Jul-Aug 2021 Haul: Death Note, Danganronpa and VocaloidJul-Aug 2021 Haul: Death Note, Danganronpa and VocaloidLoot

yakushiningyakushining5 months ago
Hey all, and welcome to my haul for the second half of the summer! (If you're interested, you can read my May-June haul here.) This haul is a little bit early, but I already know my packages that are sitting around waiting to be shipped aren't gonna make it in time to be included so I'll have them ready for my next haul! For these two months, I focused on expanding my Rantaro collection. I had a lot of his items from the last two months finally arrive which I was really happy about. Along with my Rantaro/Danganronpa pickups, I also have some Vocaloid, and Naruto things as well, so if any of those series interest you, read on!

Like last time, full images, series spoilers, and nsfw content will be under spoilers. Open the Table of Contents to see what sections will be covered (some sections are hidden completely in the spoiler tags so make sure not to miss them if you're interested!).

Table of ContentsTable of Contents***indicates that the section is within a spoiler
Naruto (Figures)
Danganronpa (Goods & Media)
***Danganronpa (Fanmade Goods)
Danganronpa (Rantaro Goods)
***Danganronpa Doujins
Death Note (Figures/Goods/Media)
Vocaloid (Figures/Goods/Media)


NARUTO (Figures)I only have a single Naruto figure for these two months, but it's a very welcome addition to the collection. Let's take a look!

Full FigureFull Figurehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/07/31/2803129.jpeg
I've never owned a figure from the X-tra line before, so I decided to go with my favourite hokage, Tobirama Senju! Man, Tobirama deserves so much more recognition both in the series, and in the fandom. He's such an awesome character and he's really great to watch in action. This figure is pretty small which I was expecting (the box was a different story though, so unnecessarily large -_-), but he looks pretty good other than that weird gap in the front of his hair. I love the water effects and his face is well done. He's pretty hard to photograph due to his pose, but he's a joy to have :) Tobirama fans all rise, because I need to know more people who appreciate him lol.

DANGANRONPA (Goods & Media)This part is the obvious bulk of my loot so prepare yourself for a good amount of Rantaro like last time! Even though this section is still pretty full, I have a bunch more sitting at my proxy warehouse which sadly won't be shown until my next loot blog since they're late :( I'm gonna start off with the non Rantaro merchandise first so things will be more organized.


Kiibo here is probably the most random character in this haul. Not that I had anything against him, it's just I would never voluntarily buy his merch since I don't care for him at all. This badge came in a bundle with a bunch of Rantaro badges so I just consider him a free addition that I'll most likely give away as a freebie if I ever sell a figure to a DR/Kiibo fan lol.


Next up are Kiyo's CHURRO*STAR and Bakudan Bakeshop acrylic stands. Kiyo was a character in V3 that I enjoyed more with each playthrough- He's a very fascinating character, his FTE's are entertaining, and the icing on the cake is that he's visually interesting to look at too (I LOVE his design!) so I'm glad I have some items of him! I love the stylistic proportions of both these lines- I think that all of the characters look so charming which makes them a joy to collect. These can actually be used as keychains as well which is always cool too. Happy to have these!


Here we have V3's favourite duo ready to wait some tables! These two are from the V3 x Sweets Paradise line. This series of keychains is so cute, they're all little waiters and it's the most adorable thing. I got these two in a set with 2 other characters from the same line and they all happen to be the ones that I like the most from V3 (then again, the number of characters that I do like from that game is very low) so it's really lucky that I found a bundle where I have full interest in everyone there. Let's take a look at Kokichi first. My thoughts on his character are simple: He was so annoying but in the best way lol. My opinion of him kind of went down as the game went on though, but I still like the impression he left. Very fun and memorable character so I'm happy to have his Sweets Paradise acrylic too! He would definitely dump salt in your coffee though so I would not trust him as my waiter lmao. And of course we can't forget our View spoilerHide spoilerprotagonist! I've always been a sucker for food on merch, so Shuichi's acrylic is one of my favourites of the ones I have. Unlike Kokichi, I would 100% trust him with my meal.


