Setting up my new collection room! Part 1 of 2~Setting up my new collection room! Part 1 of 2~Tutorial

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I moved to a new apartment last year and I decided to document setting up my new collection room. I hope it can inspire others as well!

After the move



I have quite a big collection, so it was boxes upon boxes that needed to be unboxed!

Tip when moving: Use plastic tubs (better quality than cardboard boxes, less chance of damages to your figures) and put on the outer borders of the box (news)paper or other non-see through material. This not only protects it from sunlight damage, but also makes the boxes look less interesting/valuable to people that will possibly see it (storage unit visitors, movers etc.). Buying plastic tubs is quite an investment, but I think it was worth it. Depending on your amount of storage space you could keep the figure boxes in their tubs after unboxing them for your collection. Personally I didn't have this amount of storage space, but will later show you my solution for my figure boxes storage! These plastic tubs are all stackable so once they were empty I could easily put them in a small corner of my basement.

Setting up the room


My original idea was to have 7 Kallax cabinets lined up as the base for my Detolf display cabinets, but unfortunately it turned out the 7th one didn't fit along this wall by a couple of centimeters.

For the people afraid of the Kallax not being able to hold the weight of the Detolf: View spoilerHide spoilerThere have been reports of people having these issues if they bought a 4x1 Kallax and put 3 or 4 Detolfs on top. However, the 1x1 Kallax has a lot thicker wood at all sides and can hold a lot more weight. I've had Detolfs on these for years and they are still flat when I check them with my spirit level every now and then. In my FAQ at the bottom of the blog I talk a bit more about this in detail and some recommended additions to make them even more sturdy.




Now the room was almost ready to start assembling the Detolfs. I had taken 9 Detolfs with me from my home country. In Finland I purchased an additional one to bring to a total of 10 Detolfs.


I started with the first Detolf frames.


I also managed to stuff most of the contents of the cardboard boxes in closets, so the room was a lot more accessable now!



I was very happy that all the glass survived the move! I have multiple generations of Detolfs and most of them have already been moved around multiple times, but never like this to the other side of the continent!



I also made this "if it works it ain't stupid"-system to make sure my new no-sunlight-curtains would stay as closed as possible and there was no chance of sunlight coming in. I pasted metal rings on the wall, and by a magnet on the other side of the curtain they stay permanently closed (but not so permanent it would never be impossible to open them, if needed).

For now I think this look is funny with the seashell magnets, but maybe one day I will replace them with more neutral looking ones.


Still busy with the frames!

The walls

I also have a huge amount of wall scrolls, posters and other flat merchandise I wanted to hang on the walls, so I started working on that!


I had purchased this Yoshika wall scroll ITEM #327578 many years ago, but never unboxed it, it was time to do so!

I already knew beforehand that manufacturer Great Eastern Entertainment regularly doesn't (or never?) provides a rope or other method of hanging for tapestries, so I had to buy or make something myself.


I still had some nice looking leftover fabric from my Elin cosplay BLOG #45587 .


As I didn't have any rope in my possessions and most of the string and ribbons I owned were nowhere near long enough, I decided to make something myself. I'm not sold on the look, but it works for now. I might replace it one day with a proper rope rather than these thicker pieces of fabric.

Setting up and cleaning

Next up is going to be a bit of a mix of the setting up of the room and cleaning process of the unpacked figures.


The first 3 detolfs with working lights have been set up! I decided to first unbox 2 figures I did not unseal before: Futaba Anzu ITEM #286429 (reviewed here: BLOG #46163 ) and Tanya Degurechaff ITEM #604888 (reviewed here: BLOG #46618 ).

As for my previously displayed figures...


...all of them first got a bath! This floating head (I was surprised he floated!) is from Petanko Hideyoshi ITEM #78843 .



I know this stuff looks scary...and it is a bit scary, but carefully washing them and then air-drying them for about a day is the best method I have found to giving your figures a safe and good clean that is very thorough.


