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♡ January/February/March 2021 Loot ♡

First post of 2021! Only 3 months into it though. 2020 was weird, and I’ve already forgotten about most of it.

I’ve already gotten quite a few new figures this year (mostly due to a new job - which I don’t like) and my first scale figure since… a few months ago.

I found some great deals on figures I’ve been looking at for quite some time, so let’s look at these new figures!

Started the year off with ITEM #591628 … Jibril! This figure has been a grail of mine ever since she was announced, but I never got around to pre-ordering her due to having no job at that point. I ended up finding her on DePop for a steal compared to other aftermarket prices, mostly because her halo piece is missing, but she is still perfect.

Her colors are bright and the painting is immaculate, I can’t see any defects or errors. As much as I want ITEM #396852, this will do for now, though I will try to get it in the future when I have the money saved up :)


The box is just a standard Nendoroid box with Jibril’s face on it. I do enjoy the shade of pink that was used on this box, very nice.


Now, my actual pre-orders from January.

My next figure of the year is this cutie ITEM #1021610, I don’t know who she is, but all that I do know is that she is very pink and very cute.

PO’ed the moment I saw her go up on the GSC website. I couldn’t not have added another pink cute figure into my collection. Her painting is pretty clean and the sculpting and shading on her hair is also pretty nice and looks good.


I also adore the tiny details, such as the bows on the dress, shoes, and the detail to her cat plush? Not sure. Anyway, cute. The box is also nice, pink, pastel. Again, cute.


Another Nendoroid this time. An unexpected re-release, ITEM #549134, the best princess IMO.

I love the sculpting and painting on her hair… I mean, the tip of the hair is jointed, so you can move it around, and the flowers on the hair are so detailed and pretty! I especially love how one of the flowers comes out to become a hole for the stand to fit into, I mean… amazing.


Her other details such as the dress are also very nice and well-painted, such as the bows and the lacing. Rapunzel best princess.


The last figure of January was this adorable Miku autumn figure item/676314! I never really wanted this figure that much (mostly due to the color scheme), but after looking at it for months on end deciding if I wanted it, I caved.

I bought her from amiami preowned, only to discover that she’s getting a re-release in September, reminds me of what happened with ITEM #756832. Bought it for double the original price, only to get a re-release a few months later. Oh well.


I still really like this figure. The base has so much detail, as does the figure itself! Regardless of the slight errors and imperfections on her (I mean, she is a prize figure), she’s perfect!


Next, February.

Let’s talk about the next Nendoroid in the JoJo line ITEM #981554.

As per my last article, I wondered if the QC on these Nendoroids would be better in 2021. To my surprise, it’s getting a bit better? I don’t see any visible errors, imperfections, or paint defects on my Abbacchio, but maybe I just got lucky, not sure.


He looks really good despite the lack of accessories (C’mon, a moody blues accessory could have at least been the bonus instead of the key, just saying), which could be due to the increase in QC? Though some people have issues with theirs.

The colors are pretty much identical to the anime and the painting on his faceplates also looks nice, especially the eye gradient.

Again, simple box, only with his face and purple coloring.


Iida is probably one of my favorites from the BnHA Nendoroid line… I mean, look.


I love the articulation on these Nendoroids, making them very posable to do all sorts of poses and look dynamic, such as the above.


This has to be one of the prettiest figures I own thus far ITEM #1036612. Although nice looking, I’ve had some paint errors with the transparent tips of the end of her pigtails. Other than that she is beautiful.


I especially like the big sakura flower she’s holding. It’s just so cute!

The box is fairly basic. An image of the figure on a blue background.


The final figure that I received in February was this amazing 1/8 Todoroki Figure by Kotobukiya ITEM #753876.

What can I say?


First of all, I love this box. It’s just so colorful and expressive and very true to the series as a whole.

Now the figure itself.

This figure is massive, I would almost consider it a 1/7 scale, he’s much bigger than some of the more expensive 1/8 scale figures that I’ve purchased.


His painting is flawless and the colors are just so vivid and visually pleasing.

One complaint I do have however is about the flame piece that has to be attached to his hand. Not that I think it looks bad or anything, it was such a pain to try and put on. It took me a solid 30 minutes trying to figure out how it attaches. I eventually figured it out with some testing and looking at other images from MFC users and other photos online.

Also, Creamy Mami clear files. Haven’t watched the show yet but they were too pastel and aesthetically pleasing.


Lastly, March

I love how the Dabi Nendoroid ITEM #943141 turned out, despite two issues I have with it.


One, there are no staples on his hand, which is a bit annoying, but easy to overlook when the rest of the figure is so good. I’m also a bit sad that they didn’t make his legs articulated at the knee and foot, which could have allowed for more dynamic posing. Other than that, I’m really happy with this figure.

He looks really good and there are no errors that I can see, which is a good thing :)
The box is again, a standard Nendoroid box, this time, blue.


My last 2 figures for March are the Pop Up Parade Todoroki ITEM #943138 and Uraraka item/943137! My first PUP figures and I am very impressed by their quality!

First, ITEM #943138. For a fairly inexpensive figure (nowadays, anyway) I’m really happy with him. A fairly decent height and size and the painting are well done! I will be purchasing more figures from this line.


Last, ITEM #943137. I originally wanted to pre-order her when she went up around April last year, but I never got around to it as October was a fairly busy month in terms of pre-orders and other expenses that had to be paid for. I’m really glad I ended up getting her because she is amazing. Good paint and I just love her happy expression. It’s so cute!


On another side note, I love the boxes for PUP figures. They allow the entire figure to be shown off and they just look nice in general!


I’ll make another post when I receive more loot.

Until, then, bye!
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