What's a figure that you want love to see from non-anime series?What's a figure that you want love to see from non-anime series?Ask MFC

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IshikuNanamiIshikuNanami9 days ago
Hey it's me again! I'm getting pretty annoying at this rate, aren't I? I noticed that usually people upload articles every other week or so, so I must be getting annoying XD

NOT THE POINT. The point is my question for today! What's a figure you want to see from a non-anime series? It can be literally anything. Video Games (try to move away from games as much as possible, as many already exist), Cartoons, Live-actions, disney, etc., etc. Like I said, anything! I have one amazing idea I want to share with you all real quick, so as always, I'll go first!

Shaggy. we all know him, we all love him, and we all grew up loving him. He's a lovable dork that messes up all the time and would do anything for Scooby and Scooby Snacks! (I know I just made a ton of you smile :D) Shaggy is my personal favorite in the gang and he has the goofiest design out of the gang as well! He wouldn't really make a good figure with his normal attire, so I had the biggest, most incredible, and best idea of 2021 so far: Shaggy Ultra Instinct. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest meme on the face of the planet.


Think about it! How cool would that be! The metallic glow around a buff and hotter Shaggy and the glowing eyes along with the sick walk. How cool would that be? Here, I found an image I really like that would be a good figure! (Shout-out to whoever made it!) www.artstation.... (thanks @nefere!)


How cool would it be to see a big brand like Goodsmile or Kotobuykia do a figure like this! I think Bishoujo would be a great one too, because they do almost nothing but non-anime figures in anime style! They would nail it!

Well, thank you for reading my egotistic and super random article and let me know what you think would make a good non-anime figure! As always, have a great day! ^^


(wow I use way to many memes)
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Video games- I'd love a scale of like every single Fire Emblem character lol. Also an affordable Midna, Agitha, Skull Kid, Impa, Hilda, Ravio, Nabooru, etc. from The Legend of Zelda would be cool. I could go on and on but I'll stop there. I also think Stardew Valley figures would be cute.

Cartoons- I think first place for me would be a figure of Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls. ...OMG I want that a lot now that I'm thinking about it XD Also some figures from Avatar. Korra got a Nendoroid but I'd really love for the gaang to get nice scale figures, they don't really have anything.

Movies- Studio Ghibli figures! I would die for a Howl x Sophie (or just Howl) figure! Also Princess Mononoke (there is one of her but it's super rare and expensive). And Chihiro and Haku from Spirited Away!

Toys- Not into toys anymore obviously but I used to collect Monster High dolls and just thought about how cool those would be transferred into figures. They'd have a lot of potential.

Those are actually the ones I'd want most. I thought about western movies but I don't actually care about collecting figures from those. There are a shit ton of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc figures but for some reason I don't like the realistic ones lol.
7 days ago
Video game-wise, I could kill for figures of Raziel, Lord Kain, Sarevok, Aribeth de Tylmarande or Tommy Vercetti (regular hawaiian shirt or a suit, with changeable hands/weapons because he definitely needs the Python).
9 days ago
IshikuNanami9 days ago#97924589oh heck yeah. Helltaker is awesome, so this would be an insta-buy on my part! (nice pfp btw ;)
keyaku my beloved
9 days ago
I'd like to see some Stardew Valley figures those would be so cool :,3
9 days ago
letheral9 days ago#97924669would love for hollow knight to get a nendoroid. right up gsc’s alley. maybe they’ll pick up the license whenever silksong comes out (I can dream lol)
honestly getting a zagreus figure was more than I could ever hope for LOL.
Oh Hollow Knight would make a great nenedoroid line! The art style is pretty close already, so I think they should do it! So many people love Hollow Knight anyways, no harm, no foul!
9 days ago
njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
IshikuNanami9 days ago#97924694Ohhh a Sally SEGA figure would be awesome! and fr... There needs to be more figures that aren't anime. Like a bunch of old nick cartoons would be awesome!

Yeah I am generally surprised with all little merch is made for Western cartoons let alone decent figures. Airbender, Kora, Invader Zim, Steven Universe, Adventure Time these could all make for really good figure designs. I wish the US had a market for figures like Japan does. Then again maybe it's better for my wallet this way lol.
9 days ago
Malachi9 days ago#97924635Your momno u
9 days ago
Sundae9 days ago#97924580-Some Dragon Age scales
-Nendoroids of Steve Harrington and Nick Valentine
-Horror Bishoujos of Candyman and Dani from Midsommar
Edit: Forgot some better figures of the Umbrella Academy!
Oh those would be awesome! As a massive Stanger Things fan, I would love to see a Steve nenedoroid! A nick Valentine would be awesome as well, as I'm also a major Fallout fan!
9 days ago
njdrawscomics9 days ago#97924565For video game anyone from Shadow Hearts, for live action Evil Dead Ash Williams done in the style of his female counterpart ITEM #600025 and for Western animation I'd like them to make a Sally figure in the style of their Jack Skellington figures like ITEM #245008.
In general I wish more Western cartoons got figures like anime.
Ohhh a Sally SEGA figure would be awesome! and fr... There needs to be more figures that aren't anime. Like a bunch of old nick cartoons would be awesome!
9 days ago
SegaGirl50009 days ago#97924538...Ok but anime Ghost Rider is basically Inferno Cop
Also I just learned there IS a Medicom RAH figure of Ghost Rider from 2007, but it doesn't have a cool flaming bike :( (well made though!)
Hopefully we can get a new release of some sort... manifesting a figure of Ghost Rider in the Marvel Swimsuit Special comic (NSFW... kind of)View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://nerdsonearth.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/4057643806_a1d1e82983_b-1024x773.jpg
That's awesome XD
The water's even boiling! That would be a buy XD
9 days ago
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