The shelves are slowly getting more full!


I love this trading figure set so much!


And these as well!



More Detolfs are set up and the frames for the next ones are ready!



Assembling my smaller trading figures again was a lot of fun!

Re2200 Italia-san ENTRY #3755 actually has even more variants! I know of at least 2 more that I don't own yet and I think there might be another one as well!





After drying I would (partially) assemble them and get them ready to get photographed for my 'Maakie's Collection' profile/Maakie/... blogs!



8 Detolfs are set up now!

But...at this point I ran into an issue... I had moved with me 2 more Detolfs that were planned to get set up at the empty spots you see. However, during the move the plastic clasps that keep the Detolf glass sheets together got lost and it's unsafe to build any Detolfs without these plastic clasps. More on this later. For now I can let you know that the conclusion of this is that I have decided to just keep a part of the collection boxed for a while more until I am able to safely buy the missing pieces for my last 2 Detolfs and put them together.


An attempt at a diorama shot of the current state the room was in (looks better when opened in a separate tab).


I was very happy to now have my Azmaria Garage Kit ITEM #897282 on display for the first time! I bought her shortly before my move.


This was also the first time I was fully setting up a shelf for my Tanya collection!


More cleaning!


Slowly it started to look like there was a possible end to all these figures I still had to unbox and clean! When looking at a picture like this I can't believe this is only a small part of my collection...I own way too much...

You might be wondering where I am keeping all my empty figure boxes?



Ta-dah! Officially this is a coat rack/shoe storage closet, but I removed the bars, so now it is here for figure boxes. Climate-wise it felt a lot more safe to me than storing them in my basement, which was the only other option.



A big chunk of my Mecha Musume figures were now set up!



Another bunch of figures almost ready to get photographed!


I was experimenting a bit with possible risers for this shelf as my store-bought ones were all either too high or too low. This nicely fitting box gave me an idea...


I had an old clothes pile meant for crafts projects and I always liked the look of this top although I never liked the material for wearing it myself.



Doesn't the reflectiveness remind you a bit of water?




Very stable and cute looking!


Will there ever be an end to all the cleaning? NO!


Even with two detolfs missing, I decided to make a plan of what is going to be displayed in them, so I would be sure which figures to keep boxed for now.



My box-closet is now also becoming a lot more full!

If you're just scrolling past this blog it might seem like the progress is fast, however, it was basically just one small cleaning pile I could get done every weekend. This was many months of work.


An idea I've had for a while, but could never execute exactly the way I wanted it, was to display cosplay props I've made over the years on top of my Detolfs. Most of them are very light weight so they should be no issue to have up there.

Once all the Detolfs on the right are set up, they will have my Lilith Aensland wings + ears and probably also the weapons of Queen's Blade Rebellion Ymir cosplay.


Started on a cute shelf with 'everything POP that is not Moetan', underneath it is a WIP shelf for game merchandise.


Also setting up a shelf for the best magical girl: Ink!

Working on wall pieces again

With a lot of the figures now unboxed, I started focusing more on the wall pieces!


I found the perfectly sized frame for the bonus poster that came with the original release of the Kotobukiya Black Magician Girl ITEM #42095 . I can't believe how many re-releases this girl has gotten!


I still had some space left on the door underneath my earlier placed Yoshika wallscroll, so I decided on these three pieces:
- Oversized Strike Witches mousepad ITEM #144774 , not like I would ever use it for it's intended purpose. It's too huge to fit on my desk!
- Momoiro Closet poster
- Oversized Microfiber Towel from Busou Shinki ITEM #852107 , I couldn't imagine using this as a cleaning towel, so it's going to be displayed in all it's pretty glory!


A lot of measuring later...ta-dah!




The artwork is just so cool and the print very high quality!


These are just very cute~


Now the hardest part of measuring and hanging items has begun...I decided to get started on where to place my daki's and huge bedsheets.



I started with the easiest two items, a bedsheet placed most to the left and a daki that I could hang centered on a smaller wall.