More Kiyo but this time as a waiter! He would make a very dashing restaurant host. We've got quite a few mini Kiyos in this haul it seems! Last of this lucky set is of course Rantaro! Like Shuichi's, I love the food XD Funny story with this one: I ended up buying 1 of these off Suru as a small addition to a fairly large merch haul and was gonna leave it at that but through buying a bunch of Rantaro merch bundles in different places, I ended up with 4 of them XD I didn't intend for this to happen believe it or not, but it's gonna be interesting to find out what to do with 4 of the same keychain haha. Honestly I'm probably just gonna put 2 of them in storage because I don't use keychains unless they're for display purposes, but it's funny to have an unnecessary amount of Rantaros hanging around XD

***This next bit is going to be my fanmade goods haul. There will be V3 spoilers on the merch so please be wary of this if you don't want spoilers for the game.***
Fanmade Goods HaulFanmadeGoods HaulAll of the merchandise in this spoiler section are by the artist, Ibble's Scribbles, and were actually the first of my packages that arrived for these two months. I came across the artist over an Instagram ad one day and found that she was selling these adorably designed keychains of my favourite V3 character! Since they're based in the US, I only got 3 keychains because the usd -> cad exchange rate sucks pretty bad, but I'm so happy that I took the plunge and ordered them! The print of the keychains look great, they're a really good size, and they have a lot of presence especially in the sea of Rantaro's official merchandise that all look exactly the same. Props to Ibble's Scribbles for actually making creative designs of these characters and putting them on affordable merch- So well worth what I spent on them that I made a huge order for more! I bought the keychain of Shuichi because I like Shuichi as a character, like the art, AND like him with Rantaro, so it was really a no brainer. I would've picked up Kokichi too, but I ended up adding him to my second order anyway haha. The only other keychain from the set that I don't have is Kaede, but I'm not gonna pick her up since I don't like her too much.


First up is Rantaro's dessert keychain. If you look closely at the variation on the back of the keychain, you see that the cherry is dripping onto his face like blood to reference how he was murdered by a shot put ball in the game. The cherry being the shot put ball is a great choice design wise. I actually didn't even notice the blood dripping until I took pictures and I think it's so clever how subtle this detail is! I LOVE food themed merchandise and the frappuccino that Rantaro's sitting on looks so good. The little milk charm is a cute addition to it as well. I love how huge it is too! Truly a great charm and 1000% worth it!


Of course with Rantaro, I got Shuichi's too! It always makes me laugh how distressed he looks in all his merch whether it be official or fanmade LOL. They keychain is really huge since the roll cake is most of the illustration. It's even bigger than Rantaro's! I really like the colours on this one too. The blue is so nice and makes the roll cake look even tastier :)


I was gonna leave it at Rantaro's and Shuichi's, but since they were both so nice, I ended up getting Kokichi's as well! I love the checkerboard cookie design, it fits his character design so well! This artist never fails to amaze me with the creativity and colour she puts into her designs. I also forgot to mention this earlier, but the little milk charms that are attached to the tops are all different colours from the other characters. How cute!


Next up are the Language of Love keychains! Ibble's Scribbles mentioned on her site already (and in much better detail than I'm explaining), but the flowers used for Rantaro's keychain are begonias which mean 'beware.' I love both variations of this keychain, but the artist's style really shines through here. Such a gorgeous colour scheme and Rantaro's expression looks so delicate on both sides. Again, love how his murder was referenced in the design, though this time much more evident than on the frappucino keychain haha. This is such a gorgeous keychain, I'd buy it again for sure.


And of course with Rantaro's Language of Love keychain, I couldn't skip out on Shuichi's! The front side of the keychain is a really great rendition of how meek and docile he was in chapter one. He has his hat on to avoid looking people in the eye, and he's already crying from the pressure and the truth he has to uncover. On the back, the detective's looking glass is covered in blood and Shuichi's face has a blank yet powerful expression showing how hopeless he gets as the killing game goes on. His hat is also gone in reference to chapter 1 where he ditches it after the first trial and the flowers, wisterias and white chrysanthemums, are there to represent heartache and truth. While I liked Rantaro's, obviously because Shuichi's a much bigger presence in the game, his keychain hit the hardest. Such a fantastic design that is full of game references and emotion.


The last of the Language of Love keychains is Kokichi's. Kind of like his dessert keychain, I wasn't planning on getting this one, but after seeing how well Rantaro and Shuichi's turned out, I decided to get this one too. The nightshade means Poison and Truth which, if you played the game, is literally the theme that his character was meant to represent. I love his expression on the front of the keychain, it perfectly encaptures his personality at the start (and arguably all throughout) the game of being a menace (lol). The back shows a much more vulnerable expression as he is revealed to do the things he did for good reason (again, debatable, but a very nice touch). Gorgeous colours and design just like the other two!


