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KaffeineKaffeine1 year ago
I think I speak for a lot of Evangelion fans with the new excitement that is a Part 2 to the Radio Eva figures by Hobby Max!

Figures in Part 1:

Original: ITEM #1154215, ITEM #1090732, ITEM #1055225, ITEM #943604, ITEM #870764

Colour: ITEM #872780, ITEM #872778, ITEM #872782, ITEM #872779, ITEM #851375

Figures in Part 2:

ITEM #1224484, ITEM #1224486, ITEM #1224488, ITEM #1224490, ITEM #1224493

Evangelion holds a loving place in my heart and to see the main cast get some awesome casual and stylish figures is just outstanding! I'm positive there will be a colour and original ver. for these ones as well.

I have personally ordered Shinji and Kaworu original (monochromatic) versions from Part 1.
I wasn't so fond of Mari's figure as I felt it was a little too mature. BUT MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED and the Part 2 Mari will be a DEFINITE Pre-Order.

But of course, it seems like Asuka will be first as she's the beloved poster girl of Eva.
I'm probably one of the few hand full of people who aren't interested in the top 2 characters Rei & Asuka, I don't have any figures of them and only hold 1 piece of merchandise with their faces on it.
There are 3 more options they could choose to make a part 3:
10th Anniversary 2nd

first one is more likely to be picked as all the characters are standing up in very dynamic-looking poses. I personally want the first one, If they get made I might pick up all 5 in original (monochromatic). After that, I don't know if they would continue to make Radio Eva figures as the third choice might need some pose adjustments for Asuka, Shinji, and maybe Kaworu. If they do make a part 4 the Second picture would most likely be picked.

Here are some other outfits that I don't think will ever become figures but would love.

New Balance CRUZ X Evangelion
Studio Khara 10th anniversary

As a final thought I know many, MANY Shinji fans have given up on the idea that there will be a NGE or Rebuild plug suit scale figure of Shinji but Radio Eva is a compromise I am definitely not mad about.
(I swear to god please make a new Ichiban Kuji of Shinji there's everyone BUT him.)
This line of figures is honestly god-sent and it excites me for what's next with the Evangelion franchise.
Because I have a feeling that it won't be the end of Evangelion.
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I love Evangelion to death as a whole (Kaworu is mah boi tho) and the Radio EVA line is one I fell in love with hard and fast lol. I love both the outfits and the monochrome colour palettes of the figures (I really wish more companies would do something like this) so I just knew I had to get the whole set. Not sure if my wallet or living space will allow me to finish two sets but we'll see how things go. Asuka is already looking great though!
1 year ago
I don't even watch Evangelion >w< i just love everything about this Radio Eva collection : the artist ♡,the styles... ok and i have a little crush on Shinji
1 year ago
Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
I honestly am not a huge fan of Evangelion but I freakin' love this line. The casual streetwear is something I love a lot and am seriously looking into getting them. I missed out on the first 4 and still have the chance to get one of Kowaru's versions (my favorite character from the series) but I put it off since I wanted to get all 5 (I prefer collecting sets and whatnot).

Now that this second set is coming out it feels like a new chance to get them all and I actually like them all a lot more than the first set. They all have way more dynamic poses and I like the outfits a lot better too. Now just wondering if they're gonna go with the same separate color scheme thing.
1 year ago
I flipped flopped a lot with the first batch and eventually passed on them. I like this new Asuka’s face a lot better! I also love her jacket, I almost bought it but was too nervous about the size.
1 year ago
I don't really have strong feelings either way aftet watching the eva show, but i have preordered kaworu from the first line. I might getbse from these as well because theh seem so cool and dynamic!
1 year ago
I'm 100% going to buy the monochrome versions of Kaworu, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei from the 2nd line since I went with the coloured versions for the first line :')

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the designs of them from the first line more than the second line (with the exception of Asuka; I like the 2nd line version of her better) LOOL

If they make a third line, I'd really like for it to be based on the Millenials illustration. I love the designs and kaworu with a ponytail looks v nice!!
1 year ago
I'm really excited for these! I think I like this new line more than first one! I do still really hope for a proper Shinji plugsuit scale someday tho ;_;
1 year ago
I'm soooo hyped for this new line. I once debated on whether I wanted to collect both the colored AND monochrome versions of each figure from the first line but now that there's going to be a part 2 I would feel compelled to do the same for that line as well so I've definitely got to reel myself in and put a padlock on my wallet LOL I think it'll look much cooler to just have both sets side by side anyways.

I wonder if Rei's and Asuka's aftermarket will drop thanks to this new announcement? I've seen many people say they prefer this second round more and are glad they held out on getting the first. Asuka is going for 113k JPY on Solaris for god's sake lmao.

Also, nice pun at the end of your article ;3
1 year ago
Nurarihyon1 year ago#97933927I actually don't care for the Asuka or Rei for either collection as well, lol.
I've preordered Kaworu and Shinji's Radio Eva color versions, so I'm looking forward to getting those. Kaworu and Shinji need more scales honestly.
I might get the entire second set though, just to fill my one Asuka, Rei and Mari figure quota.
This part 2 is way more dynamic in the poses in general so that's cool.
If they were to make any of those, I hope they do the 10th Anniversary 2nd one. Kaworu's eyes are closed in the first one and I don't like that.

Rei and Asuka genuinely have some amazing figures that are just so beautiful but I just never related to them on a personal lvl the way Shinji and Kaworu did. Mari is more of a fun character I can just love for being wired. It's kinda funny that every fan gravitates to 1 or more characters.
Eva just sucks us in
1 year ago
I'm so excited to see more shinji scales, i PO'd his monochrome of part one even though I didn't love it because I was scared we'd never get good figures of him but now i'm hyped!!! I also missed Rei and Asuka's PO periods and I prefer the new designs anyway so hopefully they'll turn out good!

I also think ANY of the potential part 3 designs would look amazing, the outfits are really unique especially for anime figures and the poses are great!
1 year ago