July 2021: What have you added to your collection?July 2021: What have you added to your collection?Ask MFC

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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari9 days ago
Since July is almost over and most of what I've picked up this month has already arrived decided it's time to go over what was added this month and at this point just have 2 figures coming in that may not be here till early next month.

This month's main focus was to stick to a few figures from Fate and there were a few Transformers left on my now almost empty To Get List [Just down to Exclusives left to pick up] and this month was a lot easier to manage compared to previous months.

ITEM #1038445
ITEM #1039941
ITEM #1084916

Those three were the main additions to the Anime figure collection, they arrived pretty quickly and Merlin took only 1 day to get here via FedEx from Japan and I'm pleased with that figure so don't feel a need to get more Anime figures for a short time since I'm down to wanting the Lancer Cui in my Wishlist.


Merlin was worth getting since I really like this figure.


Ended up getting one last main Transformer for the collection this month too and that was the THF Dynastron/a 3rd Party Masterpiece Megatron.


Found a great lot of Gundam figures on ebay and got it at great deal so was surprised to have a lot of great Mobile Suits in that lot that were complete and still have a lot of parts to add to the other junker Mobile Suits here.


The Gundam MSIA Gallop with Ramba Ral Zaku I ITEM #124384 was an unexpected find this month but got it at a great deal so a rare Gundam Vehicle added to the collection this month.


Picked up more DVDs and Books this month, been focused on collecting more Media and been upgrading some of my older Sci-Fi DVD sets upgraded my Star Trek Enterprise DVD Set finally to where I don't have to pull the older individual season sets off the shelf when I want to watch that series.


Found the first 3 volumes of the Code Geass Manga at the store where I got the DVDs.

Been focused on finishing with collecting Transformers after staying focused on that the last few months when I got away from collecting Anime for a while, this month found a nice little lot of older Transformers for the collection that had a old Jetfire,bumblebee, and Hound.


Completed my set of the Earthrise Voyager class Seeker Trio of Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker and got a vintage Transformers G1 Shockwave for the collection that will be repaired and restored over the next few months.


Got leg parts for Shockwave yesterday and repaired the legs so it now stands pretty well on display with the rest of the collection.

Picked up a KO of Masterpiece Sunstreaker and also got three Transformers Beast Wars figures:
Optimal Optimus
Depth Charge -Arrived yesterday, haven't made photos of that one yet.
Optimus Primal Transmetal -Coming in later this week

Finished up with the new Kingdom Beast Wars figures after getting Voyager Class Rhinox in last week.

Finished up with collecting Starships for the Trek collection till the next new ones come out in October, got the newly released Nebula Class, Romulan Warbird, and the Delta Flyer.


Mostly what I've been adding to the collection over the past few months has been more books and DVDs and finding Manga has helped to pass the time during my time away from collecting Anime figures.

Went out to Target this past week and found Gundam G-Frame figures locally and had to pick those up since I couldn't resist the price on those ITEM #1116858 ITEM #1039078 ITEM #1116862 before getting these last time I went to Target picked up ITEM #1039084 I love Trading figures/Gashapons and still find them appealing to collect.


Right now down to waiting for:

ITEM #349362 Masterpiece Shockwave

ITEM #808378 Gundam Universe Sandrock

May not have those till early next month since Sandrock is coming from Japan and the MP Shockwave that's coming is a KO from China and I'm still waiting for the US one that I picked up last month to get in from a US Seller that took forever to ship and now it's MIA in the postal system so that headache is why I'm tired of online shopping and working on taking a rest from ordering anything else.

Got 3 main Pre-Orders for next month but for now down to just finishing up a Trade with a friend for a Robotech Zentradi Officer's Battlepod and checking a few more local places for exclusives.


That Zentradi pod won't be in till next month.

What have you folks gotten for your collections this month?
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So far the month has been mostly calm

If we consider just figures,i've only picked up bunny Rin from Muse Dash (China origin on top of China manufacturer so it's not here)

If i consider everything, ITEM #1106341 is the only item i got.

I actually have another package en route with three figures but i' m not sure if i' ll get it before the end of the month or if the content will end counting for August
7 days ago
Only thing I've gotten this month so far is ITEM #740213 which I originally pre-ordered back in September of 2020.