Haven't seen Nagito since the last loot! This is one of the keychains that I was gonna get in my first order, but he was sold out. Luckily when I went back for my second order, he was restocked again and I managed to pick him up along with one other keychain from the set which I'll show right after this! I really like his expression- Really gets across how batshit crazy this guy is when he babbles on about hope and despair. The back of the keychain has a cute pattern of his little pixel sprite.


Here's the other keychain from the same set Nagito was from. I knew I wanted Nagito's, but Kokichi's was probably my favourite from the set because of how amazing his expression was drawn. The purple tones in the illustration look great! Like Nagito's, we've got the same patterned background but with Kokichi's sprite instead.


I honestly didn't know how many Kokichi items were in this haul until I started writing it all down LOL. I *think* this is gonna be the last of the Kokichi merch for now. While I was checking out from the artist's site, I saw this adorable Oumasai mini print that I thought would be fun to add. It's titled, "Comfort", which is very fitting for how calm and soft this illustration is. I'm not really one to buy prints, but this and the next item I'm gonna show apparently severed that rule in half haha.


Onto the last of my Ibble's Scribbles haul: This mastermind Rantaro print! Obviously not canon, but I fell in love with the illustration at first sight and decided it would look perfect in my Amarmy. Even though it's not canon that he's the mastermind, the quote itself is which is why I liked it so much. I've mentioned it a ton already, but the use of colours in this really hooked me in. I really like it a lot!

Onto the last bit of "other" character merch before we dive straight into the rest of the Rantaro goods! Here we have Himiko's acrylic stand from the V3 Stained Series Acrylics and Rantaro's acrylic stand from the V3 X Mixx Garden series (open spoiler to see the back!). These two aren't from the same acrylic stand series, but I got them bundled together for a really good price. Himiko is another character that I didn't have any feelings towards, so I'm probably gonna give her stand away, but it does look beautiful. I love the background of it a lot, even the back looks nice (though it does kind of bother me that the Monokuma eye is backwards when looking at it from behind, but what can ya do). Rantaro's is... well... Let me just get this out of the way- I hate his side profile. So, so much. When I first saw it in the game I outwardly cringed. There's something so wrong about the placement/size of his features and it just,,,, doesn't look good at all. THAT BEING SAID, I wanted this one to stand in my Amarmy (Amami army for those who are new :'D) because 1. it's different from the official art/regular sprites that's constantly being used on all of his merch and 2. well... I don't really know. It was a Rantaro stand that I didn't have so I bought it lol. Let's just say the image of him is ugly but the stand itself isn't LMAO. Both stands have this nice texture to them that's really pleasing to the eye and touch. I'm really happy to own this one (even though I cannot and will not get over how disastrous his side profile is).


Next up are Rantaro's Bakudan Bakeshop and CHURRO*STAR acrylics! The churro one on the right isn't too hard to find, but the bakudan one is a total nightmare to track down. For the longest time I only saw it available for ¥2000+ which I think is overkill for something so small. I would kick myself every time I saw it because I missed it on Suru while waiting for a time sale :') Luckily I found him in a set with Kiyo (and a random Kazuichi that I gifted to my sister) and I got him! I actually have doubles of both the churro and bakudan ones coming in soon since I found a really good price for the both of them. Really happy to have these!


Here we have Rantaro's Akihabara cross acrylic keychain and the matching coaster! The keychain is the main thing I was looking for, but the coaster was a nice bonus. This keychain is huge! I was so surprised when I opened it. For reference, it's just as big as the acrylic stand that's holding it up in the photo which is a good 3 1/2 inches not including the chain. I'm really happy with it even though it takes up a whole lot of space in the ita bag XD


Next up is Rantaro's Rebuttal badge. I'm really happy I ended up getting this one since it's a square can badge and it looks different from most of his merch which is great. Like most DR merch, they were sold blind so the cost of each individual badge really ranges on the popularity of the character. Unfortunately, Rantaro's pretty overrated despite his indirect importance in the game which makes most of his merch a lot more expensive than most of the "main" characters in V3. Luckily, I managed to find this one for a good price and I'm glad I did because it looks fantastic!


