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Fabu_FiguresFabu_Figures1 month ago
EDIT: Thank you all for the responses! It's interesting to see how similar a lot of out rules and guidelines are. I appreciate every one of your comments. It's also been educational - cuz now I know I need to turn off email notifications XD

I have been down the figure buying rabbit hole. I suffered a panic attack a year after starting, terrified of being trapped in an endless series of expensive purchases, until I finally cleaned out everything but the few I truly wanted to keep. It cost me my Mandarake account, but such was the sacrifice for my sanity...and wallet XD Even during the first weeks of collecting, however, I began with three specific rules in mind that I continue to follow to this day:

1. Every figure must be family friendly - We often have family friends over, and many of them have young children that love spending time in my room. I decided, before I had made my first purchase, that every figure I bought must be viewable by anyone that comes into my room, including kids. I know this might seem an odd rule, but I already have no interest in lewd and sexually focused figures, so making sure my purchases are decent enough for children actually comes naturally. The closest I've blurred the line is with my Shirahoshi figure (but she's a mermaid, so the kids just assume she's from The Little Mermaid), and a Boa Hancock I got for cheap (her leg swings upwards, so I do keep her at the back of my shelf).

2. No purchases over $150 (CAD) - After spending hundreds of dollars on figures I kept for no more than a few months before having to cut down, this rule became especially prevalent. As I don't have a full-time job, have other responsibilities monetarily, and am also an avid collector of books, I decided that a limit needed to be set for any purchase, and after over a year, I've only ever gone over once (due to unexpected costs).

3. Only purchase my favourites - I began collecting with a need to have complete sets, likely due to my OCD. buying the five Madoka Magica girls is easy enough...but I'm also a PreCure and One Piece fan, so I made this rule to keep me from purchasing armies of figures I didn't necessarily want to spend money on just to complete a group. The months where I ignored this rule...well, my wallet still hasn't recovered -_-

I wanted to know if you all had any sort of rules or guidelines for your collections, as well! I know we each have unique tastes and spending habits, so please keep the comment section as civil as possible. Can't wait to hear your thoughts :D
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I think a big one for me is sticking to characters I know. I mean there are lots of characters I recognize but never watched the show. I think it's because I don't want to get into that awkward situation where people think you're a fan of that series and try talking about it with you when you actually don't know anything about it. There are always original character figures but most of them are lewd and I can't have anything like that in my house at least right now.
8 days ago
arisuchannn26 days ago#97260802don't. spend. too. much.
I feel that XD
26 days ago
don't. spend. too. much.
26 days ago
1. Only 1 figure per character unless it's my one and only Cú Chulainn lmao if a better figure gets released unless I really really love both I'll sell the one I have or don't preorder.

2. No need to complete a full collection just because I bought one figure from the line. It happened several times with the nendoroids, trying to get all the Fate nendos when I didn't like some of the characters. That's a waste of space and money, and that's how you end up disliking your collection as well.

3. No 'hm, I like this one buuuut I'm not sure yet so I'll preorder with a pay later option and see when it will be released.' If I'm not sure I'd give it some time, and at the preorder deadline, make my final decision and pay front if I decide to buy it. I don't like sealing deals with webshops and then making the gomenasorry email 'please cancel that order so sorry sniff'. Paying front allows you to have a 100% control on your spending.

4. No buying a figure because 'it's pretty' or because it could fit well in my room. I need to know about the character and love the character. So that means no Original Character figure.

5. I'm the only judge of my collection. I like seeing what other people thinks (quality, design of the figure etc.) but I don't let myself be influenced unless everyone mentions a huge bad flaw on the figure.
1 month ago
One of my primary rules is dictated by my nickname here lol. I've made a few exceptions though.

Also, pretty much a figure I get has to consistently be one I feel I "must" have it before going through with a purchase. I rarely do pre-orders and usually wait for final product releases to see if I still consider it a "must buy."
1 month ago
I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who imposes rules on themselves. Here are mine:
1. Only one character per figure - If something new is released I like better, I need to get rid of the one I've bought. I've broken this one a few times - usually because I bought the nendoroid before a scale was announced or affordable - but since I only collect male figures, it isn't usually a problem.

2. I don't buy figures unless I've watched/played their franchise.

3. I don't really have a price limit for most figures (again, male figures tend to be pricey) but I don't pay more than $70 for nendoroids. Which was a lot easier when I was living in Japan...broader market meant less price gouging.
1 month ago
I feel you - I've only been in this hobby for a few months, and, well, looking at my pre-orders is teetering on the edge of being a walk of shame.

One rule I have that's pretty similar to yours is the family friendly one; not really for any particular reason, just that I personally don't want sexual figs, haha. That and I would like to be able to have people in my room. I have a couple that toe this line a bit more than I'm totally comfortable with (like Asuka or Noel), but I suppose them's the breaks for thinking too late.

Besides that, it might seem like a weird one, but semi-recently I've decided that any "major" purchase (so not counting like £5 - £20-ish minifigures) has to be of a character that means something to me outside of just liking their design or personality. Traits I aspire towards, being a big part of my life, things like that.

The only other things aren't really rules as much as preferences, like avoiding more than one of any character (sans some exceptions, like Miku where having multiple designs is part of her character) or prioritising males to make the gender ratio a little less lopsided. Though I guess only the SFW rule is 100% set in stone, so maybe they count just as much, haha.
1 month ago
I have my rules revolving around my money and the space I can work with. Currently I am running out of space, so only ordering what I really want. Usually only a single figure per character (though I have made some exceptions here and there). My firmest rule is not to spend more money than I make each month. And if there are more figures I really want, I'll just make sure the next month (or few) I won't get anything. As for which characters - I only get characters I love, so usually the MC and maybe 1 or 2 side characters (cant say that about Fate though, that might be the only series with way too many characters that I like).
1 month ago
My only two rules are that I can't have more than one big scale figure preordered at one time, and I can't buy TOO many Hatsune Miku figures (that second one was made by my partner haha, otherwise i would have every fuckin miku)

Also, I have to know and like the property that the character's from. I don't buy figures just because haha pretty.
1 month ago
4catdoorman1 month ago#96916933All I ask of my figures is to respect each other. No fraternizing with figures under age of 18 unless I'm present as chaperone to supervise. No belittling, instigating the newbies or you might/will get weeded out and sold on eBay.
Sometimes you have to watch them like a hawk or hormones will intervene making males, females untenable if displayed next to each other against a wall. I'm lookin' at you, Asuka. You guys/gals from Evangelion have been transferred room to storage box more than once. You realize time outs can be hell.

What? Lmao
1 month ago
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