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dead-wolfwooddead-wolfwood8 months ago
Hiiiii it's been a while since I wrote a review, I got others planned + one I've meant to do but MAN the amount of delays and shipping hell rona has given us all. Miss Sonico (ITEM #943304) was also held back in this way and I haven't seen a ton of hype for her, so I wanted to create it myself!

I pre-ordered her from TOM back in September, with her release slated to their US warehouse in December. Obviously she didn't make it then, I just got her today after 4 delays. Honestly was painful, but after seeing how huge her box is, DHL prices would have given me absolute hell. $50 minimum. Overall I paid $16.41 for her, from a TOM welcome discount + domestic shipping. Otherwise without discounts she's $19.99 without including tax or shipping.

The BiCute Bunnies line (ENTRY #191807) is by FuRyu, and is one I'm VERY interested in. They're prizes, but still have real fishnets in the way that scales (most often 1/4) do. I only have a few prize figures and they're all by the same company, albeit they're years old, I like them a lot and don't see many flaws on them. The main draw is being able to have bunny figures that don't cost an arm and a leg. As of writing, they have 3 bunnies and 1 recolor, all Mikus and just the one Sonico. The Mikus aren't really my realm of taste, but from what I've seen she's looked really nice!

Be aware, since she's a bunny suit figure, there's going to be a lot of suggestive pictures. Nothing explicit, but there's little left to the imagination. Proceed with caution, it's gonna be picture-heavy! I have a ring-light on, which may overexpose some pictures just a bit. If you'd like just the pictures, I have them all in an album here.

Sonico is a prize figure, so I won't be as nitpicky as a normal scale.

The background of my monitor is of my OC's man boobs sorry for that LMAO but now we got a comparison point




I'd say it's very cute, but in the end it's your average prize figure box. Not worthy enough to have it out on display in tandem, but they put enough in design-wise for it to be eye-catching. She has various angles on the box, but mysteriously nothing of her back...

She comes in an actual blister package inside with plastic wrap under her right hand and hair, which was a very pleasant surprise. I'm used to half-blisters or them being thrown in with a wedge of cardboard. She was kept safe in there with 0 damage and it didn't even move in transit. High marks for that alone, I've heard horror stories of careless prize packaging.

As a side note, it's also massive. Keep an eye out for shipping costs.


I would have liked to have seen a backview of her on there and the cardboard is a little thin, but the blister makes up for it.



It's matte black with a sparkly gold logo. Sonico sits firmly in it with 0 wobble. Honestly, I really like it a lot. Maybe my standards are low, but after dishing out triple digits for a plain and HUGE black disc, something compact with a little detail is welcome. I don't have any complaints!

As a side note, I know the Mikus have had circular or oval bases and they seem to be depending on the region of distribution. Circle for Japan, oval for China and other Asian countries. I'm not sure if this also applies to Sonico, but I'm grateful I got a circular one from TOM.


All grouped into one category for the sake of brevity.


There she is in her full glory!

One of the main sellers for me besides uhhh big milky was her face and hair sculpt. Love how colorful she is, especially with the sunset-colored eyes, and her cute smile is a bonus. I'm really not a fan of when she looks uncomfortable in figures (IE the Libra one) and seeing her fully confident is refreshing. The blue at the back of her hair is a nice touch. They actually sculpted her ears under the headphones too, no one was gonna look for it but they actually did it.


Her hair sculpt is really well done! There's not a lot of blobbiness and it feels and looks smooth, minus a few seamlines at the back. But it's not like most people will be staring there if she's turned around.


Her bunny ears come in separate pieces to plug in. They can be switched or go backwards if you so wish.


Her headphones and bunny ears are really well sculpted! Done in a nice metallic paint and without sparing any details.


Her collar + bowtie also came out nice. A tiny speck of white paint under.


Her hands look delicate, but there's no fingernails sculpted or painted. Small black smudge on her right, but I imagine that can be taken off easily. Her hand doesn't actually hold the ear, which I would have liked to see, but it's a tall order for a prize and having it come in pre-installed is asking for breakage.


As for her body, she's nicely detailed even under the suit. NSFW adjacent images begin especially now.



They even sculpted under her arm in a lot of detail. Something I know a lot of people on this site have a particular liking to


Note the sculpted bellybutton.