This... annoys me to look at. It's really just his official art on a can badge with nothing else to note. Boring, predictable, a very nasty shade of green, and definitely not worth the ¥1000+ yen that it usually goes for. I'm just glad that I got it in a badge bundle and didn't have to pay for it by itself. I've ranted before about how Danganronpa merch needs to step tf up in terms of creativity because this is getting ridiculous lmao. I get hot flashes every time I see Rantaro's stupid chair modeling act plastered on any piece of merch. You have series like Kuroshitsuji or Vocaloid with countless artworks that look amazing and sell for a quarter of the price even with popular characters, and then you have Danganronpa that recycles one (1) piece of official character art every chance they get when there are SO MANY other options (CGs, manga art, NEW ART???? Literally anything else). Please.... do better......


You might think it's hypocritical of me to bash the last badge when these ones are literally just picturing his default sprite, but to be fair, the Pasela Resort badges are actually nice in terms of design and the default sprites are only really used in a select few things. All in all, I like these! Major upgrade over the last badge I just went over lol.


I am once again bashing Rantaro's side profile. I am so sorry, 'Taro, but your side profile is not it. Luckily it differs from most of the Rantaro stuff in the ita bag so that makes it better? Slightly? Regardless of how odd this looks, I'm still on the lookout for ITEM #610013 solely for how nice the shape of the design is. Until then, I don't think we'll be seeing any more side profile Rantaros LOL.


Next is Rantaro's heart can badge! For all those who don't know, the DR heart badges are ridiculously expensive, even by Danganronpa merch standards. Heart badges for characters like Nagito, Kokichi, or Shuichi can easily run you a small fortune. Despite Rantaro's being significantly less than those I mentioned, his was still rather pricey as well and it was hard for me to justify forking over that much money for a single badge. I did however manage to get this one in a bundle and after seeing the listing go down in price a few times, I decided to jump on it and I'm glad I did! While it's nothing special design/quality wise, it feels kind of nice to own something that's deemed 'rare' by merch standards. Overall happy with this purchase! ^^


This badge was one of the badges that was bundled with the one above (the others being the Kiibo badge near the beginning of the haul, and the gross green one I was bullying lol). I was actually planning on buying this separately had I not found it bundled with other things that I wanted, but I'm really happy with it! It's pretty nice design wise and I don't really see this sprite used as much as other ones. I like this one a lot, it's one of my favourite Rantaro badges of this haul and in my collection :)


Something a little different for this next one: Rantaro's ID card! I've always loved the look of ID cards and collected a bunch of the Naruto Akatsuki ones (ENTRY #164134) a couple years back. I was happy to find a listing selling Rantaro's for a decent price, but of course the second I bought it, 3 other ones popped up for significantly less ^^; I'm usually pretty lucky in terms of deals but I had to laugh at myself a bit for how unfortunate the timing was haha. Regardless, I really like this item! To me, ID cards in general have a very personal feel to them so it felt natural to go after this one! I like the luxury design choice of the back of the card with the black and gold colour scheme and even the purplish tint to everything in the front. Truly a great piece of merchandise that I would buy twice if I got the chance!


This one is Rantaro's Namjatown stand! Yes I know that it's his official art, but it gets a free pass for being an acrylic stand instead of a keychain or badge and because I can't see the chair :D It's pretty tiny since it's really just his face on it with the rest cropped, but I like the royal looking crown design. As far as I'm concerned, the more acrylic stands I have the better- They look so good displayed all together like a true Amarmy :')


Now that I'm more or less done with the Rantaro stuff for this haul, here's a couple of the SDR2 manga volumes. I wasn't planning on getting these since I never see them at my local chapters and I didn't really care enough to order them, but since they were in stock I decided to pick them up. I wanted to get the whole Ultra Despair Girls series (the BEST DR game by far, no question), but my sister snagged them before I did and it wouldn't be too smart to get two copies of each one so I guess I'll be stealing from her room to read it haha.

***This next part is gonna be my Danganronpa doujin haul. While not all, there will be quite a few NSFW covers, so open at your own risk.***
nsfw Doujin Haulnsfw Doujin Haulhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/03/2806281.jpeg

Starting off with something SFW, we have this Amasai doujin called Tsukazu, wa Narezu. It's by one of my favourite artists, Rechi, and I absolutely love the art she puts out. I follow her on Twitter and as a Rantaro/Amasai fan, it's an amazing account to follow. All of her works are stunning and I'm always happy to support works like this :) This one in particular has Shuichi and Rantaro travelling the world together and finding his lost sisters like they discussed in their FTE in the game. It's really nicely illustrated as usual and has some sad parts. All in all, I really like it!