The bedsheet is Kinoshita Hideyoshi ITEM #870924 .

The daki is Sakamoto Mio ITEM #37244 .


The next pile of fabric items is waiting to get measured and placed!


Second bedsheet is up! Another Hideyoshi ITEM #70829 , this time in his school uniform.


Second daki is up! Another Strike Witch, this one is from Sanya ITEM #37342 !


I started making some quick adjustments to the door because I realized quite a bit of light from our sun soaked living room was getting in from underneath. I later made another version of those foam straps that blocked even more light.

I also hung my mini tapestry from Ajin ITEM #725602 , Sato's IBM has the coolest design! I might place it at another spot sometime though, because the coolest part of it is that it's semi transparent which you don't really see against a white wall.


I started attaching a lot of my smaller clear files and shitajiki on the walls. I know that this kind of busy wall filling is not for everyone, so you are warned for what is coming up next!



I also put an assortment of clear files and a trading card playing mat underneath my Sanya daki.


Can't leave the corners of the room empty right? I hung my Shizuku bed sheet ITEM #262095 and clear file ITEM #812026 here.



I found the perfect spot for my tiny Black Magician frame!

Baccano! play mat

You might remember from an earlier loot blog BLOG #45970 that I was very happy to have obtained the super rare playing card deck from Baccano! ITEM #917908 .

I had multiple ideas of what to do with these cards and with the amount of cards included I thought I could do at least two projects with it. First up: A casino style playing mat with the cards being used in a game!


We still had this Black Jack mat lying around that we once got with a deck of cards. IT'S PERFECT.


First up was figuring out which card should go where. This was harder than it seemed because I would have to make sure it looked properly centered.


I tested around with multiple versions.


This is what I ended up with!



I carefully measured and grid the whole mat to make sure everything would be placed ~perfectly~.


After rubbing off the help-lines and attaching all of the cards with some blu-tac: Ta-dah!


I'm very happy with the outcome of this little project!

I still have half of the cards left, so I was thinking about using that other half to make Detolf backgrounds. To be continued!

Let's get back to the walls!


And now for the other side of the room! I finally hung my:
- Charlotte & Francesca towel ITEM #398658
- Mikan bed sheet ITEM #262097
- Mikan clear file ITEM #812021

The Hello Kitty items are mirrored with on the other side the Shizuka matching set!


I have a love/hate relationship with this towel. The quality of the towel is horrible and it damages easily...but the artwork and colors are so nice!


Not a part of the figure room, but I also reframed my (heavily damaged) L.A. Noire poster that we have in the hallway. From most angles you can barely notice the damages now!

You know, talking about this, I assume people would also be interested in the other stuff I have hung around the place, so let's do a tour!


Art litho from World of Tanks (near the entrance of our apartment).


Gorillaz Plastic Beach litho (in the living room).




Baccano! art print and Hearthstone signed print (in our desk areas).


Then probably one of my favorite things I own are these 2 genga's from Higurashi (at the wall in between our hallway and living room). They are two directly following up frames with slight differences if you look a long time at the two.



In the bedroom I have this Yu-Gi-Oh! season 0 framed poster and an older poster from when I was in my Kuroshitsuji phase (I can't really part with it for aesthetic reasons although I am not into the franchise anymore, haha).

Anyway, let's go back to the actual collection room, here are some shots of the current state it is in:


I later also did more alterations to the door so that no light could come out underneath.






Here is the whole room. The boxes in the middle are figures that I don't have space for to unpack them now as my shelves are getting full. The other items in the middle are pieces of the cosplay I am currently working on (Ymir from Queen's Blade in this look ITEM #18544 ) either drying or just in general stored. The idea is that I can later unpack all the figures and the cosplay items will fit into some closets I am currently cleaning up.

