blindly bought each season, the movies, and the OVA's.. but at least they were cheap?..

These are the last two items but they both came bundled with some other stuff! Two different Hololive CD's. The one on the right is a collaboration with "Nissin Curry Meshi". On the left is an original song called "PekoMiko Great War" but was also a collaboration with the Japanese arcade game "WACCA" which is an interesting rhythm game.

I'm going to talk about and show off the Nissin Curry Meshi collab stuff first, then the WACCA PekoMiko stuff since there's less of it!


Here's the inside of the CD! They did a ton of promotional videos along with an entire nearly hour-long 3D live involving Subaru, Pekora, and Aqua for this collab. I'm not sure if that whole thing is included on this CD or if it's simply the original song for the collaboration and possibly a few others songs sang during the live? If you'd like to watch that live, here it is!


Here is the back of the CD.

Here are some extra shots of the girls on each side of the box View spoilerHide spoiler

Subaru on the front side!


Pekora on the right side!


Aqua on the left side!

..and I didn't take a picture of it, but the back side had both logos for each company, written out as "Nissin Curry Meshi x Hololive"

It came exclusively inside of this promotional box which had six different flavored premade curry cups. I think these were limited to something like 1000 online orders, but they weren't too difficult to find for relatively the same price or cheaper in the aftermarket. I got mine fairly cheap but it didn't include the curry cups which is fine since they didn't have any unique marketing on them or anything.


The other item included in the box was this clear file which is pretty cute, I really like the back of it with the lyrics to the collaboration song written out.

Here is the song if you're interested and want to check it out!

Okay, next is the PekoMiko CD!


Here's what the CD looks like, I love the main illustration used for this song and it looks great plastered on the CD itself. I haven't unpackaged this yet since I really don't see any need to at the moment and I like keeping stuff nice and pristine when possible.


This only came with a clearfile, which I love since it has the full illustration on the front! On the back is both the logos for Hololive & WACCA. I know for sure these were limited to 1000 sold at certain locations across Japan, I assume maybe places where the machines were hosted? But there were a few more that could be obtained through a twitter giveaway that had signatures from both Pekora and Miko on the CD. The PekoMiko song wasn't the only one added to the arcade game, songs by Suisei, Fubuki and some other Hololive songs were added along with special Hololive titles, avatars and such. This song however did debut as the announcement for the collaboration. Just like the Nissin Curry Meshi collab there was a music video that was uploaded for it.

And an hour-long demonstration video..? It's pretty much just the two messing with eachother for an entire hour whilst trying to play the game. It includes the full song at the beginning so skip ahead to 4:48 for them interacting and the demonstration segments!

But that's it for what I have to show today!
I really hope that you found something interesting in here for you! Almost exclusively Hololive and Fate stuff this time around since those are my primary interests as of late, so maybe not everyone's cup of tea but if you at least somewhat enjoyed looking or reading through this haul then it was time somewhat well spent, right?

Thank you so very much for making it to the end nevertheless!

Assuming I don't get a sudden barrage of packages throughout April, then I will be returning to the bi-monthly format instead of dividing my hauls into two parts! That may change occasionally if for example there's just too many figures to talk about and fit in one haul.. but otherwise, that's the goal right now!

See you again in May!

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When it comes to limited/exclusive releases, do you fall for collectors FOMO (Fear of missing out)?

40%Occasionally when the item is known to be a rarer release, have higher demand, etc.
29%Never, I only buy items based on how much I want it instead a arbitrary quantity/scarcity.
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Rimurushion1 month ago#94937540Always love reading your loot blogs! The Merlin and Paul Nendoroids are super cute and so are the goods and the plush, and I do agree with you Pokémon definitely had it's golden age, sad it doesn't seem to be coming back! All your photos as well are always so good and show all the items so clearly!
Thank you! It's unfortunate, I like when things have a "renaissance" and come back with a reinvigorated passion both from the people creating it and the people who used to love it. I feel like Pokémon has gone through that metamorphosis several times by this point though, there's never any true innovation or changes to the core idea, it feels like they don't care or are too afraid to try changing things. It baffles me that a franchise so insanely huge and with so much potential hasn't had any really interesting narratives either? That's why I like the fan created stuff so much more, since they aren't afraid to create new ideas and have that passion to fuel whatever it is they want to make! Pokemon Legends Arceus at least looks like an interesting change, but my hopes for it aren't too high and it's a bit too little too late for me personally. Happy to hear you enjoyed the haul though and I appreciate the compliment!

setokaibaswife1 month ago#94937613I love reading your loot blogs!! Those dioramansion sets are really cool, I've usually passed over them for being too expensive but at that price I'd probably pick some up too! :D
I really love seeing the goods you got, especially those trading cards! I'd love to see the unboxing video! Sometimes I feel like the only person left who doesn't see the appeal to Hololive/Vtubers (despite that I'd love to do it myself since I'd love to stream without a facecam but still have something there to represent me, I get no enjoyment from watching others do it, although in fairness I just don't enjoy watching streams at all they are just too long and slow for me) buuut I have to admit the merch is really cool, I had no idea they even made trading cards and I'm a real sucker for trading cards hehe.

Honestly I'm completely in the same boat as you! I've never seen the appeal of watching streams for the exact same reason, they're just so slow and rarely have enough interesting stuff going on to keep me invested for twenty minutes, let alone the hours people will watch daily. I only got into Hololive because so many fans translate and clip their streams which makes it easy and convenient to sit down and enjoy for five or ten minutes. It doesn't help that most of the Japanese Hololive girls primarily speak a language that I can't even understand, so 99% of the conversation when watching live is completely lost on me. I will often watch their birthday event streams or singing streams though and occasionally have a regular stream playing in the background just for audio.

