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Fabu_FiguresFabu_Figures27 days ago
Has anyone else found their collection taking on a certain aesthetic over time? Did you mean for it to have a specific style, or have you just been mish-mashing your favourites together? Cuz I know I started out at the latter. If I could summarize my style, it would have to be:

Mainly due to my love of magic girls, my collection is brimming with vibrant colours and features, flowing fabrics, and every cute accessory under the sun. I focus on female figures, too, so plenty of gorgeous hairdos and girly gowns. Even Sabo and Chopper, the only two boys on my shelves, match the style. I mean, Chopper is always adorable, and ITEM #753848 was too precious not to have. As for Sabo, my precious Revolutionary loves decking out in Victorian attire, and even his latest outing, ITEM #1042507, has just the right amount of flow and poof <3

So, tell me your aesthetics! Do you love feminine? Masculine? Frills or chills? Or are you more for a barrage of everything?
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I don't think I have a specific aesthetic for my collection. I guess I just focus on things I like. I mean My Hero Academia takes up most of my collection since that's my favorite series but I have some figures from Madoka Magica, I have some Mikus and a Sonico. I try my best to make my room look nice though.
8 days ago
letheral24 days ago#97358392i admire the wonderful pastel aesthetics that some collectors have but i most just like nendoroids from shounen series so it’s not the most exciting pallet lol. a lot of black.
I'm definitely one of the pastel collectors, but I quite like the look of nendoroid collections and all the poses and accessories they come with! And who can say no to all that Hinata XD
24 days ago
i admire the wonderful pastel aesthetics that some collectors have but i most just like nendoroids from shounen series so it’s not the most exciting pallet lol. a lot of black.
24 days ago
25 days ago
Right now I'm just buying figures from my fav series and displaying them together. I don't think it's an aesthetic, though.... But I'm planning on displaying them on my detolf like, one series on one shelf, so they can all match with one another. It's pretty common here, displaying figures like that. But Personally I don't follow any aesthetic. Just trying to buy figures that match coloristics or series, so they can look good together. ^3^
26 days ago
At the moment I am into collecting yukata/kimono figures and casual clothes figures

I have plenty of figures in their usual show related attire.

Got into Yurucamp and with some nice casual Saber figures coming out I am looking to set up a display around those along with another section for Kimono. Lots of nice Kimono/Yukata figures recently from shows I enjoy and that's an interesting aspect of Japanese culture that's fairly unique.
26 days ago
I buy the figures that catch my fancy and that I find easthetically pleasing.
This results in a very mixed collection. ^^""

In my case I try to group the figures that somewhat fit together.
(same series, same color and style, same theme...in one part of the Detolf)
But actually...a mixed variety might not be so bad.

Frankly, I once saw a picture of a collection that consisted only of Mikus (Miku Nendoroids). My first reaction was "Woah scary. A miku army." lol. XD
I respect the dedication to one character...but for myself personally it would just be a bit "too much".

But yeah. It is really interesting when a collection gets a specific tendency over time. And it is definitely plus when it harmonizes in some way.
26 days ago
i'm obsessed with madoka magica so we basically have the same aesthetic! pretty colors and frilly outfits rein supreme in my house
26 days ago
I just go for favorite series and characters. Closest to a true "theme" would be that there's a ton of action series with a lot of Square Enix (Kingdom Hearts mainly with a dash of Nier and some Final Fantasy) and Sword Art Online. My Hero Academia is getting a pretty big presence as well. Even then, that's a not a full description for things, as there's things like Magical Girls and Pokemon mixed in as well
26 days ago
My collection follows three major aesthetic rules:
1. Dramatic and interesting pose/base
2. Dark theme/Elegant characters
3. Only get the nendoroid if I have/would get a scale figure of the character
26 days ago
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