You might wonder why there are currently two Detolfs missing on the right wall. Well...it's a sad story. When it was time to set up my last 2 ones I found out I was missing the insert-side-pieces. For the people that have detolfs, you might recognize them as the plastic pieces that hold the glass in place. AKA...the most important pieces for the Detolf as otherwise you just have a pile of glass and wood. AAAH! These pieces must have gotten lost during the move or during storage and I am so so sad about it as I basically have a worthless pile of materials I can't assemble now.

My first thought was contacting the IKEA customer support and asking if I would be able to purchase these pieces again, they told me no. So my second idea was scouring the second hand market for people selling Detolfs and asking them if they would be OK with shipping me the plastic strips if I paid their full asking price. Unfortunately because of the length of these strips they seemed unshippable by normal methods and I never found someone locally wanting to get rid of their Detolf that was willing to sell to me (either the whole thing or only the plastic strips). So waaaah, I was at this moment stuck between either buying 2 full new Detolfs and having to thrash these pieces or accept for a while until I find the right place to buy to just...not have any.

It seemed so wasteful of both money and materials to get new Detolfs, but I was annoyed I could not complete my figure room...so I went to the IKEA customer support again. This time I got someone that was willing to go a bit further in helping me and she gave me the information that my missing plastic strips were indeed not available through the website and phone customer support, but sometimes they are available in the in-store customer support. She could not promise me it, but she did give me a glimmer of hope of finding it there.

Unfortunately ever since the pandemic started, IKEA's are basically the most dangerous place to be over here as they almost never got closed and are always full of people that want to have an enjoyable day out while no other days out are possible. This has made me hesitant to visit any although I am regularly checking their 'busy' charts through Google. Especially because my 2 closest IKEA's are in opposite directions and if IKEA #1 wouldn't have it, I would want to directly travel to IKEA #2.

So currently I am still debating:
1) Go to an IKEA and not be sure about how risky of a move this is until I have reached it, also not sure about the success rate in my search for the plastic strips, might have to visit multiple locations.
2) Wait until the pandemic is over and then go to IKEA, but with how it's currently going (vaccinations aren't going as fast here as in other countries) it looks like this is not going to be possible until 2022...which means at least a full year of this room being unfinished.
3) Give in and just purchase 2 new full Detolfs from the IKEA website, maybe I can then later still buy the missing pieces and have 2 additional Detolfs to place in other areas of the apartment.

As I want to think about it some more (and still have a lot of other projects to do), I have decided to now just keep the room as it is and make this blog of the room in it's current state. I want to later return with a blog part 2!

One final thing!

I did decide to make one final improvement to the set-up I currently have!


I had been thinking about multiple systems for a longer time on how to nicely display my straps and other similar smaller items. After not finding anything in stores that was to my liking, I ended up making the following: It's a thin fishing line wire, with zip ties cut off to a small size to be big enough for a loop. It might not be a super professional looking solution, but when you hang multiple items on it, the attention rather goes to there than the wire itself!



First test: succeeded! It's also easy to tie the wire a bit more loose if the way the figures are displayed on the shelf would otherwise cause them to not give a proper view.


If the items aren't too big, you can display a maximum of 5 at a time. I might be able to fit more loop holes, but I also don't want it to get too messy/busy.


Well, now that I am busy with this anyway, let me show off a couple of my shelves that are more full than others!





Lynette's shelf looks so empty, but I have multiple items ordered from her on the way! It was only when I decided to display all my Strike Witches on their own shelves that I realized that I actually don't have that many figures from some of them...


On multiple shelves (like this one) some random figures are displayed on otherwise themed shelves until I have been able to set up more shelves and give them their own fitting spot.


This made me realize I have way too many random straps and dangling things from YGO! Not enough loops even when I have 4 shelves reserved for this collection!



I always call this shelf 'the Magician Harem'.


For this shelf I am still debating which other YGO items I will put on it. I want to limit my YGO collection display to 4 shelves, but I have more items than fit on that. So I will have to decide how to downsize this collection.



One day I will assemble that model kit...


