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sailoralysonsailoralyson4 days ago
I’ve been scammed on this site before, but this time, I really thought I was purchasing from someone trustworthy.

His username is October31st. His MFC account was 10 years old. He’s sold dozens of figures throughout the years, and I’d only read good reviews on his page.

But here’s where I messed up. He asked that I send him money through PayPal Gift so that it wouldn’t be converted to New Zealand currency—he told me that he “only deals with USD” when it comes to figures. I, being the naive person that I am, thought that even though I wasn’t making a purchase through PayPal goods and services like everyone said I should, I could trust this active and respected member of the MFC community. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I made the purchase over three weeks ago. $225 for an Asuka figure. After asking for my address, Paul H. (I’m not going to disclose his full name because I’m not sure that it’s allowed on here) has completely ghosted me. I messaged him, I emailed him multiple times, and I’ve even sent him one cent on PayPal just so I could write a message along with it. Yet, all I’ve received in return is silence.

His account has since been terminated. I’ve been in contact with another person who paid Paul a very large sum of money only to be completely ghosted and ignored. I know there are more than just us. I really don’t know what to do. I was scammed out of $250 on here two weeks ago, and now losing another $225 to a scammer really hurts. I can’t come up with any other explanation for it. Either October31st, the user who was active on this website for 10 years, is a scammer, or he died or was seriously injured sometime after completing the transaction with me. Anyway, I’m at a loss as to what I can do. I’m not sure there’s anything I can do. I’m just really sad about this and I guess I wanted some advice or emotional support. Thanks :’)

October31st’s email is ves****@gmail.com. His username on other websites is Elixir/@shmups. If anyone happens to know this person, I would absolutely love it if you could update me or maybe explain our good friend Paul’s situation.
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When I first started collecting a few years back, I bought a figure from an mfc user using paypal friends and family. I first sent the money as goods and services by accident but the seller refunded me right away saying he wouldn't sell it unless I sent it as friends and family. I resent the money and got the figure in perfect condition. I lucked out with the transaction but looking back still get anxious as to what might have happened had he ghosted me. Hope you can get your money back :(
2 days ago
I'm so sorry that that happened to you :( It's awful that there are people like that out there.
2 days ago
Hello!! If anyone else has bought something from October31st, please message me!
2 days ago
try to file a claim with your bank or credit card company. and not to put salt in the wound but under no circumstances ever send a stranger f&f payment unless you’re 100% okay with potentially never seeing that money gain. there are legitimate reasons to ask for f&f (especially if you run group orders) but usually not in a simple purchase scenario.
2 days ago
If he's still active elsewhere online, absolutely expose whatever info he has available. That's not doxxing. You didn't track that info down. He provided his own information online and attached it to a scam he conducted.

Now, you're simply letting everyone else know that his info is attached to a scammer.

Actions have consequences, and if you want to scam people, be prepared for the consequences. If it ruins his life, tough shit.
2 days ago
I had a girl on here try that with me for the full set of sailor moon school uniform figures. I paid her through goods and services and then she completely ghosted me, hid her comment section on here and her collection page, and ignored me on PayPal. She ended up banned on here and it took like 3-4 months for PayPal to force her to ship them to me because she would have had the money removed from her otherwise.

The only reason I got them was because of the goods and services option, if she had done friends and family with me I would have been screwed. Don't trust anyone on here, always protect yourself first. A small fee is worth not losing your whole payment. Only ever do PayPal invoice and make them spell out exactly what you are getting on the invoice, including "100% authentic" so that if they screw you over, you can do a charge back/dispute.
2 days ago
This is a good post to inform others like myself. I have never bought on MFC, though considered it a few times. If I had been in your position, I think I would look at the past reviews and think the person is legitimate as you did, and likely agree to go for the Paypal gift option too. I guess the Paypal gift option should never be used. It's times like this that one wishes they had a particular set of skills like Liam Neeson from Taken :)
3 days ago
Too good to be true price + PP friend = red flag.
3 days ago
I’m somewhat in the same boat as you - I purchased his Aegis figure, he requested f&f claiming that he had been scammed by buyers on mfc before. However, my country doesn’t allow f&f at all, but he still agreed to proceed with g&s, combined with his history on the site I felt confident that he was trustworthy, until the day his account was terminated. After seeing your thread I’ve now escalated the dispute to Paypal.

Sorry for this, OP, I hope this all works out and we can get our $$$ back or the figures we paid for.

Kind of annoyed too I missed a good deal on Aegis on another site because I thought I had her locked down already…
3 days ago
The moment someone wants payment via gift is a clear indication its a scam. Sorry OP for your terrible loss.
3 days ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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