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YeminlyYeminly1 month ago
Hello MFC ♡
This is my first article, and I would like to get to know the community better with my time here. I wanted to ask every magical girl fans out there, what are your favorite magical series and if you have any particular figure that you own or like from that said series? My favorite magical series would of course be Shugo Chara, the first ever anime that I was truly invested in! Hopefully I would collect the manga, Ds games, figures and merch very soon <3
Thank you so much!
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Might not count as a magical girl anime per say but I love this character ENTRY #173317 and her interactions with the main character ENTRY #181523. Is such a cute and wholesome show. I got their figures in their main outfits and I love them. I like the characters so much I even preordered their swimsuit figures.

I haven't seen that many magical girl shows. I did watch part of Tokyo Mew Mew when I was younger and I still think the characters are cute but I have never finished the show. I have watched some of Precure but I don't think I have finished any.
1 month ago
My fav is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I dont have any figs yet but I hope I can get some in the future.^^
1 month ago
I love most magical girl shows, but my favourite is (obviously) Cardcaptor Sakura!

It's difficult to choose a single favourite figure; Stars Bless You and Hello New World are definitely the two fanciest and prettiest figures from the series, but I also really love Plum's understated Angel Crown figure. I love how detailed the first two are, but the third one really capture's Clamp's original Sakura art feel for me.
1 month ago
Magical girl is my favourite genre! My favourite show of all time, anime or otherwise, is Revolutionary Girl Utena - but there's some controversy over whether or not that counts as a "proper" magical girl show, so let's go with my other favourite: Princess Tutu! There's a sad lack of good Princess Tutu figures, but I was lucky enough to nab an unlicensed garage kit of Tutu and Kraehe and it is gorgeous. It's probably my favourite magical girl figure!

As for ones that are in the database - ITEM #183793 this Utena prize figures captures the art of the series so beautifully! And I am absurdly fond of my ITEM #239208 Nendoroid Devil Homura, though whether that's because of the quality of the figure or because I just have a stupid affection for Homura is unclear!
1 month ago
I absolutely adore Shugo Chara as well! Haven't had any luck getting my hands on a figure yet though.. ಡ ﹏ ಡ The self made guardian eggs from years ago will have to do for now haha
I'm still holding out hope for a nendoroid some day...maybe...
1 month ago
Among Magical Girl series, I like Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and the Precure franchise (with Go! Princess, Yes 5, Fresh, and Futari wa as some of my favorites). To a lesser degree, I'd say Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura.

As for figures, I have the Futari wa duo ITEM #4507 and ITEM #4508, the complete original (i.e. without Sayaka's fortissimo hairpin from the movies) SQ Banpresto Holy Quintet and Sakura in one of her Clear card outfits ITEM #944999.
1 month ago
My favourite one is hands down 'Princess Tutu'. Would love to have a figure from this series but there is no such thing...

I've seen quite a lot of magical girl series. Unfortunately, I don't have that many figures from these. My husband owns all the GSC Madoka figures but he hasn't transferred them into our home yet as his childhood home is in a different country. Out of the ones I have, my favourite is ITEM #117966 but I don't know if this counts or not.
1 month ago
keter Anomalous Precure!
ive been a massive precure fan since happiness charge!! my girls...
ive been meaning to branch out into more but i never manage to...
i tried out sailor moon but didnt click after 3 seasons...
1 month ago
I enjoy Magic Knight Rayearth, YuYuYu, Princess Tutu, and a few Precure series.

I would KILL for a Princess Tutu scale, but the only magical girl merch I own is a couple of Precure and Sailor Moon goods.

I also like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura but oddly enough, I haven't completed either series. I haven't read past the Death Busters arc in Sailor Moon and have had it on hold for years, and Cardcaptor Sakura has been in the same position at the point where Eriol shows up.
1 month ago
Tokyo Mew Mew and Madoka were my first experiences with the magical girl genre, but Nanoha's fusion of magic and technology in her series (MSLN) won me over to collecting more of her figures (and Fate's as well)... Touhou is also a favorite series of mine, although it's more along the lines of "girls who utilize magic" than traditional "magical girls" who transform ^^
1 month ago
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