I should be getting ITEM #3235 tomorrow if the tracking info is correct.
7 days ago
The first three technically don't count since they were bought in later June but I'll still mention them. I went out with a friend of mine in the city to a few hobby shops that I've never been to before, and got ITEM #767067, ITEM #868770 and ITEM #839136 out of impulse. The last one was the only one I actually planned on buying prior to the trip, but I went a bit too far in retrospective.

The only figure that I actually got this month was ITEM #15293, as someone locally on eBay was selling her for 50AUD with the box and everything. Unfortunately, since it was put in storage from the previous owner, there where less packaging paper and the hand attaching to the latter part of it detached during assembly.

Also, glad that you're making articles like this again!
8 days ago
RPG_FAN1289 days ago#98500698This month was going to be a "month of rest" however I had ordered Utaha (ITEM #648876) from Amazon Japan way back in JANUARY and I was surprised to finally see she has shipped.
By the way, I recently watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Hilarious that you have it pictured in your article. ^_^

Been going to the Goodwill Bookstore around here and GameXchange both places sell used DVDs and had gotten the other newer Planet of the Apes films from the Bookstore and I like getting older DVDs feels like it's a great thing to have in the collection/library so I won't have to rely on Streaming or Cable to watch a movie I want to watch.

Thankfully the DVDs are cheap around here so easy to budget for that.
9 days ago
July was supposed to be a quiet month (no pre-orders), but I somehow went a bit ham on pre-owned and released items. I also got the Joseph and Caesar Nendoroids (Item #951105 and Item #951106) from my June pre-orders.

I think I went a bit ham because I have finally decided what my collection should look like (at least a vague idea) and that I want Gintama to be the series that I own the most figures of. It's my favorite anime but I was always a bit scared off by starting collecting figures of an anime that has no new figures and all the good ones have quite high after market prices. I was able to snag an acceptable deal on the Kamui G.E.M. figure (Item #91354) and the Kagura China Dress ver. (Item #207030) last month, so I got a bit encouraged to at least try for a figure for all of the characters I like. They don't need to be scales, good looking price figures are fine too. So I went on Mandarake to see what they had in stock and found the Gintoki and Kintoki set (Item #137382 and Item #137381) for quite cheap. The package hasn't arrived yet, but should be here soonish. I also picked up the Gintoki Sweet Tooth ver. (Item #100657) pre-owned from AmiAmi since he was 12 bucks (A/B condition) and I have no self control apparently (which basically sums up all my purchases this month).

I also went to a local anime store to pick up the Abbacchio Nendoroid (Item #981554) for retail price and saw that they had the Fushiguro Nendoroid (Item #1054559) for retail price too. I couldn't resist and picked him up and he's honestly just too adorable.
9 days ago
This month was going to be a "month of rest" however I had ordered Utaha (ITEM #648876) from Amazon Japan way back in JANUARY and I was surprised to finally see she has shipped.

By the way, I recently watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Hilarious that you have it pictured in your article. ^_^
9 days ago
What have I added to my collection in july ? almost nothing because all is delayed to august >.<
9 days ago
This month I mostly went down a rabbit hole of Loki merch. ^^;
Mostly pins, which I collect generally as well as from fandoms.

Also got some Pops~
My favourite was the new Spock holding cat!Sylvia that arrived.
My flocked Pokemon collection is completed.
The V4X Luka came (the box was a little banged up, but I've fixed it and got a partial refund) and Miku is on the way.
Then I was given 50% off a Marvel Pop subscription, so I got some X-Men ones for about £4 each - adding to my Wolverine Pop collection too.

Finally, my F4F Spyro bust has been shipped out from production! ><
Probably won't come for a long while though.
But, hey, beats the 3 years and counting wait I've done for my first F4F order to be sent out. lol
9 days ago
I got a couple things! ITEM #1085446 was supposed to be here this month but she got delayed until August (but only in the US for some reason)
I also ordered ITEM #193712 and ITEM #96610 at the beginning of this month and they arrived yesterday! (Homura is still being cleaned since the previous owner must've had her stored for a while)
I'm excited for next month though! It's my birth month and I plan on buying tons of figures!
9 days ago
Got a few goods, but mostly waiting for ITEM #1131732 and ITEM #1185143 to be finally released (only a week left so I'm happy!).
9 days ago
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