More Perrine items are on it's way as well so this shelf can get more full! I really like this character but for some reason did not buy a lot of merchandise from her.


I will later make a second goth girls shelf (for Dead Master and Beelzebub to fit on) and a shounen-series shelf for my Code Geass figures.


Mio has to share her shelf for now with some random Pokémon and Gorillaz items.



Same for these two...haha!



This shelf is a bit too full to properly hang these charms! Man, I have so many Komugi kits that need to get assembled!


And for most other shelves...well, I hang the wire, but no items are hanging on it yet until I am sure about which themed shelved will be where and the permanent places of the related figures (most of them are not very visibly placed right now as you can see in this picture)!


But Maakie, how will you now occupy yourself?

No worries! There are still tons of other things in my apartment that need setting up, such as...


...my console collection! My dream would be to have everything properly displayed and attached to one screen so that any console can be put on whenever I feel like playing a game on it. This will be a very time consuming and possibly also expensive project.

That's it for now, folks!

I hope I can come back in a while with a part 2 for this blog!

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FAQ of my collection and set-up:

Q: Which plastic storage crates are those?
A: They are mixed no-brand or cheap brand from a store in the Netherlands similar to The Container Store. They don't have a webshop, so I can't really link to anything here. I recommend to look for these kind of crates locally as their big sizes are not very efficient when it comes to shipping costs.

Q: What are the display cases you use?
A: Detolf from IKEA.

Q: Aren't Detolfs the display cases that explode/shatter?!?!?!?!
A: There are some horror stories out there, yeah. The people this happened to either seemed to have damaged pieces (! check your Detolfs for any glass cracks before assembly !) or they were incorrectly assembled (a common mistake is having the actual shelving placed upside down or screws being screwed too tight).

Q: What are the cabinets underneath your display cases?
A: Kallax from IKEA.

Q: Don't Kallax sag over time and take down all your Detolfs with it?!?!?!?!
A: The 1x1 Kallax squares (unfortunately not sold in every country's IKEA) are very sturdy and come with thick wooden sides. If you then also buy the wooden door inserts and backsides, you have a very solid piece. I have had this set-up for years and don't see issues with mine, although I do have to add my detolfs are mainly filled with lightweight PVC and no big or heavy pieces.

As a try-out I have also decided now to have the 4x1 against one wall, I also reinforced it with the wooden door and wooden backside and on top of that these metal reinforcement hooks images-na.ssl-i... are screwed inside. Also rather than 1 display case on top of each square, I will only put 3 on here. I also actively monitor if they will sag. It's been more than half a year since I set up the 2 display cases there and no sagging yet.

Q: What are the lights in your display cases?
A: Dioder, also by IKEA. Unfortunately IKEA took them out of their catalogue a while back. I was able to buy about half of them in store when they still existed and the other half I have bought second hand. I recommend to check local second hand websites if you are interested in these. Be very aware there are yellow-colored and white-colored Dioder, depending on the age of release.

Q: How do you clean your figures?
A: Pictured in this blog is the luke-warm water with dishwashing liquid method. When normally on display I use small brushes and I have been thinking about getting a small air duster.

Q: How do you store your boxes?
A: Like tetris in a closet, see the pictures in this blog. :)

Q: How do you keep the room dark?
A: Sun-blocking curtains that are attached to the wall with magnets to ensure no sunlight can peek out.

Q: Where did you get your risers?
A: Please check out the recommendations in this blog BLOG #8346 , the pictures are lost, but the information is still valuable.

Q: How did you attach the posters and wallscrolls?
A: The lightweight items are held up with blu-tac, the heavier items with small dabs of Unibond/Pattex Click & Fix, the fabric items with magnetic wooden clips (generic ones available on Amazon/eBay).

Q: What are those rings/wires you are using to hang items in your display cabinets?
A: It's a thin fishing line wire, with zip ties cut off to a small size to be big enough for a loop. Just a simple solution I came up with myself, there might be more professional looking things available for sale.