I'll definitely be sure to share the video on MFC when I do get around to opening those cards! They've got some really neat signature cards which I'm hoping to pull at least a few of? Most of the cards are sort of bland and uninteresting sadly since they aren't all original art. They're sort of like most Weiss Schwarz cards where a majority of them are screengrabs from the anime the cards are based off of. Hololive technically doesn't have an anime, so most of the cards are from their "Hologra" 3D animated videos that get released every week.. so the quality of the cards varies, since I have so many packs too I might end up cutting down the video if I keep unpacking the same uninteresting repeat cards.

Thank you for the sweet comment! I'm very glad you enjoyed the haul once more!

Prettybarf1 month ago#94975004Its mainly the Ovas that have that much fanservice for Illya's series so you'll probably like it as long as you like magical girl series lol
Oh, good to know! If somethings enjoyable enough I can usually grit my teeth and just ignore fanservice stuff since I know it's not for me. It's when that sort of content is overbearing and actively takes away from the story or whatever is going on that I just don't have the patience for it. I most likely will enjoy it then! (ᵔ▿ᵔ)
1 month ago
yakushining1 month ago#94937110i love the pkmn nendos, what a steal! i do agree that their original price was a lot more than i'd pay for them personally, but i guess that's nostalgia for ya haha. i really like how stylized they are to the game, maybe that's what gives them their charm! another great read, thanks for sharing! ^^
Yep, nostalgia is usually a gut punch to your wallet when in comes to collecting. Something I didn't really consider is that I suppose if I had some sort of Pokémon merch to display with them I probably wouldn't be as bummed out about these Nendoroids. I'm really comparing them alongside my other Nendoroids and obviously they're going to be lackluster in that case since they simply don't include as much. I've been contemplating picking up Marnie's Nendoroid despite not having played Sword & Shield, so maybe if I do decide to get her the three of them can have their own little Pokémon corner. I can dig up my old games to dust off and display with Red & Green, then get a plush or something more modern for Marnie since I think that'd be cute!

carbonate1 month ago#94937223Yeah so what is up with hololive or am I just living under the rock? I've seen many figures about it and I know it is something to do with v-tuber (please enlighten me if I am wrong). What is so popular about them nowdays?
Nope, you're totally on track! Hololive is a vtuber/idol group! They were relatively popular in Japan prior to 2020 but really gained popularity around early last year when translated clips began circulating around online, a majority of which were Korone who's known for just being wholesome and goofy. People overseas then realized that she was part of a bigger group of vtubers known as Hololive, so I guess people took interest and more clips of their antics started getting translated and posted online, which in-turn ended up getting them shared to more and more people. It's hard to really say their popularity stems from one thing in specific since many of the girls have very different personalities and their own charm to how they approach streaming or what they talk about / do on stream. Some people are really into their music too! Personally I really enjoy just how community driven everything is, since they're streamers there is a lot of interaction with their audience both on and off stream. There are fans who maybe casually watch only one or two here and there, but if you support a lot of the girls then there's always stuff to look forward to. Special birthday streams, live concerts, new original/cover songs released. It always feels like there's some sort of event happening which is just exciting and hyped up by the community releasing various fanart, memes, etc.

It's sort of just something you have to blindly jump into and see if you like it or not. Definitely not something everyone can get into, but I think with so many different girls there's bound to be one or two that you can find some charm in or be entertained by.

famouslastwords1 month ago#94937274the little hololive acrylic stands are so cute!! i've been trying to find a good deal on the korone "HORAYO" one for a while now
Aww, yeah the Korone one is super cute! I wanted her and Okayu but wasn't able to find one for a good price either! I saw a couple of them being sold a few months back when I got the ones in this haul but I think they were both around ¥2500-ish which I didn't feel comfortable paying. Let's hope they get a re-release, then we can both get Korone! (─‿‿─)
1 month ago
Its mainly the Ovas that have that much fanservice for Illya's series so you'll probably like it as long as you like magical girl series lol
1 month ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I love reading your loot blogs!! Those dioramansion sets are really cool, I've usually passed over them for being too expensive but at that price I'd probably pick some up too! :D
I really love seeing the goods you got, especially those trading cards! I'd love to see the unboxing video! Sometimes I feel like the only person left who doesn't see the appeal to Hololive/Vtubers (despite that I'd love to do it myself since I'd love to stream without a facecam but still have something there to represent me, I get no enjoyment from watching others do it, although in fairness I just don't enjoy watching streams at all they are just too long and slow for me) buuut I have to admit the merch is really cool, I had no idea they even made trading cards and I'm a real sucker for trading cards hehe.
1 month ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Always love reading your loot blogs! The Merlin and Paul Nendoroids are super cute and so are the goods and the plush, and I do agree with you Pokémon definitely had it's golden age, sad it doesn't seem to be coming back! All your photos as well are always so good and show all the items so clearly!
1 month ago
the little hololive acrylic stands are so cute!! i've been trying to find a good deal on the korone "HORAYO" one for a while now
1 month ago
Yeah so what is up with hololive or am I just living under the rock? I've seen many figures about it and I know it is something to do with v-tuber (please enlighten me if I am wrong). What is so popular about them nowdays?
1 month ago
yakushining your Highness
i love the pkmn nendos, what a steal! i do agree that their original price was a lot more than i'd pay for them personally, but i guess that's nostalgia for ya haha. i really like how stylized they are to the game, maybe that's what gives them their charm! another great read, thanks for sharing! ^^
1 month ago
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