Comments Big Figures: What takes up the most space in your collection?

  • This is by far the largest (official) figure in my collection: ITEM #2187 She actually doesn't take up a lot of space compared to some of my other Final Fantasy vinyl scales, but the weight / width / how fragile she is always makes me worry. For the real largest figure in my collection, it's the Salt and Pepper Studios 1/4 Aerith... I haven't owned any 1/4 scales before!
    1 day ago
    So... I just found ITEM #190392 for a decent price and pulled the trigger. She's definitely going to be the new tallest in my collection, but I'm not sure whether she'll be quite as bad as V in Action at unnecessarily wasting space - I mean she's definitely much larger, but she has a square base, doesn't stick out past it and can easily go on a small table.
    5 days ago
    ITEM #549107 The base on Semiramis takes up a hell of a lot of room in my detolf, I really wanted to pair her with ITEM #582601 but Ana’s scythe span is pretty large too so they’re on separate shelves.

    ITEM #675918 Akagi is huge too and next month Jean Bart ITEM #950072 releases so I think they’re both gonna live on my bookcase instead of the detolf lol
    5 days ago
    ITEM #42037 takes up a lot of room both height and width-wise. Also ITEM #672279, she’s very beautiful but she is W I D E. ITEM #27727 and ITEM #90040 both have keyboards so they are a bit on the wider side as well. Surprisingly, my only 1/4 ITEM #61414 doesn’t take up too much room.
    6 days ago
    Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
    Hmm some of my 1/4 bunnies or my doll. Both are huge.ITEM #669992
    ITEM #13534
    But also maple as she's 1/2. ITEM #982
    7 days ago
    Mostly some unlicensed resin statues, but my biggest figures I can actually link here are Ainz: ITEM #739714, Miku with You 2019: ITEM #907280, Crystal Dress Rem and Emilia: ITEM #929486 and ITEM #929485, and soon to be Joker: ITEM #945996. I'm not typically drawn to bigger figures just for practicality reasons, but sometimes the over-the-top figures just call my name. Sometimes you just want that eye-catching piece to stand out. I'd really like a big over-the-top Sebastian figure, but I haven't come across one.
    7 days ago
    ITEM #396826 she takes up 1/2 of one of my Detolfs.
    7 days ago
    I mainly collect 1/12-1/10 scale so most of my figures are pretty small. If we're talking strictly import figures, my biggest is ITEM #520671 at 9.75". Including American figures, my biggest is DC Collectibles Batman Arkham City Solomon Grundy at over 13".
    7 days ago
    gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
    Always great to see your Joe Defiant mixed in with your other stuff - that is an awesome piece.
    7 days ago
    Maybell ❤️P5 JOKER IS MY WEAKNESS❤
    My biggest Statue would be ITEM #497820

    At least as far as official figures go.

    I have one of Usopp (One Piece) which is unlicensed and kinda as big as Alphonse. XD
    7 days ago
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