Q: How long did it take you to set up all this?
A: I didn't time myself and I guess I also don't really want to know, but I spend about 5-10 hours every weekend on the room and that was for many months in a row.

Q: When will you finish setting up your collection and make the final blog?
A: I don't know yet, this highly depends on if I will succumb to either making an expensive order on the IKEA website for two new Detolfs or if I want to wait out until IKEA's can be safely visited again to bother the customer service for my missing pieces.


Thanks for reading!

*Update* 4 hours after posting this blog...I gave in and ordered 2 new Detolfs from IKEA, haha! I just really want to enjoy my collection (especially now that I spend so much time indoors) and don't want to see the room unfinished for at least a year more. I still want to get my missing pieces eventually so I can have the other 2 Detolfs set up possibly elsewhere in the apartment.
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kramabrab15 days ago#95836424I admire your passion and commitment! Congrats on getting through the move! 10/10 inspired
atimidtempest15 days ago#95861567Even thinking about moving with that many figures makes my head spin... congratulations on getting through it!
dumbchihuahua15 days ago#95862835Every aspect of this post is impressive! Your collection, dedication, everything! Thanks really enjoyed this article.

Thanks for the nice comments! :)

kin14 days ago#95902805In belgië is het 10 x erger :')
vond het al zo raar toen ik de tekst op de dozen kon lezen en toen klikte het pfft. Geweldige post btw! Altijd super interessant om te lezen hoe mensen hun kamer op zetten en vond het een interessante post!

Oef ja, ik praat af en toe met een Belgische vriendin en ik hoop dat dingen bij jullie binnenkort een betere kant op zullen gaan. :(

En dank je wel! :)

Lyncfs14 days ago#95903280Wow so much work! Thanks for detailing all of this and great for memories. I'm scared if we ever have to move. All the time it would take to pack and make sure the figures got transported safely.
Also for your plastic pieces on the detolf, I had an issue where mine were disintegrating. You can go to a hardware store and buy plastic tubing that is the same size. Cut it with pliers and they should hold up just fine.

I might do another move within the country some day, but I will never do such a big international move again. If for some reason I need to switch countries, I will sell a huge chunk of my collection. ^^'' But I hope this will not happen.

And I am not sure if we are talking about the same parts, because I am missing the plastic long pieces in which you 'clip' the glass together, so if the size is only a little bit off the glass panes would come tumbling down. o.o I would never dare to DIY that piece, I'm sweating thinking about it haha. *edit* I think you might mean the round plastic pieces that you put under a shelf so it's non-slip?
11 days ago
Wow so much work! Thanks for detailing all of this and great for memories. I'm scared if we ever have to move. All the time it would take to pack and make sure the figures got transported safely.

Also for your plastic pieces on the detolf, I had an issue where mine were disintegrating. You can go to a hardware store and buy plastic tubing that is the same size. Cut it with pliers and they should hold up just fine.
14 days ago
Maakie(vaccinations aren't going as fast here as in other countries)

In belgië is het 10 x erger :')

vond het al zo raar toen ik de tekst op de dozen kon lezen en toen klikte het pfft. Geweldige post btw! Altijd super interessant om te lezen hoe mensen hun kamer op zetten en vond het een interessante post!
14 days ago
Every aspect of this post is impressive! Your collection, dedication, everything! Thanks really enjoyed this article.
15 days ago
Even thinking about moving with that many figures makes my head spin... congratulations on getting through it!
15 days ago
I admire your passion and commitment! Congrats on getting through the move! 10/10 inspired
15 days ago
CloAlien15 days ago#95823918I see ITEM #260969 and ITEM #162402 there is some good taste here !
I wish i could have a room like this but for now i stick to good old bookshelf lol

Thanks! Although those figures are a bit too highly priced for the quality you get, I do like them a lot, the designs are so aesthetically pleasing~