Next is another Amasai doujin called Baby Steps by the same artist I mentioned above. This one is pretty smutty as I thought it'd be and takes place in the Love Suite in the game. Not much else to say without getting too nsfw, but the art is gorgeous as usual and I really enjoyed this one.


Kokichi makes an appearance in the doujins again. These three are pretty popular ship wise (probably because they're all fan favourites and people just mashed them together lol) but I'm pretty on the fence with it because I don't like Kokichi and Rantaro together. I got this one because I knew what it was about beforehand (they're basically fighting for Shuichi the entire thing haha) and lucky for me, they didn't have any romantic or sexual thank god interactions. I need more things of those two fighting for Shuichi's affections because it's more than entertaining to see how their personalities clash XD Like the last one, this one has nsfw content as well so be aware if you're purchasing it.


Ending off with the doujin with the one with the smuttiest cover lol. This one is (clearly) Rantaro x Shuichi x Korekiyo (Amasaiguji!) which is a pairing that I like a lot. OT3s aren't really my thing, but I like these three all together no matter which way the relationship goes (unlike amasaiouma in the doujin above that I only tolerate if Rantaro and Kokichi have no interactions).

People, myself included, tend to ship Kiyo and Rantaro together since they both have similar interests, hobbies, etc. and mainly because Shuichi's most popular pairing is with Kokichi. However, since my main Shuichi ship is more with Rantaro and I also like him and Kiyo, this ship was like a natural progression lol. I like these three together a lot. Like how cute is a travelling couple who apparently travel everywhere by foot/by boat because Rantaro doesn't like cars and Kiyo doesn't like air conditioning (???for some reason that's still unexplained???) Anyway, despite the uh, mixed reactions to Kiyo and Shuichi's love suite event, I didn't see the big deal with at all and still like them as a pairing. The three of them is even better since they're my top favourites from V3. This story was very entertaining and very nsfw as I'm sure you could tell from the cover haha.

DEATH NOTE (Figures/Goods/Media)

Whoo. Okay. This next one is a big boy- the Death Note Death Box! Big story for this one: This poor thing spent ninety one (91!) days in transit. First surface mail experience and it actually turned out really well despite how draggingly long it took to make it to my door. I won this through an auction for a total of... wait for it... 1790 yen. The item itself was only 510 yen, but shipping within japan was a tad more. I don't regret this at all though, it was the deal of the year! When I got the shipping quote for it, the only options were DHL (which was about 9-10000 yen shipping + the inevitable Canadian custom fees. big yikes), and surface which was a lot cheaper. I was pretty ticked about the lack of methods at the time, but I chose surface and managed to get all these goodies for an amazing deal.

Even with surface mail, the shipping was kind of hefty- maybe around 5000 yen if I remember correctly? When it got here though, I was so surprised by how huge and heavy the box was. It was even heavier than both of the resin statues that I had shipped to me before in huge boxes. Taking a look inside the box, it was suddenly obvious why it was so huge and weighty...


These were the boxes included inside not including the artbook and the prints that were included alongside them. These were heavy on their own, but it seems most of the weight came from the artbook as well as the smaller box.

Close UpsClose Upshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825567.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825566.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825565.jpeg
Looking into the larger box first, this is where the figure was housed. It gets a lot of flack for looking like a bootleg, but for something from 2006, the presence is definitely there. I like the overall composition of the figure, but their faces, especially L's, could be improved a lot if it were to be made nowadays.


This is the back of the figure! I love that they included a detail like this. Very ominous and cool.


The smaller box was home to the God of Death Skull and this chain. This thing is heavy. It looks really cool as a display piece on it's own and of course alongside other Death Note merchandise.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825544.jpeg
Next up is the Blanc et Noir artbook. I know in the pictures I showed two, but only the one on the left was included. The book on the right is there for comparison's sake for the regular edition of Blanc et Noir that doesn't come with the Death Box. The only real difference is the cover (the Death Box artbook doesn't have the fancy slip cover), the prints underneath the cover are on a cheaper paper than the ones that are on the standard release, and the difference of the Shueisha and Viz Media logos on the spines. All in all, the standard release looks a lot fancier, but they're both beautiful in terms of presentation and content (which is all the same).


