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DoroshiDoroshi1 month ago
Hey guys, first article here (hello hello!) but I need some help/opinions.

I received ITEM #198656 beginning February and to my horrible luck, he arrived completely broken from his base. A note for this figure: it’s a known issue. I’ve seen someone call it “Schrödinger’s Natsume” since he can already be broken in the box.


Now design wise, it’s very understandable why it snapped off. The figure itself is much heavier than the base, the base is kinda small and can’t support the weight of the figure, and most importantly a lot of the weight is on the center of the tree instead of near the base, meaning its constantly putting weight in an area that has no support.

Putting the pieces together, they are also not flushed together/don’t fit snuggly. I don’t know if this is because of the pegs that remain or the design itself.

So I’ve tried a few things in this order:

1.Tried crazy glue – Probably the best option but with the base actually not being completely flushed to the tree (a bit wobbly), the glue can’t fill in the gaps and in the end can’t hold the pieced together. I can always try putting more but run the risk of the glue overflowing.
2.Tried sanding a bit – Because of the chubby peg pointing out from the base and the broken ones from the tree, I tried sanding it to the best of my ability with what I have at home. It’s hard sanding on the base because of how flat the peg is, I don’t want to scrape the base itself. I might to have to buy a dremel to completely get it off and make both pieces flush.
3.Tried cement glue - same issue as crazy glue but even worse cause it dried slower and ate through some of the paint on the bottom of the tree. I also choked on the fumes so warning for anyone using it the first time (oops).

I do want to try epoxy next or just give up and go crazy on crazy glue (haha). I’m worried about glue not being a long-term solution and just coming home one day and seeing him detached once more. But, if anyone has used any other glue or has another solution, please let me know… it’s been basically 3 months since it’s been in the box all sad ☹

EDIT: Thank you guys all so much for the recommendations, I'll look forward to getting it fixed now! I just kept glancing at it in the box the entire time but I'll be going through the recommendations :)
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If you can get it, I highly recommend DAP rapid fuse with the plastic primer kit...I used it to fix ITEM #396841 's left arm, which is notorious for breaking at its ball joint even in box. It's essentially a stronger, less brittle gel superglue www.dap.com/pro... I like how it's quite strong but isn't as messy / needs a long cure like epoxy does. One point of caution is that you should try to scrape / clean as much of the previous adhesive as you can, since a clean surface will result in a better bond.
1 month ago
I would bust out the hot glue for this, baby. It would probably only take a little bit too.
1 month ago
Eren39501 month ago#95698566would try gorilla glue that stuff works

Don't test out on hair though. You know, just saying xD

(Boy that's quite a shameful figure design error by whoever made that fig)
1 month ago
njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
It's really unfortunate the figure wad designed so badly as far as support goes. I hope one of the suggested repair methods works for you.
1 month ago
I am going to second everyone who says use metal pegs. Glue by itself long term probably won't hold something as heavy as that.
1 month ago
Well, for starters, since the tree doesn't sit flush with the base, you should remove the pegs. If you can't get a grip on them, I've had luck with heating a small nail/pin with a lighter (make sure you use gloves and/or pliers!) and sticking that into the peg. Let it cool for a minute and then pull, it should hopefully come right out with the peg attached!

As for attaching the tree to the base again, you can try gorilla glueing the pegs back onto the base, but I think with that much of a weight differential it'd eventually come down again even with that. So the alternative is fill in the peg holes most of the way (leave some space at the bottom for the broken parts of the pegs on the base to go) with epoxy or similar, then drill some screws in to those spots from underneath the base. Preferably use some that are a bit wider than the peg holes so they can ground themselves in the plastic. It's not the prettiest solution, but you won't be able to see it from any normal display angle. Of course, they'll be "permanently" attached so make sure that's what you want before you do it!
1 month ago
would try gorilla glue that stuff works
1 month ago
I'd personally put some metal rods in - plastic clearly isn't strong enough to hold him. You could probably get some quite chonky metal pegs in there if you want to put in the work.

A strong glue like 2-part epoxy may work to permanently attach it for an easier solution, but you would need to ensure the surfaces are touching enough for the glue to have something to attach to. Thick globs of glue rarely work to attach things.

(Wouldn't go with hot glue. It has very little attaching power, and if it didn't go by itself, a hot day would likely finish it off).
1 month ago
kyoshinhei Unsanctioned figure repairperson
Epoxy glue should be thick enough to do the trick.
Though given the configuration of the base, if I were in your shoes I'd probably simply drill a hole from under the base into the trunk and then put a good old screw to hold the thing.
1 month ago
Gorilla glue works wonders but make sure to hold unto the item for at least a minute. Once in place, it will stay there what seems like forever!
1 month ago
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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