I also started with a bookshelf! Then it became a cabinet...then a detolf...then multiple detolfs... xD

soja15 days ago#95823986oh wow. that was actually really interesting. Thank you for the journey!! XDD
Anyway, that must have taken FOREVER. Not only the moving / clean up / assembly but also writing this article and doing all the pictures. Only thinking about it I'm like "I'm out. I'm too lazy." lol
Ugh, when I think about my Detolf build up experience (three Detolfs built up alone)...that took me half a day already. XD
So, how long did this take you? *curious*

I didn't time myself and I guess I also don't really want to know, but I spend about 5-10 hours every weekend on the room and that was for many months in a row. ^^''
15 days ago
oh wow. that was actually really interesting. Thank you for the journey!! XDD

Anyway, that must have taken FOREVER. Not only the moving / clean up / assembly but also writing this article and doing all the pictures. Only thinking about it I'm like "I'm out. I'm too lazy." lol
Ugh, when I think about my Detolf build up experience (three Detolfs built up alone)...that took me half a day already. XD
So, how long did this take you? *curious*
15 days ago
I see ITEM #260969 and ITEM #162402 there is some good taste here !

I wish i could have a room like this but for now i stick to good old bookshelf lol
15 days ago
setokaibaswife16 days ago#95822678Wow, this is incredible!! As someone who dreams of moving and making a collection room with all my stuff, this was really inspiring to see. So many creative display decisions.
Of course, I love the Yugioh stuff the most!! You actually have multiple Yugioh items here I've never seen before. I'm really discovering new stuff all the time, even though I've spent countless days searching the internet.
I'm not a fan of the kneeling DMG figure but I DO love that poster, I had no idea it exists.

Thank you! :) And oh! Are those mostly the hanging items you haven't seen before? My rarest YGO items are the ones still boxed up where I am doubting if I want to even have them on display as they are ~20 year old toys and building sets. They are the rarest but not necessarily the prettiest to put on a display shelf.

I don't think I ever saw someone selling that poster separately, but yeah I agree, it's very cool! :)

victorviper16 days ago#95822805It looks like it's coming along nicely. Nice to see you've finally got your Yoshika wall scroll displayed :).
Cleaning all those figures takes time. When I spring clean, I will sometimes empty out my Detolfs, clean the glass and dust/wash figures as needed, and I can do about one or two Detolfs at a time before I've had my fill of figure cleaning for the day.
I've thought about investing a few hundred dollars in several dozen of those giant plastic totes and using them for box storage. Right now, I've just got a big wall o' boxes stacked floor to ceiling in a spare bedroom, and I'd like to move them into the attic and even have a quick system to be able to find what box is where (like a spreadsheet where I can look and say that the box for figure X is in tote number Y).

Oh wow, so you actually wash your figures almost yearly? :O

I have not kept all the receipts, but with the average tub priced between $10-20, it is in total quite an investment to have them all, but for me I would say it was worth it for the move. If I had the space for it, I would also store them again in tubs afterwards. It sounds like a good idea for you if the climate in your attic is decent that you would put them all there instead of a bedroom. :)

