One final figure you would add into your collection?One final figure you would add into your collection?Ask MFC

AzulloriaAzulloria18 days ago
I like to pose a lot of what if questions irl.

So, my question is if for some reason all figure companies ceased to exist and before that made one more old or new figure that you could have in your collection which one would it be?

For me this is quite the difficult question to answer but I came to the conclusion that the final addition in my collection would be this one ITEM #331626 Due to a few reasosn. Firstly, the series Kusuriuri is from is one of my favourites and I really just admire traditional clothes. Secondly, I like the pose and mysterious aura around him, I think the essence of the character was captured in this figure. Finally, all around the colours just work well together creating an interesting focal point within the character. I think he would make a great final centerpiece in my collection♡

So, choose your fighter! XD
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Y tho?

50%Y not☆
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I adore your taste in medicine sellers XD I would definitely love to add Kusuriuri to my collection, but if I had to choose any one final rare figure to have, it would have to be ITEM #490595. I love the flow and grace of Ultimate Madoka, and adding this to my shelves has been a dream of mine for years.
12 days ago
ITEM #686366 - super gorgeous figure.
17 days ago
Gotta be either ITEM #971784 or ITEM #873002.

It would be a miracle to obtain any of those two Sum-Art figure in the aftermarket at all.
17 days ago
Figure that is made from Flower Knight Girl. The game is not as popular as it was but I'm still hoping that a figure will be made someday. I will buy it no matter who the character is.
17 days ago
I have a very small collection, but if I had to choose, I'd take ITEM #166977. I already ordered Mikasa and Levi from the same line. It would be great to have all three of them on my shelf. C: I don't have the funds right now, though. Maybe someday in the future
17 days ago
If I had to chose probably ITEM #604888, ITEM #61559, or ITEM #549449. Tanya and Stocking are both super expensive but I absolutely adore them and the series they're from. I just love the Osomatsu series and having a nice memory of it on my shelf would be nice.
17 days ago
If we're still getting our orders, ITEM #713431 would be a great last figure! ☆
17 days ago
I would do anything for a Mob Psycho Nendoroid...
17 days ago
ITEM #604593 or ITEM #604589 if I could just find them for a good price!
17 days ago
ITEM #604482

Well, he is already on his way.
17 days ago
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