She has nicely done shoulderblades. More tiny specks of paint.

The gloves bother some people with this figure, I personally like them. But a note is that they do come with seams down the front. It's not a dealbreaker, but I wish they put them at the back instead. I'm not entirely sure if its an intentional seamline, to look like glove seams..?



Her behind, where you can see the large fishnet seam that's another breaking point for some. It personally doesn't bother me. Her tail is sculpted to look soft.


Her legs are very well done, and the tights accentuate them more. The PVC under the tights is a little shiny, I assume its to prevent transfer that happens a lot with fishnets. No shading is done. Also to note, the fishnets are pretty soft and not plasticky.


Her heels are also well done. They sculpted her ankles in, and the nets hang off of the heel a little.

Some pictures of her from a lower angle:


In the sculpting department I don't really have many qualms besides those mentioned. The simplicity of the suit allowed them to really go ham with the details of her body.

For painting there's not much outside the lines, however the blue fade of her hair isn't perfect and the black cushions of her headphones are a little inconsistent. Both you don't see unless you're inspecting them. The blue is only very visible when she's upside down, like that picture I took to show it off.

Posing's pretty much perfect with the exception of the bunny ear in her hand. Even just an extended finger to slide it under would have been a nice touch, but as of now it's kinda... Hovering between her fingers and thumb. Another detail you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for it.

In the terms of quality, she's a hefty figure that feels as sturdy as any of my scales. Maybe even a little more heavy, she feels SOLID. For reference, most of my collection are castoffs by Skytube and Native, so they have hollow insides. But not her, it seems. The PVC is slightly shiny at parts like under her eyes and on her breasts, but it's not a bootleg shine. The black parts are also shiny, but some parts are a little dulled. I've noticed that to be par for the course for prizes. They're slightly soft to the touch as compared to the rest of her, which is your average hard PVC. There's seamlines here and there.

POSING: 9/10!

Scale wise, she fits to be around 1/6 size, which was a pleasant surprise as someone who mostly collects in that range.

Here she is with Jin Lian from Skytube, a standing 1/6 scale ITEM #548307 (NSFW):


Momo from Freeing, your average 1/4 scale bunny ITEM #331690:


And Melty from Alter, a 1/8 scale ITEM #113211:


(And where she'll remain until Ithnani ITEM #806264 (NSFW) comes out to pair with!)



For the first of the BiCute Bunnies line, I'm really impressed! Sure she's not scale quality, but from a short distance she looks just like one and can easily blend in with other ones. If you like Skytube's selection, it seems she'll blend right in especially with her matching 1/6 proportions. Is she perfect? Technically no, but she is to me, at least. She looks exactly like the promo pictures and exceeded my expectations. Affordable bunnies with real fishnets was a pipedream until this line, and I'm looking forward to what they make next! It really feels like a game-changer to see prizes this nice, I hope it encourages big companies to do better, especially with price hikes and the disease of plain black disc bases.

She's up for a second release and especially after the first round skyrocketed after release and was hard to obtain, I wholeheartedly encourage picking her up or pre-ordering.


Thanks for reading my review! I'll be back whenever Native frees the US from shipping hold hell.
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When you factor in the price, hard to resist. I have this too, and I may never display it with the back showing so the fishnet seams don't bother me.
7 months ago
nada mal. ojala y encuentre 1 por ahi a buen precio
8 months ago
Great review. I honestly prefer the bare leg bunny suit versions specifically because even on 1/4th scale figs the seams look silly to me. Even so I own one with fishnets and I realized since the seams are on the back, I don’t really notice them.

It’s nice that this line is available for folks who like bunny suit figs but don’t want to spend the premium for 1/4th scales.
8 months ago
Nice review. I voted no, but from a value for money POV I would vote yes (I just have high demands for my own collection). My main gripe with this figure was the backside of the stockings sew line on the left leg being way too thick and truly makes it look like a 'discount version' to how they'd normally look if done by Native for example. Even though you don't see it from the front, this is why I decided against buying her; gotta wonder if it was really needed to do this (wouldn't have mattered cost-effective wise if they made it smaller I imagine), or it would've been a splendid figure for its price otherwise though it's still is quite good as is.
8 months ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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