Tjilp16 days ago#95822968Alright I'm going to write my comment as I read along with your blog, here goes... (I'm gonna have lots of questions, sorry xD I put it in a spoiler haha)
View spoilerHide spoiler
Oooh all those plastic boxes... I'm storing my collection in my parent's office in the house right now, and it's definitely starting to look like this hahaha xD
I've bought a bunch of dark black plastic boxes (from blokker at first, but now others from an auction as they don't sell them anymore..) to keep out the dust, sun, moisture, and keep the figures+their boxes safe! Great minds think alike! :D I do have a few see through plastic boxes in use, but I will replace them soon. I put black trashbags around the edges to keep the sun out in those.
How did you move actually? Was it by plane or by truck? (across countries) :o
Why did you decide to wash all your figures, actually? Because of the dust?
All the parts together look like one giant puzzle! Gives me yugioh puzzle vibes, clicking them together every night :')
I really like all the risers you've used, too.
And on that note you wrote... do i see.. Gorillaz? :O :O Please do a blog on those if I read that right! Do you know about the new gorillaz figures they've recently released?
Your Ink shelf is also gorgeousss <3
I love how you have hints of your collection all around the house with all the frames on the walls. I have so many movie posters I used to have the same in my student housing, but since our housing market has gone to shit, I'm back at my parents with no such luxury :')
also yeess you displayed marik with his back tattoo in front that is so dope
And Dark Magician has all his chicks around xD Awesome. Hahaha the Magician Harem.. Nice :D
Your collection room is like a dream to me! How do you feel walking around in it?
What kind of activities do you plan to do in that room? (if any, ofc! I always found it relaxing and motivating to work on art next to my figure collection, hence my q!)
Ohhh the consoles.. oh damn.. I'll have the same 'issue' if I ever acquire a house haha, I recently got recc'd a yt channel on a figure discord that might help with ideas for that: www.youtube.com...
Oh by the way, I used blu-tac to hang up posters in my room at some point (but then the pritt brand) and it left fat/oil stains where those things have been on my posters, leaving the paper see through at those places... I'm not sure if blu-tac brand does the same thing, but that's something to look out for, maybe? It took about 3 years for that to happen, though, but if you're planning to use them for longer, worth a check?

A lovely read! Thanks for sharing <3

No worries, I hope I won't forget to answer some. :)

We did a group-moving. Which is organized by companies with the biggest trucks I have ever seen in my life and multiple households fit in 1 truck. The specific one we used had multiple routes and for ours they first went to multiple Western-European countries to pick up and eventually dropped of the goods in multiple Nordic countries.

I gave all my figures a regular dust cleaning before the move and noticed while I was boxing up that some of the boxes themselves were not the cleanest either after being in my attic for a while. Put on top of that the storage unit the items were in for multiple months was a dust magnet and in general I felt like my figures weren't super clean out of the box. Also for the 'Maakie's collection' blogs I wanted them all to look as clean/new as possible.

Jep! I am a very big Gorillaz fan. :) I regularly drop some new items acquired for my Gorillaz collection in my 'random' loot blogs users.v4.php?mo... . I also have some new stuff to talk about for upcoming loot blogs, but not have that written up yet.

I don't own the new figures, tbh all of the Gorillaz figures released I find lacking in some way and considering most of them sell for the price of anime figures or more, I never ended up getting them. I came the most close to having a 'figure' of the Stylo car as I pre-ordered that one, but that item ended up being cancelled.

I also have a bit of a poster collection not on display at the moment. I have been switching to wallscrolls, prints, litho's, fabric goods etc. that paper posters are not doing much for me anymore haha.

I'll be honest walking around in the room right now just reminds me of what I still need to do. So once the room is fully done I can probably enjoy it more. :) Once the floor is emptier my plans for the room are to use it more when working on crafts, garage kits or other hobby related things as I also think that helps for motivation/inspiration. :) And of course just walking around my museumcollection.

Thanks for that YouTube channel! I also have been saving random info and links to companies producing all kind of hubs for making these older consoles work on newer TV's. :)

I've heard similar issues as well about blu-tac, but I thought that was only/mainly for off-brand ones? I have been importing 'expensive' 'real' blue-tac brand to try and avoid this. I can't say for sure it's 100% safe as I've only been using it for a short while, please ask me again in a year or so haha.

Broserpina16 days ago#95823426Me @ those Komugi keychains
What a crazy setup, though! :o Seriously great work arranging everything so nicely!

Yeah those Komugi keychains are something! I never found them for sale myself and was one day surprised by a friend gifting them to me!

And thank you! :)

Stereoman16 days ago#95823523I love this! The plastic storage box is a great idea!
Barkness16 days ago#95823789Mad respect to you, what a ride.
10/10 Jealous.

Asukafan16 days ago#95823106The dedication is real! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

Thank you so much! :)
16 days ago
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