Next up was this file of the paper goods. I wasn't really expecting much other than the prints that come with the artbook, but I was happily surprised with the rest of the goodies that I found inside.


Since I just talked about the artbooks, I'll show the prints first. Like I mentioned, these are the same prints that came with the original Blanc et Noir artbook except on cheaper paper. It's still very nice, just not the really expensive and glossy paper that the other prints are made on.


Next up in the file were these stickers. I really like the KIRA and Death Note logo stickers and the ones of Near's puppets are creepily nice. I've said it before, but I don't use stickers at all because I can never commit to one spot, but they're still nice to have.

Death Note SpoilersDeath Note Spoilershttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825552.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825554.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825555.jpeg
I'm not exactly sure what to call these, but I've seen them called "duplicate manuscripts" when they're on sale? Regardless, I really love these. They're pretty large and show really great scenes from the series and I gotta say... When I saw what scenes were included, my heart skipped MULITPLE beats. Major Death Note spoilers are under the cut.

All in all, the Death Box was a huge success! I loved everything that was included. Even happier with it because of the deal that I got.


Aside from the Death Box, I didn't get a lot of other Death Note stuff. However! I did manage to get this doujin of Matt and Mello for cheap. I picked it up since I haven't seen it around before and I liked how the cover looked. The art and story was nice, so it's a nice edition to my doujin collection (that's growing way too fast nowadays).

VOCALOID (Figures/Goods/Media)
More PicturesMore Pictureshttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825493.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825499.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825495.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/21/2825498.jpeg
Oh god... Ohhhh god. Luka. My beloved. I finally can say I own all of the Luka scales that I desire and this figure completes them. Now aside from a couple other prizes/nendos/petites that I *might* collect if I find a deal good enough, my Luka collection is hereby complete with all of her most beautiful scales (that is if ITEM #617155 ever gets outta production limbo. i'm still salty). I'm so happy that I have her. The Hanairogoromo set is absolutely stunning. Even though I still think Rin (ITEM #542904) is the best of the set, Luka is stunning as well. I love how serene her expression is and how everything from her outfit to the base is done as beautiful as her face. Absolute win for us Luka fans, let me tell you.


More Luka! I've always loved the art on this clear file and I finally decided to add it to my cart a few months ago when I found it for a really low price. I did have it shipped in the same package as my Death Box that I mentioned previously, so it did take it's sweet time getting here haha. I'm glad I have it in my possession though! It works as a great backdrop for my Luka shelf. I do want to get some Luka centric clear files eventually, but this one is great for now ^^

Full ImageFull Imagehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/11/2815130.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/08/11/2815131.jpeg
(Thank you again KISAMEHOSHIGAKI for your service of holding up my large items for pictures LOL) This was the item that I was the most excited for in my entire loot- This Megurine Luka daki! A couple months ago, I was browsing Luka stuff as I always did when I stumbled across a listing for this gorgeous daki with the size of the cover actually measuring up to her official height! I put in a request with my proxy but she was bought out. Luckily, during these two months I found another one and immediately put in a request for her. This time I succeeded and have my ultimate wife as a daki :') She looks absolutely stunning on both sides. The pictures were all taken by my phone rather than my camera, but the image quality is fantastic in real life. I'm not a fan of super nsfw dakis (totally not like the doujins i collect LOL) so I'm really happy that I stumbled across this one. The art style, the outfits chosen, and even the material (my first 2WT daki!) checked off all of my boxes. I'm so happy to be able to have her aaa I love Luka so much. The only thing I need is another pillow since my old daki is a good 10cm shorter than this one. I'm more than happy to get another one for Luka though!

