What do your friends/family think of your hobby?What do your friends/family think of your hobby?Ask MFC

marrieletsgomarrieletsgo1 month ago
In my experience, when I begun collecting and was a minor, it would always cause suspicion from my parents, and my dad would constantly ask why I collected so many girls, and his jokey argument would be how I enjoyed to buy them so much, I remember once, he even brought people over to my room, so they could see my collection, and it was the most embarrassing thing ever, they pointed out my “breasty women” and asked me what impulsed me to like to collect.

As of now, I don’t think they mind anymore, since all my figures come out of my own pocket, but as for my friends, Most people are just impressed or just really confused as to why I like to buy so many figures.

Have you ever had any experience with your friends and family when it comes to collecting? I would really like to hear some stories, as I believe it brings us together in the “awkwardness” that can come from outsiders when it comes to collecting
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My collection is reeaally small, but my parents don't really care either way about figure collecting in itself. My mom only nags me regarding money and to be mindful of space rn because we literally do not have space for stuff anymore. I don't really tell her how much figures cost though. With a few exceptions, she thinks I'm still getting cheaper bootlegs (that's how I started). I don't think my latest pre-order is gonna fool her though, but fortunately, my birthday is coming up! :)
My nerdy friends are supportive with my collecting, some of them even collect themselves. As for my normie friends, honestly, I don't even think I've told them? They don't really care for anime, games, and the like which is totally fine. We usually talk about other stuff anyway. If it were to come up, I'd think a few of them might find it eccentric, but nothing to really worry about.
1 month ago
I started collecting figures after moving abroad and my family didn't visited my so far (I rent a room, don't have a much space for sleepovers) so they don't know how much figures I have. But parents and brother see that as a normal hobby and investment. Most of my friends are m&a fans so no problems there.
I'm not sure if rest of my family even know I collect figures since we don't really talk besides sending wishes for birthdays and holidays.
1 month ago
Ahhaaa, thankfully haven't had to deal with anyone other than family (and I guess the whole internet now) seeing my collection. And only my family has seen it in person of course. 90% of it is confined to my room so I can hide it if I didn't want people to see it but there is a large cabinet in the hallway now that has random figures in it so I'm not 100% safe lol. My family doesn't care though and I'm sure anyone who comes to the house wouldn't care either hopefully
1 month ago
My friends think it's a waste of money (and perhaps childish in their eyes) but they understand it's my hobby and something that brings me joy; so they listen when I talk about it with them and many were supportive and helped get me started sharing my figure photography on Instagram.

For reference, I live alone (and am in my later 30s). I have all my figures shipped to my parents house (like all my mail) so my parents see all the figures. They think some of them are "a bit much" (the sexier ones) but they enjoy seeing them, the detail and artistry that goes into the figures and they see and know how it's a channel for my passion and they really enjoy seeing the photography I do with the figures. My sister thinks they're dumb and a waste of time/space/money but respects that it's my hobby and something that I enjoy. She was also the first one to really encourage me to start sharing my photography on Instagram, so she is actually supportive of me and my passions.

I should also add that after a few years of carefully calculated efforts, both my parents are now avid anime watchers themselves. My mom's currently watching Re:Zero season 2, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, and Reincarnated As A Slime season 2 while my dad's currently doing a re-watch of Rising of the Shield Hero and Overlord.
1 month ago
My friends are mostly supportive, some do think this is a rather eccentric hobby. My family isn't that happy about the hobby but they are warming up to it, since they did make me a figure shelf as a birthday gift♡
1 month ago
My mom thinks they're really cool, she especially adores ITEM #109881 because she finds it cute. My father doesn't mind it but he does joke about some of them such as ITEM #75629 being too suggestive lol. His personal favorite is ITEM #232249 because it has a dragon. He also really likes to hear about some of then being really valuable but is baffled when I tell him I'm not selling it. He also thinks I should keep them in the box so they'll be even more valuable but I tell him that they can get ruined that way. My sister doesn't mind it neither since she collects vintage dolls herself. I really don't tell anyone outside of my close family members and I hate when people that I don't trust see my collection. My ex-stepsister use to always call it hoarding and a waste of money yet she'd blow tons of money on fast food and keep the trash in her car. She'd always go full arm chair psychologist on me about it, like damn, I just like pretty plastic worry about your own hoard(she'd hold onto ALL of her school notebooks because they had
~K N O W L E D G E~)
1 month ago
Yeah they all love my stuff. Last time I had someone over to my place they called my collection "next level" and had to take a pic of my "show stopper" haha.
1 month ago
I'm living alone but everytime my mom comes to visit I got nasty comments, for her it's childish and a waste of money but her shoes collection that she never wears is 3x the size of my figure collection and even worse 10x the price of my collection.

Grandparents are fine and like to ask about my figures, my dad never has opinion on anything, and my friends are fine with it, sometimes making fun of me because they know they can get a reaction from me but nothing harmful.

I usually keep my collection for myself, but if someone gets toxic about it I won't hesitate kicking him/her out of my life.
1 month ago
I live alone, so I can do whatever I want (and my bank account allows me to do). I think parents don't really know yet about my figure collecting hobby, as the thing basically escalated due to boredom in 2021. I had a handful of figures before that, but few enough to not notice them when being at my place. My collection is going to trible till the end of the year. But they already accepted my cosplay hobby, when I was still living at home, so I don't think they'll mind (I also don't own any lewd figures).
1 month ago
Well uh... I live alone, my parents don't mind (now that I think about it, my mom does not even know cause she has been bed-ridden for several years now) my dad helped me put up some new shelves and stuff and I think some figures he finds cool (he used to play some games, so game related figures look cool to him) while some figures he probably finds like "why would you want these" but he would never say that to me, he is very respecting and supporting. As for friends, I only have one irl friend that gets to see them and he likes figures. But he is not hugely into them and finds them ridiculously expensive, so he doesn't really understand how I am even willing to spend so much money on most of them haha.

So, I don't really have anyone to worry about. Though the idea of family relatives seeing my figures is kinda uncomfortable, because most people here think of them as kid's toys or something weird, but honestly, if anything, I'd get teased about it, but nobody around me would be negative about it. The people I keep close are really supportive and kind. I had some toxic stuff in my younger days and I honestly distanced myself from the negativity, so the remaining people in my life are the best ones I could think of, even though it means I am mostly alone with just a few people I care about.
1 month ago
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