Comments ever bit the bullet on a ridiculous aftermarket price?

  • ojakue mika itsuki
    i spent nearly 300 usd (plus shipping but i forgot how much) on ITEM #441572 who shot up SO MUCH in the aftermarket. i could not find one for a decent aftermarket price, and i've even seen this figure go for 400+ before. it was like, both worth it and not worth it because now rei is the most expensive figure i've bought and she's not like. even a dynamic figure worth 300 usd. but at the same time, i got her with ritsu (who's aftermarket prices are slowly climbing up) so it is still worth it :]
    10 hours ago
    The aftermarket is inevitable in this hobby. A lot of nendos surpass $100 post release. Blend S Maika is the only one so far I had to pay somewhat steep aftermarket for. It was new of course. She regularly sells for $100 plus. Used is a bit less. Eventually though I can see myself succumbing to the aftermarket many times over. Supply and demand :/.
    1 day ago
    skylinedo BANNED
    Never on impulse or else regret may set in and that's no good. Always researched[obsessed] with pricing which educated me on spotting an excellent deal on the fly. Others' rarity sometimes left me no choice:

    ITEM #61484 I think I paid 300 bc only plamoya had her in '13

    ITEM #15587 I dropped 460 on otakurepublic but was promptly refunded due to lack of stock. I really wanted an authentic one which is quite rare. ended up getting lucky on amiami preowned for 25 bucks

    ITEM #505 cost me ~180 b/b condition. Originally 50 + shipping. Glad I got her bc I never saw her on amiami every again. And she goes for 300+ now

    ITEM #106881 ITEM #130984 I paid 500-700 each. I was in self-imposed otaku exile from late '09 to may '13 so I obviously missed the pre orders for 33800 each...
    2 days ago
    keter Anomalous Precure!
    myethos stardust. 375 dollars. im still a bit ashamed that i did that but shes absolutely gorgeous
    2 days ago
    The aftermarket prices on the HypMic nendoroid line is rough; I wish you luck in picking up Jakurai for a fairer price. (I was looking for Hifumi for forever and managed to snag his off ami for 7000¥.)

    To answer your question tho, I bought Item #441572 for $350 Cad; which was honestly quite a steal since he regularly goes for $500+. I refuse to spend that much on an aftermarket figure again (I just desperately needed him) even tho there are a few overpriced ones that I want so bad. (Item #331626, for instance.)
    2 days ago
    My romantic partner ended up spending 90$ or so on ITEM #288946 at a convention, mostly because we felt bad for bothering the woman who worked at the booth all day. It uhhhh wasn't worth it lmao
    2 days ago
    Had to spend like 17000 yen on this bastard ITEM #415197

    Thunderbolt Fantasy isn't even super popular or anything so the fact he has insane aftermarket prices is beyond me.
    2 days ago
    I’m trying so hard to not buy something that’s aftermarket price is almost $600. I want so bad but come on
    2 days ago
    togekiss2 days ago#95254854I have not but can you post the thumbnail for the article op I love that picture

    here ya go ;)
    2 days ago
    I have not but can you post the thumbnail for the article op I love that picture
    2 days ago
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