You've reached the end! If you read all the way through, thank you and I hope you enjoyed my haul and the babbles in between. See you in my next haul in October :)
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yakushining your Highness
letheral5 months ago#100335683i love the layout of your post!! amazing haul.
stupid question though. How do you name your spoiler tags?
thank you so much! i've been trying to find a layout that i like that's easy to read so i'm really glad you like it :)

as for the question, it's not stupid at all! basically you just use this but without any spaces: [ spoiler = what you want the button to say|text for when to close spoiler] your text/pictures here

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I don't know how to show the actual code without it looking weird, but if you quote my comment you should be able to see it! hope this helps somewhat ^^
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i love the layout of your post!! amazing haul.
stupid question though. How do you name your spoiler tags?
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Lina5 months ago#100288249What a nice haul!!! I haven't played V3 yet, but when the game was announced, I immediately took a liking to Kaito because I liked his look and he's voiced by Ryohei Kimura! My sister likes Kiibo! I collected a lot of Leon merch back when the anime first started airing. He's still my fave!
The Akihabara Cross goods are SUPER cute! I still want to get the Leon goods. While I was on vacation, I went to the Akihabara Cross cafe when they had just DR1 characters. I didn't know about it until a friend mentioned it on FB so I was happy to stop by and see if I could get them Ishimaru and Mondo goods. It was a cute cafe and the food and drinks were good!
I only bought 2 blind acrylic stands and they were 2 of the 3 characters I absolutely did not want to get so I sold them to Mandarake the next day. Lol I got Hagakure and Hifumi.
Thank you! Haha yeah Kaito has a very distinct look to him. If you get around to playing it and Kaito's your favourite, you'd be lucky since his merch is really cheap in the aftermarket! :D Oh I love Leon!! Big fav from the first game as well, you have great taste!

That must've been such a fun experience to be able to go there in person! Ishimondo goods are a must to look for lol! Too bad about your luck with the acrylic stands. Hifumi, that's some luck, huh? DX Thank you for sharing your little stories, they were a fun read. Thank you for reading! :)
5 months ago
yakushining your Highness
Wario545 months ago#100280593Whoa those Danganronpa sweets charms from Ibble's Scribbles are too adorable! Ty for shouting out the artist because now I'm gonna get me some hahaha. Congrats on hunting down those figures too! I love that Luka, she's still one of my favorite figures. <3 Great loot as always!! :DHaha always glad to shout out artists like this! Hope you enjoy what you get :D Thank you! I nearly cried unboxing her, she's so beautiful. Also, I just peeped your collection- you're so lucky to own the entire Hanairogoromo set!!Rimurushion5 months ago#100283162A very entertaining loot post as always! XD I always enjoy your Rant-oro Rants! Especially about that infamous chair, all the goods are so nicely made!Thank you for reading and thank you as always! Glad to hear my rants are interesting XD Now my bashing of the chair will be joined by the bashing of his side profile LOL.barbie5 months ago#100284439What a nice read! I've been slowly coming around every now and then to see your Rantaro collection grow. I recently just got my hands on Junko's Namjatown heart badge (for the very low price of ¥9999). It feels amazing to finally own that ridiculously overpriced badge.Thank you very much for stopping by, I'm glad this was somewhat interesting! Big congrats on the find too, that feeling is immeasurable! Whooo that's a pretty penny isn't it? DR merch hunting is no joke haha.
5 months ago
What a nice haul!!! I haven't played V3 yet, but when the game was announced, I immediately took a liking to Kaito because I liked his look and he's voiced by Ryohei Kimura! My sister likes Kiibo! I collected a lot of Leon merch back when the anime first started airing. He's still my fave!

The Akihabara Cross goods are SUPER cute! I still want to get the Leon goods. While I was on vacation, I went to the Akihabara Cross cafe when they had just DR1 characters. I didn't know about it until a friend mentioned it on FB so I was happy to stop by and see if I could get them Ishimaru and Mondo goods. It was a cute cafe and the food and drinks were good!

I only bought 2 blind acrylic stands and they were 2 of the 3 characters I absolutely did not want to get so I sold them to Mandarake the next day. Lol I got Hagakure and Hifumi.
5 months ago
What a nice read! I've been slowly coming around every now and then to see your Rantaro collection grow. I recently just got my hands on Junko's Namjatown heart badge (for the very low price of ¥9999). It feels amazing to finally own that ridiculously overpriced badge.
5 months ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
A very entertaining loot post as always! XD I always enjoy your Rant-oro Rants! Especially about that infamous chair, all the goods are so nicely made!
5 months ago
Whoa those Danganronpa sweets charms from Ibble's Scribbles are too adorable! Ty for shouting out the artist because now I'm gonna get me some hahaha. Congrats on hunting down those figures too! I love that Luka, she's still one of my favorite figures. <3 Great loot as always!! :D
5 months ago
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